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December 28, 2012

On several occasions my interest in the supernatural has taken me to some of the most prestigious seats of learning in the entire United Kingdom. From the venerable halls of Oxford and Cambridge, to the more humble surroundings of inner city colleges and schools, my pursuit of evidence to substantiate such claims has rarely been fruitful. However, while exploring the University of St Andrews in Scotland, I found a rather interesting tome hidden away in a dark and musty corner of the campus library.

The book itself was unusual, its cover bound in a weathered and blackened leather which unashamedly wore the wrinkles and cracks of time.… Read the rest

Subject: RE: Meeting 3:  Exercise
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 07:31:16 +0000

Dear Dr. Faulk,
Let me start by saying thank you, Doctor.  I know why you’re getting me to do this, and I hope that writing about it really does help me to overcome it.  I don’t have anyone left to turn to anymore, espcially not in here, and you’re the only professional that has stuck by me throughout.  I realise that this preamble is just fear talking.  Every word I write now is a few seconds I can avoid writing down the details of what happened.  … Read the rest

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