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What is Crappypasta, and how does it work?

March 5, 2016
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Crappypasta is the sister website to Creepypasta; in short, it’s where stories that I feel have a lot of potential yet just aren’t quite ready for prime time are posted in order to receive assessment from the community at large. Stories are only eligible to be placed on Crappypasta if the author explicitly gives permission for me to do so when submitting (it’s a non-required checkbox on the form), so if this doesn’t appeal to you, you do not need to worry about it at all.

If we think that your story has potential but isn’t quite ready for the main site yet AND and you checked “yes” on the crappypasta question, you will receive a message telling you that your story has been uploaded to crappypasta and given a link to your pasta. In order to give the community ample time to read and review each batch of Crappypasta, I do like to leave several days in between my postings so as to give each story its time on the front page. Additionally, sometimes I simply don’t have enough submissions flagged as ‘Crappypasta – To Post’ to merit a full post rotation (in other words, filling the entire front page of Crappypasta) – in most cases, I will wait until I’ve accumulated enough eligible stories before posting them all at once. This means that even if your submission has been read and queued for Crappypasta, it may not be posted immediately, so patience is necessary.

Once again, this is a matter of understanding the fact that I get thousands of submissions each open period and it will take lots of time to get everything read, sorted, and in the case of Crappypasta, tagged and posted. You may feel that it’s taking forever to hear back, but you simply have to be patient and deal with it.

Any rewrites of your story based on the feedback received on Crappypasta should be treated as an entirely new submission. This means that you need to follow the normal submission rules (though a note on your new submission letting me know that it’s a rewrite of a story previously placed on Crappypasta is appreciated if you’d like the ‘Crappypasta Success Story’ tag). If you simply reply to your Crappypasta posting email with an edit, it won’t enter the submission queue and likely will skip my inbox entirely.

The only exception to this is if your story was upvoted enough on Crappypasta to make the jump to Creepypasta – in which case I will contact you to touch base and give you the opportunity to give me a reworked/edited version before porting over your story to the main site.

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