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December 13, 2012

I love creepy pastas. And chances are that if you are reading this so do you. I’ve been into them for about a year now and like most the community enjoy the sudden jolt a well-cooked piece of pasta can provide. The way a perception can be built up in a mere couple of sentences, then be violently smashed down. I’ve appreciated all the classics, from “Noend House” and “Candle Cove”, to the secrets of the Holder series.

I heard about a group of guys recently that kept talking about wanting to take their pasta to the “next level”. The kind of story that changes you as a person, gives you a new outlook on life.… Read the rest

It’s that kind of evening. The foggy, humid winter evening. It’s the kind where everyone else curls up in their blankets next to the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate, or gathers around the table, laughing and joking, with glasses of mimosa.  Except for me. This evening, for some reason, I need to be alone.

The only sounds I hear are my own footsteps, plodding slowly, one after the other, through the slushy mixture of snow and mud, as well as the constant, irregular pitter-patter of water droplets falling from the tree branches.  Other than that, the air seems utterly still, silent, and dismally cold.  … Read the rest

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