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This pasta is stolen/plagiarized! How do I report it?

March 5, 2016
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Unfortunately, sometimes a stolen work gets through because I’m simply not familiar with the original work. If you notice this, and you are SURE that it’s a case of plagiarism and not just a popular creepypasta that you’ve read before (remember, creepypasta IS a meme, and memes by definition get spread around the internet) or the author submitting his own work (yes, we’ve had instances of people reporting the author for plagiarizing himself because they didn’t bother to read the credit at the bottom of the post and/or don’t realize that many authors send their work to multiple Creepypasta websites to maximize views), then please use Contact Us with a link to the pasta in question as well as proof that it was written by someone else and should not be on the site.

If you cannot give us any proof in regards to your accusations, no action will be taken. I’m sorry, but too many trolls attempt to claim plagiarism because they dislike a particular author and/or story. Plagiarism claims are not the way to settle petty internet rivalries, but people try anyhow – thus I simply cannot take plagiarism accusations at face value without any facts to back them up.

Similarly, if you accuse an author of plagiarism in the comments, I will reply asking for proof. If you realize that you have made a mistake, please have the decency to own up and apologize. I understand that sometimes people forget to check credits, or get confused if an author has submitted the same work to multiple Creepypasta websites. That’s fine. But please, if you realize that you have accused and author wrongfully, don’t let your pride get in the way – we’ve had people who clearly made the aforementioned mistakes and, rather than admit it and apologize, they instead doubled-down with sockpuppet commenters “agreeing” with them and harassing the author. First of all, I can see commenter IPs, so when you do this I know exactly what you’re up to and won’t approve your nonsense, and secondly – that’s just an incredibly shitty thing to do to someone simply because you refuse to admit your own error.

If you think that a story might be stolen but are not 100% sure, it’s best to use the form to contact me privately – this way, we can avoid ridiculous situations like the one described above.

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