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December 21, 2012

Rain fell in small silver pools in the bottoms of potholes that lined the city roads, and bejeweled the apartment windows with tiny liquid beads. On her wooden desk, old turpentine-soaked rags and crusted paintbrushes cluttered the space. The room was dim, except for a light that was clamped on her easel, pointed toward an empty canvas. As her paintbrush danced across the canvas, leaving behind thick globs of color, she began to feel disheartened. On this day, she was particularly uninspired by the still life of plastic fruits and glass bottles she had set up on the window sill. Art was the coals that fed the flames in Julianne’s soul.… Read the rest

I really need to let this out. I can’t bear to live with what happened that night anymore. Every time I close my eyes I can see the death in her eyes, and the malice in his. I had just recently moved out to Scotland with my fiancé. We had moved to a beautiful town in the North called Elgin. We were two weeks in. Everything was going well, we had settled in just fine. We thought we were going to live a long, happy life here. Oh how wrong we were.

On the third week, strange things started happening to us on one night that would change our lives.… Read the rest

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