Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that get asked so regularly via the Contact Us form that I’ve decided to just address them en masse. Here’s hoping that this FAQ will solve some of your burning questions! If you’re curious about something not addressed here, feel free to use Contact Us to send in your question.

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Where do all these stories come from? Do the site admins write them all? If not, why is every post credited to the same name?

In the beginning, the ‘classic’ creepypastas were pulled from actual ongoing threads on places like /x/ and the small amount that ED had archived. Once all the original pastas were posted, the site began accepting submissions from its readers, and since then has only posted reader-generated content. The site admins do not write the pastas (though this is not to say we may not contribute someday if the mood strikes us), we just read all the submissions and decide which ones to schedule for publishing on the site.

The second point is just part and parcel of the blogging software that this site uses. Since you’ve only got one person scheduling posts here, it follows that every single post will be by that user account. It makes more sense if you read it as ‘This entry was posted by (admin name here).’ It’s not actually any attempt at taking credit for the story, don’t take it as such.

How do I submit, and how do you pick which submissions to post?

You may submit using the submission form here, but ONLY during an ‘open’ submission period. If the form is not available and we are in a ‘closed’ submission period, any attempts at sending me your pasta will be unilaterally rejected. Continued attempts to submit during a closed period will result in a ban.

I do things this way because I tend to get thousands of submissions during the “open” period, and the “closed” time allows me to make it through all of those submissions at my own pace, without burning myself out completely.

You can always tell which phase we’re currently in by checking the “Submission Status” box on the top of the sidebar. If there is no ETA listed for when submissions will reopen, that means that it has not yet been decided. Please do not harass me about when submissions will reopen; they will reopen when I am ready and not a minute sooner.

As for selecting which pastas to use: First, I go through the submissions and look for anything that triggers my auto-reject instincts: completely unreadable spelling/grammar (when it’s not for effect), lack of any punctuation or paragraphs, repetitions (from rehashes of old legends to stories that are straight up plagiarized from stuff already on the site), sloppy writing in general (“Yo I yelled to Donna im coming to save u”), and so forth. Sadly, after doing that, the pool of potential pastas shrinks greatly. If you want a more extensive look into common reasons for rejection, please look at the various tags on Crappypasta.

We also do not accept submissions that are blatant trolls/attempts to get on crappypasta. There’s a reason that we don’t have a ‘submit to crappypasta’ form, you guys. You can read more about the reasoning behind this decision in this comment section. If it was an actual attempt at a Parodypasta that just failed or needs work, that’s one thing, and we may let that through to Crappypasta. But total fakeposts just waste our time and tend to be painfully unfunny, so we’d rather you didn’t bother. That kind of thing is what 4chan is for, and you’re more likely to get the kind of attention you’re looking for from them, anyhow. Having your master troll post show up in the queue and then just get deleted without anyone else ever getting to see it is kind of anticlimactic, no?

Beyond unreadable and plagiarized submissions, we also tend to reject anything that isn’t actually creepy. I know that lots of people have differing levels of what exactly it takes to scare them, but it’s very rare to find someone who actually finds shock value for the sake of shock value anything more than the transparent refuge of a lazy writer. If your story’s only “creepy” factor comes from INTESTINES EVERYWHERE or AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT OF THIS TERRIBLE STORY, expect to be passed over in favor of writers who put in a bit more effort.

Due to the SCP wiki’s licensing policy, we do not accept SCP related/inspired stories. If you want to write SCP stories, please visit the SCP Wiki – their site is excellent and should be more than sufficient for SCP fans!

While there is no outright ban on Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, and the rest of their ilk, it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that stories featuring them will be accepted. This is because 99% of the submissions that involve “famous Creepypasta characters” tend to be blatant rip-offs and rewrites of the stories that originally spawned said characters. Such stories are fanfiction, not Creepypasta, and even if I did let them through they would NOT be well-received by the community. If someone writes something truly enjoyable and original using these characters, that is fine. However, if your story is just your OC meeting up with Jeff/Slenderman/Jane/whoever else and then falling in love with them or teaming up to ‘become a Creepypasta’ – no. This is not the place for your story, I’m afraid. Write Creepypasta fanfic all you want, just please don’t submit it to me.

If we feel that something crosses the line from creepy to legitimately disturbing, we will not post it anywhere. This doesn’t happen very often (thankfully), and is usually relegated to people who send us graphic depictions of abuse with no further plot or moral – when you do this, it appears that you’re treating abuse as entertainment, and that’s not something we condone. If you’re unsure what we mean, here are two examples:

  • OKAY: Using controversial and upsetting topics to provide strength and motive for a more in-depth story or moral. A good example of this is Never Again, where the abuse the narrator experiences serves a purpose within the story. The pasta has a moral message and does not glorify the abuse or abuser, instead it very clearly condemns both.
  • NOT OKAY: Submitting a pasta that is a literal and graphic depiction of some kind of abuse without any other elements, moral, or reasoning for including the abuse. When you do this, you are implying that you view the abuse BY ITSELF as something that is entertaining, and that is not okay. These sorts of submissions will be deleted.
  • Other things to avoid: slurs of any kind (racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, etc), pornography (consider your audience, guys – this isn’t a porn website or adult fanfic archive – explicit sexual content is not what we’re looking for here), certain forms of abuse that are both illegal and ethically unforgivable (I’m not even going to mention the terms because I don’t want the site even remotely associated with that sort of thing, but I hope that you are all smart enough to realize what I’m talking about here), suicide porn (glamorizing suicide isn’t something that I’m going to go along with, sorry) the aforementioned graphic depictions of any kind of abuse just for the sake of shock value, etc. Use your brain when you submit: we have never been a shock site, and if your story is graphic and over the line in a way that you’ve never seen published here, that probably means that your submission will not be welcome. 
  • If you are still having trouble discerning the difference between okay and not okay even after all of this, I recommend that you simply refrain from submitting. I will not be doing invidual ‘is ___ okay?’ checks for people who are unable to grasp what I’m talking about here. If you are so morally broken that you legitimately cannot comprehend this section, I probably don’t want to read your submission.
  • If you submit something really gross and disturbing, I reserve the right to outright block you. This means that any further submissions/emails from you will not reach my inbox, and I won’t bother letting you know that you’ve been blocked. I do not consider it part of my job to be forced to read disgusting submissions, and this is a one-strike-and-you’re-out type of deal. You have been warned.

Do you accept submissions in languages other than English? How strict are you about grammar when the writer isn't a native English speaker?

At this time, I only process submissions written in English. This is solely because it’s the only language that I can read fluently, and automatic translators are too unreliable for me to feel comfortable using, say, Google Translate to read/post a submission.

You can of course use some dialogue or quotes in other languages – that’s fine. But the main language of your submission should be English.

That said, if English is not your native tongue but you still wish to write for us, please just do your best. This is an amateur writing community with contributors from all over the world, so we don’t expect every story to be flawlessly written. Nor do we expect all writers to conform specifically to American English grammar rules and spelling (for example, civilisation versus civilization will not get you penalized except, of course, from commenters who have never before encountered British English).

I do tend to err on the side of leniency for stories with technical issues indicative of an ESL author; if the story is still easily readable and the plot is compelling, I may let it through despite any grammatical issues. However, to avoid harsh comments from the community at large, I’d recommend first sending your pasta to one or more of the Available Beta Readers so that they can help you find any grammatical issues or expressions/sayings that aren’t translating well, etc. I would also suggest tagging ‘Yes’ on Crappypasta so that I can place your story there if I feel it needs more help.

Miscellaneous Submission Questions: Are there any limits to the amount of stories I can submit at once? Are poems allowed? How long can my story be? If I want to submit an edit to an accepted pasta, how do I do this? I realized that I made an error in my submission, how do I fix this?

Please do not submit more then ten pastas during any one “submission open” period. I’m not trying to stifle your creativity with this rule, I simply don’t want any one author to flood the queue when there are so many aspiring pasta writers that deserve equal attention. If you have reached your 10 pasta limit and continue to submit, I will delete the overflow submissions. If you want me to delete something you’ve submitted so that you can submit a different pasta, please use the Contact Us form to let me know. When I reply to confirm that I’ve deleted the pasta you wanted removed from the queue, only then may you proceed with your next submission.

  • Multi-part pastas count as one pasta for this rule. Please see further rules on series pastas below.

Poems are absolutely allowed, however, know that I am harder on them as the community seems to dislike seeing poempastas too often. If I find your poem really appealing, I may allow it through anyhow, but poetrypastas need to be very good for this to occur. Do not send in a low-effort poem about scary dolls or Slenderman and then act surprised when it is rejected.

There is no set length requirement; however, remember that this is a SHORT STORY website. I will not publish a book for you here. Also, remember that the longer your pasta, the better it needs to be in order to keep my interest during my review; and even if I like it enough to post it, longer pastas tend to get a lot of rude and harsh comments from community members who adopt the “tl;dr” model of commenting. Basically, make sure that your pasta earns its length!

Multi-part pastas and series are accepted, however they are only considered if you submit the entire, completed series at once. The only exception to this rule is if it’s a series that sprang up organically from a stand-alone pasta; if you initially wrote your pasta intending it to be a one-shot and you were later inspired to continue the story, that’s fine. However, submitting “Blah Blah Part One” all on its own with the caveat “if this gets published, I’ll write more” will earn you an automatic rejection (we even have a category on Crappypasta dedicated to all the people who submit random, unfinished “part one” or “to be continued” pastas with no follow through). This is to prevent readers from having to deal with the annoyance of a bunch of unfinished series. Nothing sucks more as a reader than getting really into an interesting multi-part story, only to have the author abandon it mid-way!

If you would like us to replace your story with edits or take down your story, we will comply ONLY if you submit your request using the same email address that you used when you originally submitted the story. If we cannot confirm that the person requesting the edits is the same person who originally authored/submitted the piece, we will not go through with the edits or takedowns. There have been too many instances of trolls trying to get other people’s stories taken down that we have to require this step, so apologies for the extra hoops, but it’s necessary.

  • The preferred way is for you to reply to your acceptance email with the edited version; simply resubmitting will create an entirely new entry in the queue and may not be seen for anywhere from several days to months, depending on the amount of submissions we are receiving.
  • Unless your story is VERY short, it’s safest to simply upload your ENTIRE edited pasta to a text hosting website like Pastebin and then send me the link. I’ve had too many experiences with people’s email services helpfully truncating long edits, which is completely invisible to me and results in my uploading a fractured version of the pasta to the site. Since there’s absolutely no way for me to know what is intended on your part, I can’t possibly catch this kind of thing on my own, and thus it’s usually only caught when people start replying to the pasta in question with confused comments about why the story makes so much less sense after an edit. We can completely avoid that risk with the Pastebin tactic; PLEASE USE PASTEBIN WHEN SUBMITTING EDITS!
  • This should be obvious, but this only applies to people who have had their posts accepted to the main website. If your story was rejected or posted on Crappypasta, you’ll need to wait until an open submission period and resubmit your pasta normally.

If you realize that you made an error in a recent submission, please use the Contact Us form to let me know. Make sure to include the email you submitted with and the title of your story. DO NOT INCLUDE THE REVISED SUBMISSION IN YOUR CONTACT US EMAIL. When you hear back from me and I confirm that your flawed submission has been removed from the queue, only then should you resubmit (using the submission form, not Contact Us) with the corrected pasta.

How (or when) will we know if our submission is accepted or rejected?

If you are accepted for the main site, you will receive an email saying so as well as noting the date that your story is scheduled to be posted. Sometimes you’ll be notified the day before (if I’m busy or having trouble finding enough ‘acceptable’ pastas, I sometimes end up scheduling day-to-day), other times you will have a month (possibly more) to wait in between acceptance and when the actual post goes live, so do be prepared for that.

If we think that your story has potential but isn’t quite ready for the main site yet AND and you checked “yes” on the crappypasta question, you will receive a message telling you that your story has been uploaded to crappypasta and given a link to your pasta. In order to give the community ample time to read and review each batch of Crappypasta, I do like to leave several days in between my postings so as to give each story its time on the front page. Additionally, sometimes I simply don’t have enough submissions flagged as ‘Crappypasta – To Post’ to merit a full post rotation (currently, it takes 10 stories to fill the front page of Crappypasta) – in most cases, I will wait until I’ve accumulated 10 eligible stories before posting them all at once. This means that even if your submission has been read and queued for Crappypasta, it may not be posted immediately, so patience is necessary. Once again, this is a matter of understanding the fact that we get thousands of submissions each open period and it will take lots of time to get everything read, sorted, and in the case of Crappypastas, tagged and posted; you may feel that it’s taking forever to hear back, but you have to be patient and deal with it.

  • When your story is posted on Crappypasta, you will receive an email letting you know as well as a link to your already-posted Crappypasta.
  • Any rewrites of your story based on the feedback received on Crappypasta should be treated as an entirely new submission. This means that you need to follow the normal submission rules (though a note on your new submission letting me know that it’s a rewrite of a story previously placed on Crappypasta is appreciated). If you simply reply to your Crappypasta posting email with an edit, it won’t enter the submission queue. The only exception to this is if your story was upvoted enough on Crappypasta to make the jump to Creepypasta – in which case I will email you to touch base and give you the opportunity to give me a reworked/edited version before porting over your story to the main site.

If your story is rejected for both creepypasta or crappypasta (you either checked “no” on the crappypasta option and/or we didn’t see enough potential in your story to merit a crappypasta posting), you will not receive any response from us. I know that this is not ideal, but you can blame all the people who responded to rejection emails with nastiness, trolling, and other obnoxious behavior for this decision. I’ve decided that, for my own sanity, sending out rejection letters is more trouble than it’s worth. This means that if you do not receive any reply by the time that your submission period has been announced as fully processed, your pasta was most likely rejected. Which brings us to the next step…

You may resubmit if you’ve reworked/rewritten your pasta (this applies to rejected pastas, submissions that we haven’t processed yet, and pastas that were posted on Crappypasta) as long as you make sure to use the Contact Us form and let us know that you’ve sent a new version of a previously submitted pasta. Please make sure that you tell us the names/emails of all versions of the pasta that you’ve submitted, and most importantly, which version you want us to actually consider for submission! PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU WAIT FOR AN OPEN SUBMISSION PERIOD TO RESUBMIT. Attempting to be sneaky and resubmit via direct email, comments, etc during  CLOSED SUBMISSION PERIOD will count as “ignoring the rules” and result in triggering my zero-tolerance policy. If you do this, your submission will be deleted.

Please do not resubmit just because you haven’t received a reply. If you haven’t received a reply, that means that either we haven’t gotten to your pasta yet (most likely – I say this over and over and over, but people do not seem to grasp the sheer volume of submissions that need to be read, sorted, and scheduled), that it was rejected, or that we thought it was a complete and obvious troll and just deleted it. If we haven’t read it yet or your pasta is marked for Crappypasta and just waiting its turn to be posted, resubmitting has absolutely no point and serves only to clog up the queue. Of course, it should also be obvious that resubmitting the exact same version of a pasta that already got rejected is similarly pointless.

Do not beg for acceptance. If your pasta was rejected, there was a reason. I know that many of you are younger and may not grasp why I can’t just make one exception and be nice and post your pasta simply because you want me to, but here’s the thing: you are not the only one with that attitude. There are many others who are also begging for “just one exception” – you are not a special snowflake in this regard. Furthermore, you can pay attention to the comments of any main site pasta rated below 8 – if I let through anything even remotely, possibly sub-par, I’M the one who gets attacked. Not the author. So being picky is necessary, otherwise that tendency the community has to dogpile on me would reach a level that I wouldn’t be able to deal with. This means that when you ask me to make a special exception and post your rejected pasta just because you asked, you’re also asking me to open myself up to getting a lot of very nasty, rude messages. I mean no offense, but you are not worth that frustration. Sorry. FROM NOW ON, BEGGING IS PART OF MY ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY. IF YOU DO THIS, I WILL BLACKLIST YOU FROM SUBMISSIONS AND CONTACTS AS WELL AS DELETE THE SUBMISSION IN QUESTION (and any others of yours in the queue). DON’T DO THIS.

Keep an eye on our twitter feed and the announcement category; when I’m backed up with submissions, I’ll mention it.

I submitted (however many days ago), can you please check the status of my submission? Why is it taking so long to get my submission read?

Due to the new structure of the open/closed submission periods,this is no longer necessary and not a service that I offer.

If I have made my “X submission period has been fully processed” announcement post (with ‘X’ being the specific submission period when you sent in your pasta(s). For example if you submitted during the March 2014 submission period, that would make X = March 2014) and you haven’t received any acceptance emails for either site: you were rejected. Please either rework your pasta before re-submitting it or try writing a new one instead!

Remember that at the moment, it’s just one person wading through a whole lot of submissions, comments, and other various emails. I will get to your submission as soon as I can. Some days I don’t get to read any submissions; other days I sit around for 6-7 hours just reading your stories. I really do try hard to make sure that all of your entries get read in a timely manner, and I apologize if you fall through the cracks somehow, but emails asking for your story’s status only serve to slow me down

Also please remember that sometimes I do not read submissions because I am working on other issues; for example, if I’m working on a site redesign or some other change that has been largely requested, that issue will take precedence over other things like reading submissions or answering emails. The community tends to make a lot of demands, and you guys need to understand that when you ask me to do something, it takes time – and given that time is not unlimited, this means that other things will sometimes become less of a priority. As much as I’d love to be some sort of wish-granting supergenie who can make things happen without having to actually spend time and effort to do so, it is sadly not reality!

I also sometimes just like to take days off to spend with friends and family. Remember, you guys aren’t paying me; this is a free time operation. I am allowed to spend time on things other than this website; moreover, sometimes this is needed for me to avoid complete burnout and ragequitting after a particularly bad day of dealing with some of the less favorable aspects of running this website.

Because of the sheer number of people who ignore this guideline and continue to harass me about their submission status, if you bug me about your submission status, I will check for your submission and then delete it. In essence, by ignoring this rule and asking me to check on your submission anyway, you are willingly forfeiting your submission.

Can you give me feedback about my story?


Longer answer: each open submission period results in thousands (no, not exaggerating – we usually get between 2-4k submissions per open period) of pastas in the queue. Add that to the fact that I – just ONE person who has an entire life outside of this website – also handle the comments, backend maintenance, responding to Contact Us emails, as well as any anything else that needs to be done in regards to the site, and it should be very clear that I already have my hands full. Simply put, I do not have the time to indulge every single person who asks for my personal feedback. And before you get it in your head that you’re somehow a special case who is deserving of an exception to this rule: everybody else thinks so, too. That is why I DO NOT OFFER THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE.

If you ignore this rule and ask anyhow, I will reply directing you to the FAQ. If you continue to harass and beg after my first rejection, I will stop replying to you. If your behavior continues, I will block you, meaning that no communications from you – submissions or otherwise – will be accepted any longer. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. Please do not ruin things by harassing me because you feel wrongly entitled to my time and help.

If you want critiques of your writing before you submit (usually a good idea), please post it on /x/ or Creepypasta Network – you will find many other aspiring writers there to help you in ways that we, sadly, cannot.

The other option is to submit and check “yes” for publishing on – this means that if we decide that your story has potential but isn’t quite ready for the main website, we’ll still publish it on, where people can give you advice and critiques. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CAN SUBMIT UNFINISHED WORK FOR FREE FEEDBACK. DOING SO WILL NET YOU A BAN FROM FUTURE SUBMISSIONS. Crappypasta is intended only for people who were satisfied with their pasta and rejected, as a sort of “last resort” phase of feedback. Do be aware, though, that it’s not a hugbox – you will probably get some troll comments alongside the helpful ones, though I do try to remove anything I deem more abusive than constructive. If you can’t take the scrutiny or “trauma” of having your stuff put on crappypasta, DO NOT CHECK YES ON THIS OPTION.

This pasta is stolen/plagiarized! How do I report it?

Unfortunately, sometimes a stolen work gets through because the submission team isn’t familiar with the original work. If you notice this, and you are SURE that it’s a case of plagiarism and not just a popular creepypasta that you’ve read before (remember, creepypasta IS a meme, and memes by definition get spread around the internet) or the author submitting his own work (yes, we’ve had instances of people reporting the author for plagiarizing himself because they didn’t bother to read the credit at the bottom of the post), then please use Contact Us with a link to the pasta in question as well as proof that it was written by someone else and should not be on the site.

If you cannot give us actual proof in regards to your accusations, we will write you off as a troll or someone who is just jealous that we didn’t approve their submission (yes, we see you, people who go on angry commenting sprees after their submissions are rejected/posted on crappypasta). Plagiarism reports are NOT a way to settle petty internet rivalries or make yourself feel better because you think your story was wrongfully rejected.

I'd like permission to use (insert creepypasta here) for a project / video / tv show / book / etc. Can you give me permission?

Since we do not claim ownership of the submissions, no, the only person who can give you permission to use their work is the actual author of any given piece. Many authors have some sort of contact information (their email, twitter, tumblr, etc) as their credit link; please do use that to contact them – you do not need to involve us at all, as we claim no rights to their work. If there is no credited author and the piece you’re interested in was posted AFTER JUNE 2012, we may be able to help you by forwarding your request/contact information to the author, but we cannot promise they will reply. Anything before June 2012 is out of our hands, your best bet is to simply use Google to see if you can track down the author.

PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY TAKE THE WORKS HERE FOR YOUR OWN PROFIT. Many of the people contributing to this website are attempting to get themselves out there and noticed so that they can get a book deal in the future; when you steal their work, alter it, and spread it all over the internet for your own self-promotion, you are being both incredibly dishonest as well as directly hurting the author. If you are interested in using a pasta for ANY reason, please make an honest effort to get permission from the author first; if you cannot get ahold of the author, err on the side of caution and refrain from using their work.

Remember that when the author submitted, they gave permission specifically to to use their work; they did not give permission to the internet at large. This means that authors are within their rights take legal action against you if you steal their work and they object to how you’re using it.

Are you Mr. Creepypasta / Mr. Welldone/ Josef K / Ichor Falls / (insert any other relatively well known Creepypasta-related person)?

No. Creepypasta is a meme; there are going to be many people putting their own spin on how to archive and present it. We consider them part of our creepy extended family, for sure, but they are not us.

To make it clear, and are the only projects we work on. Anything else? Nope.

This means please stop sending me emails yelling at me about stuff that other sites are doing, or trying to get in touch with people unrelated to me. It makes you look silly, and I can’t help you with that kind of thing, anyhow.

A special note about Mr. Creepypasta and other similar channels/websites, since this has been brought up by enough authors that I need to address it: no, we are not affiliated. No, we do not have any sort of contact so I cannot pass on messages to him “faster” or “easier” than the general public. No, I do not give him permission to edit/use work posted on the site. No, I do not have any particular/extra influence with him – if he has taken and edited your story, you have to contact him, not me. Since I do not claim ownership of your work, there’s nothing I can do legally about such situations – that power remains with the original author. I am not a lawyer, so I cannot advise you on how to proceed if anyone steals, edits, and/or reposts your work without permission.

  • Here is what I CAN do: If someone  has stolen/edited your work and you wish to make it clear what has happened, you may contact me and have me edit your pasta to contain an author’s note explaining the situation. Here is an example of what I mean.

How can I advertise on or

Currently, we use Project Wonderful for both websites, which allows advertisers to buy cheap ad space using a bidding system. After registering with that link, just search for ‘Creepypasta’ and/or ‘Crappypasta’ and you’ll see our currently available ad spaces.

Do note that we require that your ad images are rated as work-safe, and we *will* cancel and report your bid if you try to mark your ad as work-safe when they’re actually not.

I also reserve the right to cancel your bid if I feel it’s advertising something that is directly competitive or otherwise likely to negatively impact the site’s health. I do like to support the extended creepypasta fan community, but not at the cost of sacrificing my own ability to keep the site afloat. If I feel that you’ve crossed the line from “extended family of the site” into “trying to replace the site” , you may find your bid cancelled with a note acknowledging this as the reason. McDonald’s wouldn’t allow Burger King to post ads on their menu, right? It’s the same concept here.

Do you moderate comments at all? I posted something but it never showed up!

Yes. Comments go through two stages of moderation – the first is an automated anti-spam service that I pay for, because this website has gotten itself on quite a few spambot hitlists over the years. To give an example of how insane this is: from its inception in 2008 to the current time of October 2012, the site has received 44k legitimate comments. It has received 45k spam comments in the past 3 months alone. If, for some reason, your comment triggers this filter – I’m sorry, but I will probably never even see it.

The second stage of moderation is manual and done by myself and a small team of comment moderators. We approve most comments, but there are some exceptions:

  • We manually trash any comments that we deem abusive to myself or other users – so for those of you who think it’s cute to stalk particular users around the site, leaving them obscene comments, it’s pointless. We won’t approve them and thus, the target of your weird internet obsession/crush will never actually see any of your efforts.
  • Any attempts to invade the privacy of anyone – myself, mods, authors, readers, other comment-leavers, etc – will also not be approved. Please respect other people’s privacy. Just because this is the internet, that doesn’t make the people you’re interacting with any less real or human.
  • Generally obscene comments that have nothing to do with the site or pastas will also be deleted. Racism, inappropriate sexual comments, overly violent threats, misogyny, and their ilk will not get through unless I’m really tired while going through the queue and don’t notice the offensive comments.
  • If a moderator believes that your comment is not really relevant to the post, it’s at their discretion to delete said comment. This means that you shouldn’t be surprised if comments that just say “lol” and nothing else, comments that are just tired memes, roleplaying comments, etc, will probably not be approved.

If Google or any of the other site-watching services that I use alert me that a link in a comment is to a malware-providing or otherwise malicious site, I will remove the link. If you notice that your comments are having links removed, this is almost certainly the reason behind my doing so. I’d suggest looking into it and seeing why your site is being flagged as suspicious!

How do I get a picture next to my name when I comment? Do I need to register somewhere? Does this site have any sort of registration/user profile system?

We use the DISQUS commenting system, which allows you to register for a universal profile that will work across all websites that use DISQUS. You can upload an avatar and create a personal profile that will be visible to people who click your username in the comments.

Additionally, DISQUS gives registered users a Tumblr-like “dashboard” where you can see replies to your comments, active conversation threads on sites that you follow, as well as recent comments from other DISQUS users that you’ve chosen to follow.

I see no need for any user profile/registration function beyond DISQUS at this time.

Are you taking applications for a co-admin, moderators, readers, etc?

I am currently NOT taking applications for any of these positions. The way our submission system is set up, it’s simply too dangerous to allow a complete stranger access. Trust me, the previous team learned this the hard way. The last thing I want to do is pick the wrong person and have them decide to delete the entire submission queue because they had a bad day, you know? I am actively trying to find a second person, but it may take awhile because not many people can both be trusted and want to deal with the feedback that this site gets. We’ve had a few people attempt the position of co-admin, but they ended up bowing out after finding the amount of submissions and the abusive messages to be more than they were willing to tolerate.

The comment moderation team currently consists of myself, The Operator, Katherine C, and Ahriannah. If we ever feel that we need more help with comment moderation, the mod team will discuss who to recruit between ourselves and reach out to them privately.

What behaviors warrant a ban from submitting/commenting?

If you’ve read the rest of the FAQ, this should already be clear, but for those of you who need things spelled out:

  • For COMMENTS: Attempting to submit a pasta via comments, attempting to obtain/reveal personal information about myself or ANYONE ELSE (authors, other comment-leavers, Creepypasta YouTubers, etc), offensive slurs (racial, homophobic, nationalistic, sexist, religious, etc), deeply personal attacks on myself or anyone else (this means no attacking other comment-leavers or authors for what you perceive as their religious beliefs, orientation, etc), as well as excessive spamming (do not treat the comments section as your own personal message board for you and your friends on topics unrelated to Creepypasta – this is a waste of my time and server space) will result in the comments being marked as “spam” and thus rejected. The anti-spam filter that I use is “smart” and if I mark a person’s comment as spam, it will remember the IP and email address and start automatically deleting future comments from that person. If what you post is really beyond the pale or a repeated offense that somehow the filter doesn’t catch, I will manually blacklist you.
  • For SUBMISSIONS: Begging for special exceptions/treatment, submitting during a closed submission period, submitting especially offensive, gross, or disgusting pastas (graphic depections of abuse, sexual violence, beastiality, pornographic stories, etc), saying that you are submitting an unfinished work “just for feedback” – in the submission or in response to rejection/Crappypasta posting – or otherwise admitting to wasting my time/clogging up the queue with unfinished work, sending me abusive or offensive comments because your pasta wasn’t accepted or read “quickly enough” for your tastes, harassing me about the status of your pasta – these are all now included in the zero-tolerance, one-strike-and-you’re-out policy. If you do ANY of these things, your pasta will be deleted and you will be added to the submission queue block list.

While not a “one strike and you’re out” thing, multiple instances of spamming the submit queue will get you banned. This means that if you submit the same pasta over and over again across multiple days (to be clear, a cluster of cloned submissions that are more likely a result of the form or site giving errors does not count – I won’t punish people for what is almost certainly an error on my server’s end – I’m aware that sometimes the site gives people an error message even though their comment or submission actually did complete correctly. I’m talking about people who submit the same pasta on multiple days because they didn’t get a response within one day and think that means they need to fill the queue with their pasta over and over again until they get their response) or resubmit something that has been posted on Crappypasta WITHOUT making any edits or changes, you run the risk of earning a permanent ban. If you only do it once, I might let it slide, but if it becomes apparent that you’re simply ignoring all rules and just submitting your pasta over and over and over without any actual respect for the guidelines, your submission will be deleted and you will be banned. In most cases, you will receive a warning asking you to stop your spamming. However, if you’ve spammed to an extreme point (ie, you’ve clearly been spam submitting over a long period of time and I didn’t notice it until later), I may skip that step completely and just ban you.

  • This does NOT include separate submissions. Submitting, say, five DIFFERENT stories over the course of a submission period is perfectly okay. I am referring to people who submit THE SAME EXACT PASTA multiple times simply because they didn’t read the FAQ and don’t understand/don’t care that they are not guaranteed an instant response.
  • Submitting REWRITES and EDITED VERSIONS of your pasta that was either rejected or previously posted on Crappypasta is okay and encouraged. What will get you banned is resubmitting THE SAME EXACT PASTA that was already rejected and/or posted on Crappypasta. This is stupid, pointless, and only clogs up the queue.

If you have somehow managed to trigger the Sucuri auto-ban (you’ll know as the site will direct you to a page telling you that you have been blocked by Sucuri; if you don’t see this page, you are not IP banned), in most cases you don’t need to do anything – it will automatically clear within a day or two. However, if the ban persists and you believe it’s in error, use the Contact Us form to let me know. MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR IP ADDRESS, otherwise I cannot do anything about it. If I look into it and believe it was the filter being overzealous, I will give you a one-time courtesy and unblock you. However, if you ever trigger the autoban again, it will be final. Likewise, if I look into your blocked IP’s history and find anything suspicious or questionable about the way you’ve been accessing the site, I will let the ban stay in place.

I reserve the right to change or add on to this list as I see fit; unfortunately, I cannot foresee every obnoxious thing that people will do. However, if someone does do something that necessitates an addition to this list, I WILL add it here so that other people are aware of what not to do.

Bans and blacklists can EASILY be avoided by simply reading the FAQ and remembering to treat both myself and other community members with respect and decency. It’s really not that hard!

Is the website abandoned? When will submissions be re-opened? How do I submit a creepypasta if submissions are closed?

If the website is still updating daily and comments are still being approved, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it hasn’t been abandoned. Come on, people.

Submission period opening and closing will always be announced on the main page and twitter. You do NOT need to email me asking; I will not waste my time replying as this is already covered here in the FAQ.

If submissions are closed, you cannot submit your pasta. You have to be patient and wait like everybody else.

When I go into a closed submission period, it is for a reason. Either I’m very busy and cannot reliably deal with the extra monitoring of the form plugin (it has a tendency to be high-maintenance and break down), I already have a lot of submissions backed up to go through before I’m willing to add more to the pile, or I simply wish to avoid coinciding with a particular time of year (I try not to have submissions open when college students should be studying for exams instead of hanging around the site, for example). Begging me and whining at me will not convince me to re-open if I simply don’t feel it’s a good time.

To be frank, most of the people who have so little patience that they cannot handle waiting a month or two to submit their pasta also tend to be the types who don’t have the patience to proofread or write anything more than a 3-sentence Pokepasta. The open/close submission style is partially to discourage those types from submitting these low-effort, impulsive “pastas” just because they can.

Once again: do not harass me about this. I will no longer be replying to inquiries about the submission status.

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