What behaviors will result in bans from submitting and/or commenting?

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πŸ“… Published on March 5, 2016

"What behaviors will result in bans from submitting and/or commenting?"

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If you’ve read the rest of the FAQ, this should already be clear, but for those of you who need things spelled out:

  • For COMMENTS: Attempting to submit a pasta via comments, attempting to obtain/reveal personal information about myself or ANYONE ELSE (authors, other comment-leavers, Creepypasta YouTubers, etc), offensive slurs (racial, homophobic, nationalistic, sexist, religious, etc), deeply personal attacks on myself or anyone else (this means no attacking other comment-leavers or authors for what you perceive as their religious beliefs, orientation, etc), as well as excessive spamming (do not treat the comments section as your own personal message board for you and your friends on topics unrelated to Creepypasta – this is a waste of my time and server space) will result in the comments being marked as “spam” and thus rejected. The anti-spam filter that I use is “smart” and if I mark a person’s comment as spam, it will remember the IP and email address and start automatically deleting future comments from that person. If what you post is really beyond the pale or a repeated offense that somehow the filter doesn’t catch, I will manually blacklist you.
  • For SUBMISSIONS: Begging for special exceptions/treatment, submitting during a closed submission period, submitting especially offensive, gross, or disgusting pastas (graphic depections of abuse, sexual violence, beastiality, pornographic stories, etc), saying that you are submitting an unfinished work “just for feedback” – in the submission or in response to rejection/Crappypasta posting – or otherwise admitting to wasting my time/clogging up the queue with unfinished work, sending me abusive or offensive comments because your pasta wasn’t accepted or read “quickly enough” for your tastes, harassing me about the status of your pasta – these are all now included in the zero-tolerance, one-strike-and-you’re-out policy. If you do ANY of these things, your pasta will be deleted and you will be added to the submission queue block list.

While not a “one strike and you’re out” thing, multiple instances of spamming the submit queue will get you banned. This means that if you submit the same pasta over and over again across multiple days (to be clear, a cluster of cloned submissions that are more likely a result of the form or site giving errors does not count – I won’t punish people for what is almost certainly an error on my server’s end – I’m aware that sometimes the site gives people an error message even though their comment or submission actually did complete correctly. I’m talking about people who submit the same pasta on multiple days because they didn’t get a response within one day and think that means they need to fill the queue with their pasta over and over again until they get their response) or resubmit something that has been posted on Crappypasta WITHOUT making any edits or changes, you run the risk of earning a permanent ban. If you only do it once, I might let it slide, but if it becomes apparent that you’re simply ignoring all rules and just submitting your pasta over and over and over without any actual respect for the guidelines, your submission will be deleted and you will be banned. In most cases, you will receive a warning asking you to stop your spamming. However, if you’ve spammed to an extreme point (ie, you’ve clearly been spam submitting over a long period of time and I didn’t notice it until later), I may skip that step completely and just ban you.

  • This does NOT include separate submissions. Submitting, say, five DIFFERENT stories over the course of a submission period is perfectly okay. I am referring to people who submit THE SAME EXACT PASTA multiple times simply because they didn’t read the FAQ and don’t understand/don’t care that they are not guaranteed an instant response.
  • Submitting REWRITES and EDITED VERSIONS of your pasta that was either rejected or previously posted on Crappypasta is okay and encouraged. What will get you banned is resubmitting THE SAME EXACT PASTA that was already rejected and/or posted on Crappypasta. This is stupid, pointless, and only clogs up the queue.

If you have somehow managed to trigger the Sucuri auto-ban (you’ll know as the site will direct you to a page telling you that you have been blocked by Sucuri; if you don’t see this page, you are not IP banned), in most cases you don’t need to do anything – it will automatically clear within a day or two. However, if the ban persists and you believe it’s in error, use the Contact Us form to let me know. MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR IP ADDRESS, otherwise I cannot do anything about it. If I look into it and believe it was the filter being overzealous, I will give you a one-time courtesy and unblock you. However, if you ever trigger the autoban again, it will be final. Likewise, if I look into your blocked IP’s history and find anything suspicious or questionable about the way you’ve been accessing the site, I will let the ban stay in place.

I reserve the right to change or add on to this list as I see fit; unfortunately, I cannot foresee every obnoxious thing that people will do. However, if someone does do something that necessitates an addition to this list, I WILL add it here so that other people are aware of what not to do.

Bans and blacklists can EASILY be avoided by simply reading the FAQ and remembering to treat both myself and other community members with respect and decency. It’s really not that hard!

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