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December 20, 2012

I was usually the type to stay out of trouble and away from danger but Jim on the other hand, was the rebellious type. Usually a long-time friend can pursued you into doing pretty much anything, and Jim was the master when it came to that.

Jim and I had been friends since we were two years young, now a decade has passed and we’ve stuck by each other’s sides ever since then. We went on adventures just about every day. Sometimes they got us into trouble but for the most part Jim respected and understood my “play it safe” way of life.… Read the rest

Funny how things can change, isn’t it?

I’m a careless person.  I leave things for weeks at a time, and sometimes never come back to them at all.  There are things I’ve lost in my own bedroom that I gave up searching for years ago.  It’s not that my bedroom is particularly big or messy, just that I really have a hard time keeping track of anything.  Sometimes my losing things seems to be almost supernatural.  Once, as a test, I placed a fork (something easily noticeable) alone in a cardboard box on the floor of my room.  I didn’t pay it any mind for a week or so; then, upon checking the box, I was startled to see it had vanished.  … Read the rest

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