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January 10, 2013

There once was a magical kingdom of sleep
Where children drifted to after counting their sheep
And it was ruled by blankets and pillows and beds
Who would send happy thoughts to little children’s heads.
But in this land of joy and bliss
There was on pillow who ran amiss
He had been fluffed and stuffed terribly wrong
And it is due to this pillow that we have this sad song.
For one day this cranky pillow got incredibly mad
And decided he wanted to do something extremely bad
So he devised a devilish scheme, an evil plan
And he went to the house of poor Gabby Furman
So he sat upon her bed and awaited his prey
Until she appeared, and onto her bed she did lay
And as she drifted into a soft snooze
He figured he had nothing else he could lose
So instead of coaxing the naïve blonde child
He let himself go crazy and his mouth went wild
He opened his jaws and took a fearsome bite
And he clamped his teeth upon her head quite tight
And she awoke with a gruesome, terrible scream
As she realized this nightmare was no mere dream
And she shook and fought and tried to escape
But the sinister pillow had already sealed her fate
An end was finally made to this bloody fight
As he finished her off with one final bite
And as the girl’s head fell freely to the ground
The screams came to a halt, there wasn’t a sound
The pillow walked away, laughing in spite
For the death of the girl had given him much delight
So he continues to haunt the houses of young teens
As he is a grouchy creature, and nothing but mean
So beware, everyone, of this deceptive foe
For this is the true story, of the murder pillow.… Read the rest

The wind brushing up against my face was common, but it never felt subtle to me. Never felt as if it was there to cool or comfort; only there to remind me of where I was. In my bed laid me – and in me laid my mind, which was a sanctuary where I reviewed the past events of life. Most nights, the same memories would flash across my mind – my temple. Occasionally, however, a past instance unbeknownst to me would arise in the inner confines of my brain. These instances were special. They proved to me that there was more than just the tangible memories.… Read the rest

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