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What are some reasons that a pasta might be rejected?

March 5, 2016
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Well, first and foremost, I won’t let through any creepypasta that I find utterly boring, though that is of course a matter of taste.

Some concrete, easily preventable reasons that stories are rejected include:

  • A submission that has no formatting whatsoever – if you can’t be bothered to use any punctuation or paragraphs, then I can’t be bothered to read your submission.
  • Stories that are written in textspeak or completely mangled with regards to spelling/grammar will not be accepted. If you have one or two misspelled words or grammar errors that don’t get in the way of readability, that’s fine. Similarly, if English is your second language, it’s usually obvious and I will generally be forgiving as long as your story is good and, ultimately, still easy to understand.
  • Stories written in languages other than English. I can’t properly assess a story that I do not understand, sorry.
  • Due to the SCP wiki’s licensing policy, we do not accept SCP related/inspired stories. If you want to write SCP stories, please visit the SCP Wiki – their site is excellent and should be more than sufficient for SCP fans!
  • Plagiarized stories. While *I* may not always catch a stolen story, rest assured that other people will once it goes live. Once I’m provided proof, your story will be toast and you’ll be banned.
  • Offensive language. Stories with slurs in them will not be accepted – this includes racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, nationalistic, ethnic, religious, ableist, etc slurs. While this is something that I may miss at times (it’s pretty staggering how many words people have established simply to dehumanize others), readers generally let me know if something slips through that I didn’t catch due to my own ignorance/bias.

Beyond the reasons above, we also tend to reject anything that isn’t actually creepy. I know that lots of people have differing levels of what exactly it takes to scare them, but it’s very rare to find someone who actually finds shock value for the sake of shock value anything more than the transparent refuge of a lazy writer. If your story’s only “creepy” factor comes from INTESTINES EVERYWHERE or AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT OF THIS TERRIBLE STORY, expect to be passed over in favor of writers who put in a bit more effort.

We also do not accept submissions that are blatant trolls/attempts to get on crappypasta. There’s a reason that we don’t have a ‘submit to crappypasta’ form, you guys. If it was an actual attempt at a Parodypasta that just failed or needs work, that’s one thing, and we may let that through to Crappypasta. But total fakeposts just get deleted in about two seconds and never see the light of day, so we’d rather you didn’t bother. That kind of thing is what 4chan is for, and you’re more likely to get the kind of attention you’re looking for from them, anyhow. Having your master troll post show up in the queue and then just get deleted without anyone else ever getting to see it is kind of anticlimactic, no?

While there is no outright ban on Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, and the rest of their ilk, it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that stories featuring them will be accepted. This is because 99% of the submissions that involve “famous Creepypasta characters” tend to be blatant rip-offs and rewrites of the stories that originally spawned said characters. Such stories are fanfiction, not Creepypasta, and even if I did let them through they would NOT be well-received by the community. If someone writes something truly enjoyable and original using these characters, that is fine. However, if your story is just your OC meeting up with Jeff/Slenderman/Jane/whoever else and then falling in love with them or teaming up to ‘become a Creepypasta’ – no. This is not the place for your story, I’m afraid. Write Creepypasta fanfic all you want, just don’t submit it to me.

If I feel that something crosses the line from creepy to legitimately disturbing, I will not post it anywhere. This doesn’t happen very often (thankfully), and is usually relegated to people who send us graphic depictions of abuse (of any kind) with no further plot or moral – when you do this, it appears that you’re treating abuse as entertainment, and that’s not something I condone. If you’re unsure what I mean, here are two examples:

OKAY: Using controversial and upsetting topics to provide strength and motive for a more in-depth story or moral. A good example of this is Never Again, where the abuse the narrator experiences serves a purpose within the story. The pasta has a moral message and does not glorify the abuse or abuser, instead it very clearly condemns both.
NOT OKAY: Submitting a pasta that is a literal and graphic depiction of some kind of abuse without any other elements, moral, or reasoning for including the abuse. When you do this, you are implying that you view the abuse BY ITSELF as something that is entertaining, and that is not okay. These sorts of submissions will be deleted.

Other things to avoid:

  • Stories that push harmful/regressive attitudes (if your story is extremely racist or transphobic, for example – it’s one thing if you have a character that may hold shitty opinions since fiction, particularly horror fiction, is not exempt from mirroring some of the worse aspects of the real world, but if I feel the story itself is supporting/pushing said shitty opinions, I probably won’t feel comfortable letting it through because it would make me feel complicit in said shittiness). Can I say shitty one more time?
  • Pornography (consider your audience, guys – this isn’t a porn website or adult fanfic archive – explicit sexual content is not what we’re looking for here)
  • The aforementioned shock value/graphic abuse; this includes sexual, physical, animal, etc.
  • Glamourizing suicide – I know that some media likes to present suicide as some beautiful, tragic end, but I personally find that insensitive, lazy, and offensive to people who actually struggle with suicidal thoughts themselves and/or have lost someone they loved to suicide. This doesn’t mean that suicide can never be utilized within a story, but there’s a big difference between featuring and glamourizing, you know?

Use your brain when you submit: we have never been a shock site, and if your story is graphic and over the line in a way that you’ve never seen published here, that probably means that your submission will not be welcome. If you believe that these rules are too stringent, then you are more than welcome to post your stories elsewhere!

If you are still having trouble discerning the difference between okay and not okay even after all of this, I recommend that you simply refrain from submitting. I will not be doing invidual ‘is ___ okay?’ checks for people who are unable to grasp what I’m talking about here. If you are so morally broken that you legitimately cannot comprehend this section, I probably don’t want to read your submission.

If you submit something really gross and disturbing, I reserve the right to outright block you. This means that any further submissions/emails from you will not reach my inbox, and I won’t bother letting you know that you’ve been blocked. I do not consider it part of my job to be forced to read disgusting submissions, and this is a one-strike-and-you’re-out type of deal. You have been warned.

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