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January 6, 2013

“Another pint should put just the right color on the day,” I half-whispered to myself as I rationalized ordering another creation of Arthur Guinness’s brilliance.  As the pub’s barman slid my libation past the ashtrays and napkins, a sniveling, and seemingly inebriated, derelict skulked past my stool and leaned his filthy frame over the bar rail.

After a few moments the man placed his order, and to my amazement his voice was crisp and precise. I had expected to hear a number of words that ended with the ‘ish’ sound that drunkards make, but his English was fine.

After a few deep draws on his ale, his bloodshot eyes turned to mine.… Read the rest

I went to a remote prison in Pennsylvania for robbery in 1989. If you try and find it, you will be out of luck because its gone, erased from most memories because it wasn’t well known in the first place.

While the prison was standing, it had a very low escape rate, because of a story that circulated around within the walls. The story was told to me by a friend, and it won’t leave my memory anytime soon.

Harry Winslow was an inmate in the late 40’s, who was in the prison for life. He had been going mad in his prison because he always had said he’d been framed.… Read the rest

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