The Journal of Tomas Wicker November 3, 1910 There are a thousand ways to die in the Colombian rainforest. I first gained this appreciation as a boy when, in a questionable bit of parental inspiration, father allowed me to accompany him to inspect our family’s South American holdings, in particular […]

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The Fishing Trip

“Hold the head steady, Mr. Walker, I don’t want to cock this up.” Swelling waves cause the ship to roll beneath my feet as I do my best to follow Professor Olik’s order. Unfortunately, the ox is not cooperating, and pulls jerkingly against the rope securely fastened to the ring

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A Bad Night

“You’re making a mistake.” “I’m sorry you feel that way, Mr. Monahan. Our decision has been made.” “But…” “There’s nothing more to be said. Your final check will be in the mail tomorrow. Molly and I thank you for your services.” –click– Jack Monahan sat behind the desk in the

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