The Promise

December 1, 2012 at 12:00 PM

A young couple were out driving through the woods late one night, down a narrow road surrounded by tall trees. The boyfriend was behind the wheel, when he suddenly looked uneasy and pulled the car over to the side of the road. He undid his seat belt and looked at his girlfriend.

“I have to do something, and I need you to promise me, whatever happens, you do not leave this car,” he said.

“What do you mean!?” she panicked. “Why are you getting out? Why can’t I come with you?”

He didn’t reply at first, but simply opened his door and got out, only before stopping to stare at her one last time. “Look, don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of, just please promise me no matter what happens, you will NOT leave the car.”

“I promise.” She gulped. “But how long will you b-” He closed the door, leaving her there alone in the dark.

After 10 minutes, he still wasn’t back. She grew impatient and began fidgeting, as she tried to rationalize her thoughts. He had been acting so weird lately as if he was hiding something… always checking if they were alone, always asking exactly where she went, and now he goes and does this!? She began to wonder if she could really trust him.

Another 15 minutes passed and he still wasn’t back. She tried calling him, but he didn’t answer. She began to fill with worry. She undid her seat belt and wound down her window slightly to allow the cold breeze to roll in and help relieve her anxiety. Suddenly, through the open window, she began to hear a faint whimpering noise coming from deep in the dark woods. It sounded like someone in pain…

She thought for a moment about what she had promised her boyfriend, but decided to act on her gut instinct. After all he might’ve been hurt and needed help, and she wasn’t going to just sit there and let him die. She got out, and slowly built up the courage to creep between the trunks of the first two large trees and into the woods. “Hello?” she kept calling out, praying to hear her boyfriends reply.

She followed the whimpering sound for a few minutes, until she could no longer see the car headlights on the road. She was completely engulfed in the darkness of the woods, when finally she could see the source of the noise. There was a man tied up to the base of a tree with his head hung down, whimpering. The man looked somewhat familiar, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. He saw the girl and sat up in excitement and began pleading with her. “Your boyfriend is in danger!! Please untie me! They’ve got me and him trapped. Thank god you’re here, let me free so I can go save him!”

Simply hearing her boyfriend was in danger was enough, as she hesitantly untied the man who rose slowly to his feet and raised his menacing eyes to look at her. She knew she had seen this man somewhere before,  as his face contorted with a look of insanity, and a wicked smile grew across his cheeks as he ran off into the darkness.

Confused at what had just happened, and growing in dread, she slowly backtracked towards the car. Where was her boyfriend? Who was that man? Was he going to help her boyfriend? Why did he look so evil?

Suddenly her phone rang. It was her boyfriend, he seemed out of breath but was sounding safe and alive. “Look babe, everything’s going to be alright now.” He panted, “I couldn’t tell you before because it would have frightened you too much. You see, I’ve noticed that a man has been stalking you these last few weeks, and I mean a completely obsessive freak. He’s followed you everywhere. He’s been growing confident and has been getting closer too – a bit too close, I’ve been afraid of what he might do soon. So just today, I hid some rope and a knife out here in the woods. I knew if I came out with you he would follow, and sure enough I saw him running along in the darkness behind the car tonight. But its OK! I caught him and tied him up.”

She slowly turned numb as her mind processed the words in disbelief as they flowed into her ear.

He continued, “I think he’s been trying to get you for weeks, but he’s never had the chance. Thats why I’ve been making sure you’ve always stayed in public places for safety. I guess he thought tonight was it, but I outsmarted him babe! We’re going to be fine now! I just went to hide the knife then and we’ll call the police to come and take him soon. Sorry I took so long, is it cold in the car?”

She felt nothing. She stood there motionless and couldn’t move or talk.

“Babe? I’m coming back now. You’re still in the car right?”

She began hyperventilating. “I-I-I I’m so sorry, I-” but it was too late. She was cut off by the swift sound of a knife slicing through skin on the other end of the line, and the gasps of someone painfully choking to death. This was followed by a splattering sound that continued for a long time. She had just heard her boyfriend being murdered.

She was hysterical in her tears and thoughts, as she dropped the phone and frantically stumbled back towards the car like a disorientated zombie. She managed to open the door with her trembling hands as she crawled back into the safety of the vehicle and locked the doors. That’s when she realised she didn’t have the keys.

Credit To: Jack


December 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Tapping. I could hear tapping.

My eyes drifted to the faint glow of my alarm clock. 4:42AM. I knew I’d be up in only an hour, so I closed my eyes again. What had woken me in the first place tapped loudly once more, louder than the first few. My heart pounded in my chest. I was wide awake now, but too fearful to move.

Maybe it was Mittens, I told myself. I really did want to believe it was my cat, but she still remained at the edge of my bed. She stared at me with her large green eyes, and meowed. She didn’t seem bothered by the noise at all, and she’d been a skittish cat as long as I’d known her.

Obviously, it had to have been my imagination. I gave up on sleep and stood on my hardwood floor, walked to my computer to retrieve my houseshoes from the desk, then stopped.

The tapping started again, with a few scratches and scraping that almost made it sound like broken Morse code. Tap, tap-tap, scratch, tap, tap.

I turned, wondering if Mittens had followed me and managed to make the sudden noises. But no, Mittens was gone. My closet door had been opened just a crack, just enough for Mittens to have gone inside. I guess I left it open before I slept. I flipped the light switch on my way to the closet. Just as I reached for the doorknob, something soft brushed across the back of my leg. I nearly screamed, it had startled me so badly, and I stumbled backwards onto the floor. I stared at my bed’s underneath, staring into a pair of playful green eyes that shone white in the light. I didn’t expect to see Mittens whole body, seeing as she was a black cat with a name fitting for her white paws. I chuckled nervously, my heartbeat still pounding in my ears, and crawled towards the bed. I said her name, hoping to lure her out without reaching under the bed, knowing the skittish cat would most likely scratch me out of fear. The eyes blinked, and I heard her meow.

It had come from behind me.

I twisted around to see what was behind me while sitting up on my knees. My cat purred and flicked my back with her tail, meowing again. The realization struck me hard, so hard that I faced forward while falling backwards again, catching myself just in time on my hands. Mittens jumped away from me at the sudden movement. I saw her flee to my desk, but I hardly noticed at the time. I was too focused on the bed. The eyes had gone.

In one quick motion, I stood and practically dived for the door, turning the knob and only opening it a little before my closet door slammed behind me. I froze, afraid to turn towards the sound. I heard Mittens scramble through the bedroom door’s crack. I listened in horror as something began to furiously tap at the closet’s interior, with its occasional scratching. It even went so far as to pound on the door a few times before scratching and tapping. I still don’t know how long I had stood at the door, listening, before I snatched my phone and left the room to call the police. From what I remember, they found nothing but Mittens hiding at the top of the fridge.

I’d still gone to work that morning. On my way back home, I decided to stop by the store and buy a frozen pizza and ice-cream, as well as some wine if the tapping started again. My brother had given me a movie to watch before all of that happened, a comedy. Just the night before that…that thing came into my home. I checked the closet the instant I came home, relieved to find it still closed, and I left the bedroom. I’ve never been so grateful to have an old home with locks outside of the rooms’ doors, being able to lock that creature where it resides.

The movie started, and Mittens had already curled up next to me and fallen asleep. About halfway through the movie, my laughter was interrupted. I nearly dropped my spoonful of ice-cream onto the floor at the sound of tapping. I ignored it and gulped down some of the wine, waiting for it to stop. It eventually did, followed by the sound of a closing door. I slept on the couch that night with Mittens, and fell into a drunken slumber.

That had only been last night. When I’d awoken only an hour ago, I felt a very warm hand wrap around my ankle that had dangled off of the couch. Before I could react, I felt sharp teeth sink into the back of my ankle that seemed to come from the hand, and I kicked the thing away with a scream. Within the few seconds I stayed, I now realize that black fur had been scattered around me and stuck to me, matted together with what might have been blood. I didn’t notice before because I just ran, without any hesitation.

I’m hiding in my closet now. I don’t know where Mittens is, and I don’t want to know. My phone is on the coffee table, where I’d left it last night. I can hardly stand on the ankle the creature bit, and I can feel it swelling painfully. It almost feels infected with something. What’s bothering me now is that it’s scratching and tapping on the door as I speak. They’re getting faster and harder, it’s frightening me that I’m stuck in here having to hear it. It just might drive me insane.

What frightens me most isn’t the thing outside of the closet. What scares me most, what makes my heart skip a beat and makes my hands shake uncontrollably, is what is carved into the inside of the closet door. “BEHIND YU”

I just turned to see what had been carved onto the wall on my right. I’ve never wanted to scream more in my life. “NEXT T YU”. I immediately faced the closet door again. But…It’s not just the words etched into the wall that’s bugging me, as much as it should.

What scares me is that I can hear tapping behind me now.

Credit To: Wildfur365

December Discussion Post: How Did You Discover Creepypasta?

December 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM

This month’s topic was suggested by TVATR, and I’m very interested to hear everyone’s responses.

How did you first discover creepypasta? Not just this specific site (though of course, I am curious to hear how you ended up here as well, if you remember and would like to share), but I’m asking about your first experience with the entire creepypasta meme in general. Do you remember the first pasta that you ever read? Or did you stumble upon one of the myriad YouTube creepypasta video readings?

Let us know your earliest memory of creepypasta in the comments of this post, and have fun!



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