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I submitted on (XX date), can you please check the status of my submission?

March 5, 2016
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Due to the new structure of the open/closed submission periods,this is no longer necessary and not a service that I offer.

If I have made my “X submission period has been fully processed” announcement post (with ‘X’ being the specific submission period when you sent in your pasta(s). For example if you submitted during the March 2014 submission period, that would make X = March 2014) and you haven’t received any acceptance emails for either site: you were rejected. Please either rework your pasta before re-submitting it or try writing a new one instead!

While I have an awesome team helping with comment moderation, all other site functions are done by yours truly. I will get to your submission as soon as I can. Some days I don’t get to read any submissions; other days I sit around for 6-7 hours just reading your stories. I really do try hard to make sure that all of your entries get read in a timely manner, and I apologize if you feel neglected, but if I were to stop and do status checks for every person who asked, this process would only be slowed down further!

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