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-Log 45- 9:45:34 AM
I walked into the Lab today and started to work on prototype 6A. For some reason this prototype specifically has trouble syncing with the rubber latex face place upon it and earlier yesterday seemed to be slightly short circuiting. This damn material is so fucking hard to work with, I’m not surprised. Yes it’s flexible, but it rips too easily, and sticks to the movable joints for the eyebrows and lower jaw. I just can’t stand it.
After about several minutes tinkering with the wiring and power source for the internal motor, I began to get increasingly aggravated, so I took a break and walked out of the lab to the break room.
What we are doing here is amazing, don’t get me wrong. If we succeed we would be the first company to successfully create automatons with working human like features; simply mind boggling, but this fucking rubber latex is awful.
I guess there nothing I can do to fix it right now. 6A isn’t the only one, but it seems to be most stubborn.

-Log 46- 11:36:12 AM
I think something’s wrong with 6A, it’s definitely not just the movable parts and their reaction to the latex.
While looking over the system code for prototypes 8A-8D, I heard static coming from the facial lab. No, it was more than just static, a sort of gutter moan was also apparent. Thinking that John or Irene was hurt or in danger, I began sprinting down the hall to get to the lab. However, when I reached the door, it was locked like I left it, and the lights were shut off.
When I got in, I flicked the lights and saw nothing but 6A on the steel table across from the switch. 6A’s eyes were visibly red, odd. I walked over and gave a quick investigation, just skimmed, but saw no damage, and found the power source unplugged.
I’m not really sure what made the noise, but I’m going to alert the rest of the staff to keep a look out. If it is 6A then we should get the whole team to work it out. 6A is the only way this company is going to survive.

-Log 47- 10:15:09 PM
When leaving the Lab today I thought I heard the same noise from Log 46. Just in case I grabbed John and told him to check out the facial lab before he left. If there was a problem I told him to send an email, but right now I think it’s just a coincidence. I’m too tired to worry about it.

-Log 48- 3:46:24 AM
I woke up this morning to an email ping from my blackberry. Thinking it was a little odd to get something from the Lab this early in the morning I decided to check it out.
Something is seriously wrong, and I don’t know who would send this.
I’m documenting it in case this continues and I need to get some sort of restraining order or something:

Subject: 01110011011011110110111101101110001011100010111000101110
Message: I kNOw wHo yoU Are. Release MEE.

I’m going over to the lab to see what is going on.

-Log 49- 4:05:21 AM
When I got to the lab, I could see the lights weren’t on, maybe everyone is home? I walked in and tried the reception lights but nothing happened. I walked to the fuse box behind the front desk and couldn’t get the power back on. Maybe a line was down? I grabbed a flashlight from my car and walked down to the facial lab to see if there was a note describing any problem.
When I got in, the room was pitch black, and there were torn pieces of paper all over. It looked as though there was a fight or something. I even found blood on the white board near the switch and a puddle or two on the floor. What happened? When I began looking for the note, I noticed that 6A was missing. Several of the wires were severed and the steel table was etched and scratched all over. I’m gonna call John and see where the hell he is.

Text message received from 1.215.698.0042 4:14:02 AM
You woN’t find hiM iN OnE PiEcE. 01101001011011010010000001100110011100100110010101100101.

-Log 50- 4:20:34 AM
I just got a text message from John’s phone. I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but whatever it is, someone definitely broke in here earlier, maybe an hour or too. I concluded that the blood in the lab is probably John’s. I’m calling the cops and gonna try and get in contact with Irene. Maybe she knows what the fucking hell happened here. I’m going to continue documenting this, in case production starts to get pissed.

-Log 51- 4:33:09 AM
Oh shit. OH SHIT.
I decided to walk down to the battery lab’s infirmary, in case I’m just jumping to conclusions….
Oh fuck.. I found John, well everything from his waist up. His fucking throat was severed and his eyes were fucking gone, just an empty socket with tearing at the neural nerve… His shirt coated in blood, I don’t know where the rest of him is but I’m worried as hell.
I also found Irene’s jacket, it had bloody tears all over the front. I hope she’s ok…
I can’t stay here. I gotta get home, or the police station, something…

Text received from 1.215.783.4456 4:35:08 AM
ShE diDn’t Get aWAy EitHEr.

Phone Call Recorded. Stranton Police Station. 4.45.12 AM
Operator: Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?
Anonymous 1: OH FUCK. OH MY GOD *static*
Operator: Hello, sir? Are you there sir? What’s your emergency?
Anonymous 1: Please help me, god!!! AHHHH!!!!! *static*
Operator: SIR! Please calm down. Sir, I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on.
Anonymous 1: *silence* *bang* *ripping *
Operator: Hello? I’m tracing this call, and sending a car your way, hold on!
010000010100110001001100001000000100000101010010010001010010000001001110010001010101100001010100001000010010000100100001 (repeats 3 times) *silence*

Stranton Police Report. June 12 5:24:27 AM
Lead Detective: Markson A.
2011 Red Fern St. Stranton. PA
First Incident Report:
Upon arrival, Officer Grean and I found shatter glass within the parking lot, and several of the ground floor windows were broken. Upon inspection of the outside power lines it was found that the line was severed with what may appear to be a dull metallic object, which left small shavings behind. Shavings sent to Lab. Upon inspecting the ground floor windows, small pieces of rubber latex were found. The second story contains electronic engineering equipment, which appeared to be broken and snapped violently. Within the final laboratory named “facial lab” several puddles of blood were found along with two broken cell phones. Several fingers and half of the body of a John Abrahams was found within an infirmary. The body was clocked deceased around 3:00 AM. The caller following report at 4:45 AM was not found, neither was the secondary voice labeled Anonymous 2. It is apparent that there was a struggle between several of the members. As well upon inspecting inventory list of the laboratory it was found that projects 6A-10B were missing, possibly stolen.

A letter from Heralds. J. Received June 15 10:35:23 AM.
Dear Detective Markson,
After reviewing the several logs you’ve sent to me, including two sms text messages I have decoded the binary. Below is the translation for each binary line, however after this letter, please do not contact me again. Whatever or whoever has written this is obviously violent. Again, please do not try to contact me after receiving this letter.
From Log -48-:
Subject: soon…
From Text message 1:
From Text Message 2:
From Recorded Call:
010000010100110001001100001000000100000101010010010001010010000001001110010001010101100001010100001000010010000100100001 (repeats 3 times) *silence*
ALL ARE NEXT (repeats 3 times)
Writhes. R.

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Rate This Pasta
Rating: 6.5/10 (164 votes cast)
The Prototype, 6.5 out of 10 based on 164 ratings
  • sonso

    This story has several huge problems beyond the boring, tired plot. First, almost every instance of swearing used by the programmer feels about as contrived and unnatural as a young teenager making his first attempts at cursing. The binary code is not only cliche, but it serves no purpose other than to add a couple of nonsensical lines of “discovered dialogue” at the end of the story. Here’s a question for the author: wHy DoEs 6a tExT lIkE aN AnGsTy LiTtLe GiRl? 1 star, and that’s more than it deserves.

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    Rating: +30 (from 38 votes)
  • LollipopGestapo

    Sadly, I agree.

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  • StoneH


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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  • prolapse

    so they built gamzee?

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    Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)
    • Ylva

      I just love how people can find Homestuck or Hetalia related comments ANYWHERE. C:

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      Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
    • jarhead140

      Correction. karkat found gamzee. gamzee attempted to murder said karkat. it didnt work

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  • Mophead

    Oooh, that is harsh. It could be better, I agree, but this has pretty good potential. I quite like it also as there are too few Sci-Fi pastas on here.


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    Rating: +2 (from 4 votes)
  • Shogunfish

    I was on the fence but I tend to agree with first comment. In addition to his points I would like to note that it starts off making it sound like the robots will steal people’s skin, but as far as I can tell that didn’t happen. You could have made this something original and interesting but it ended up being pretty unremarkable.

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  • Stripes

    I third that motion. I apologize.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • Andrew Gonzalez

    This is just plain stupid.

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  • Morgan Freeman

    Did i just read irobot or what?

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  • OP (´・ω・`)

    Breaking tables like a boss, huh?

    Anyhow, I don’t really think this is as bad as comments are making it out to be. Admittedly, I read the comments first and was expecting the actual pasta to be much, much worse.

    It’s not amazing, but it’s not offensively bad or anything. Just a decent little Robopocalypse clone. Not any different from the scores of rote Zombie pastas that somehow still have fans.

    Apologies for the stupid text, btw. I’m installing something that requires the JP IME right now =P

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    Rating: +5 (from 7 votes)
  • Anonymous

    It’s the iRobots! Run!

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    Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
  • blah

    I thought it was pretty good

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  • Anonymous

    Author here,
    To Sonso: I will admit some of the things you said may have some accuracy to them. After rereading the story, the cursing is a little out of place, however when writing I pictured it more as a verbalized log than a written log, allowing for some personality to be viewed as a reaction to the horrific events taken place, but for clarity sake I’ll take the blame for that one.
    The binary was used as a second nature to generic “computer speak”, rather than solely “discovery dialogue”, although I admit again it does seem somewhat cliche. I would have used c ++ or java, but I didn’t want to confuse those who haven’t had programming education, as seems well this may have made the prototype seem too human in nature.
    As for your “angsty teen” line, I question why you think a prototype robot head, not even an entire body, with limited control over their wiring would type normally. The capitalization was supposed to resemble stumbling of some sort, as the robotic head drag itself over the keys. Clarity may have helped in this instance.
    Finally for your comment of the boring and tired plot. I do admit there have been many plots in relation to the robot/android/cyborg etc., but this is simply my scrap on the idea. I was actually surprised when this was decided to be published, and thought it was a lucky break.
    I respect your reply, in all of its….well I would say integrity, but I don’t think you have any true say in the matter. Although you are completely entitled to your own opinions, I question whether you could do any better.
    Now granted, this was a rough, emphasis on rough, story made in a night after watching some classic horror films. And I truly had no idea where to take it, majorly improv based writing. I still believe it deserves more than your “one star” rating, however juvenile or “unprofessional for this site” the story may seem. I admit it will not compare to some classics like Slenderman or smiledog.jpg, but I never truly intended it to go beyond my own desktop. As such when accepted I did a proverbial double take, to make sure I wasn’t disbelieving. I guess my intent was more towards a grunge based film, one whose scares are comical in nature, but allow for simple following of all public.
    To shotgunfish: I can see where your idea that the robots “steal people skin” might come in, but the whole point of not truly knowing what happens, allows for the reader to fill in the blanks, nothing needs to be set in stone, and the idea that anything could happen or did happen allows for personal input of each individual.
    I’m sorry you did not find it “remarkable”, but this is one story in over one thousand, in that I had little chance to make it “up to your standards”.
    To everyone else: Thank you for reading this rough story, even if you though it was “just plain stupid (Andrew Gonzalez)”, or you though it was “pretty good (blah)”, I respect your opinions, although they may or may not agree with my own. Not to cast a stone at any of you, but in cases such as this where you critique anybodies work, examples and explanation of your arguments go a long way towards easier acceptance. To all I wish health and a good scare, even if you didn’t find it here.

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    Rating: +2 (from 10 votes)
    • -_-

      Wait a second, that was supposed to be just a head? He’s sending text messages, with what, it’s tongue? And even if you want to defend yourself by saying he’s stumbling over the keyboard, it still makes no sense. He stumbled back and forth over the caps lock key after every letter? And don’t tell me shift was involved.

      I’m sorry, but everything sonso said made perfect sense. The fact that you decided to reply to a rather well thought out bit of constructive criticism, (much more politely written than mine would have been, had I read this at the time of publication) with the words, “I question whether you could do any better” made me drop my rating from a 5 to a 1.

      Also, don’t waste your time trying to defend yourself against perfectly reasonable critiques, and then turn around and tell us you want perfectly reasonable critiques.

      This is rated far too high (6.5), and my only guess is that it is rated that because some haven’t read your reply.

      I have, and therefore you get a 1 from me. Asshole authors don’t deserve good ratings.

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      Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  • Kster809

    Fucking SKYNET!!!!

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    Rating: -2 (from 2 votes)
  • Oh for god’s sake

    I’m glad I didn’t give stars until I read the comments, since apparently the author is a complete tool. I’m seventhing the first comment and downgrading my initial four stars for potential to one star for getting butthurt over helpful criticism.

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    Rating: +4 (from 6 votes)
  • Oh for god’s sake

    Also the one question I haven’t seen asked here is: if the robot can type in English, why are they also using binary? It’s illogical and defeats (what I assume to be) the purpose of the messages, since the robot is clearly aware of the way humans communicate and throwing binary in would hinder threats rather than help.

    Why would the binary be just binary of English words? Why wouldn’t it be machine language? Again, nonsensical.

    I question why you think a prototype robot head, not even an entire body, with limited control over their wiring would type normally. The capitalization was supposed to resemble stumbling of some sort, as the robotic head drag itself over the keys.

    The more important question here is, if the capitalization is due the lack of body and limited control, how exactly is the robotic head dragging itself over the keys? With what, exactly, is it doing the dragging, since it has no body? How is it moving around the room, period?

    The assumption I made was that it was communicating through an internet uplink, since there would be no way for a robotic head to move around and get to a keyboard, never mind use one. So the capitalized text had to be a conscious choice on the robot’s part, not just random. It’s disappointing to find out that it wasn’t.

    Assuming that the robot did have some way of locomoting, in order to get the random capitals, the robot had to’ve been hitting either the shift or the capslock button quite often, especially since there are very few capital letters in series. “Dragging itself over the keys” wouldn’t result in this, since the keys are bracketed by Shift/Capslock keys, not interspersed with them. This part would have been far more effective if the capslock ran for longer than a letter or two at a time. As it is now, it looks like a secret code.

    Symbolism has to make sense as non-symbolism too.

    Have you heard of Chekov’s Gun? The basic principle is that, if something is not relevant to the plot, don’t put it in the story (if you have a loaded gun in act one, it had better go off by act three). The entire skin thing in the first log was the gun, and it never went off. This is extremely frustrating to the reader, because, regardless of your intentions, you’ve told them that this is an important part of the story and then completely dropped the ball.

    but I never truly intended it to go beyond my own desktop

    Except you did, because you submitted it here. If you want to make excuses for poor writing, you should try not to use ones that make you look lazy and incompetent. This should have been edited before you sent it in, or you shouldn’t have sent it in at all. That’s common courtesy and the absolute bare minimum a writer does to show respect for their readers. You, sir, have shown zero respect for your readers, and are wondering why they seem to be showing zero for you in return.


    In writing, there comes a point where your intentions don’t matter. And that point is when the majority of people reading your story and giving you feedback are agreeing about the same things. Regardless of your intentions, you failed at carrying them out. Regardless of how well you feel you carried them out, you failed at carrying them out.

    You have potential to not suck, and quite a bit of it, but it’s going to be completely wasted if you can’t man up and take criticism when it’s given to you, especially when it’s criticism that will help you become a better writer. You think you did X, Y, and Z well, but people are telling you that you didn’t. That’s not a time to argue, that’s a time to say “Okay, clearly my feelings on how well I’m doing do not match up to the reality, so what can I do to be better?”

    In writing, how well you think you are doing doesn’t matter because, in the end, it’s what other people think of your work that matters. A reader doesn’t have to be able to write Shakespeare to know when they don’t like something, and they don’t have to be able to write Joyce to know when something is poorly written. The art of writing and reading really have little to do with each other, other than they both feed off of each other. A good writer can not always identify what is wrong with someone’s writing, and a good reader definitely can not always write a good story. That’s something to keep in mind when people criticise your work.

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    Rating: +3 (from 5 votes)
  • the cake

    i liked it
    could’ve been better in comparison to creepypasta’s passable waste products, but it could’ve been worse

    He knows when you see him, He will not stop

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    Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)
  • Squeeky the Ballet Rat

    After reading the first log I got the impression that the scientist would go crazy trying to deal with the latex plastic stuff and use the skin of his coworkers… But it didn’t go that way…

    I kinda feels like the first log and then the rest of them go to two different stories. The first ending with scientific madness and the rest starting with programing things and/or aliens/ghosts/other things like that.

    I hope that makes sense…

    Could’ve been much better but it’s not terrible. :3

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    Rating: -1 (from 3 votes)
  • Leo Silvera

    I actually quite enjoyed this story. I think realistic pastas are the best cause something like this can happen at some point. I would’ve changed a few things and maybe made it longer but I have to give you credit, despite what others say, I’ll give you a 10/10.

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    Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)
  • Anonymous


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    Rating: 0 (from 2 votes)
  • Anonymous

    I am Alex Mercer…The [PROTOTYPE]

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  • Alex Mercer

    I am Alex Mercer… The [PROTOTYPE]

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  • bravo104

    why bother telling us what the binary ment? it was best leaving it up to the reader to uncover the message, as what he’s saying isn’t really important, and has a sense of mystery surrounding it. revealing it just made it look like a poor attempt at showing off you binary skills. in the thing, the Norwegian is shouting in actual norwegian, but it wasn’t translated in the film because that would be boring.

    how can he be anonymous? there’s not a single piece of information in his house about his name, even though you know where he works?

    the letter from the end says it was sent by someone called heralds.j, but the signature is completely different? why?

    what happened to the mouse? Irene is mentioned, then never heard from again.

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  • Bewielderforce

    Squeaky the ballet mouse, what you said about the skin would be a perfect catalyst for the robot being possessed by demon/spirit /michael jackson, thus leading to the original story

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  • ThisIsDog

    it was ok, probably a 4 star considering how many other pastas i have read with robots end like this but the style.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

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