Update: Rules Regarding Resubmission Remade!

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πŸ“… Published on September 14, 2012

"Update: Rules Regarding Resubmission Remade!"

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Just a note to make you guys aware that I’ve changed the rules about resubmitting. It’s occurred to me that the way we had it set up before didn’t make much sense, since a huge chunk of you guys were just resubmitting the exact same version of a pasta that had already been rejected, and it brings to mind a certain quote:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”Β 

So, short(ish) version is that I now only allow resubmissions if you’ve actually changed something about your pasta. This applies to rejected pastas, pastas I haven’t read yet, and stuff that got posted on Crappypasta. You can submit rewrites of any of those whenever you want, there is no mandatory waiting period now! I do have special steps that I ask you to take if you do this, though, to help make sure that I know which version I’m supposed to be considering! So make sure to read the FAQ before you get all excited and fire off a resubmission, okay?

The other change is that I will now allow you to contact me about possible ‘lost submissions’ after a certain amount of time (it might change, but currently I’m going with two months), but please make sure to read that part thoroughly since if you jump the gun on that and try to exploit it in order to get me to read your submission earlier, it’ll have the exact opposite result that you wanted – I’ll reject your submission completely for wasting my time and trying to abuse the system, you jerk.

Anyhow, you can read all the new rules in Section 3 of Frequently Asked Questions, so please go do that if you’re at all interested in submitting any time soon.

Also, since I’m sure that at least one of you will have the expected reaction of “BUT WHY SO MANY RULES QQ YOU’RE SO MEAN DERPBUTT”, I’ll just leave this here:

We have the submission process set up so strictly because it’s the only way to keep this whole thing from overwhelming us, so please remember that before you’re tempted to ask for special treatment or want to complain about all the rules.

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