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How/When will we know if our submission is accepted or rejected?

March 5, 2016
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If you are accepted for the main site, you will receive an email saying so as well as noting the date that your story is scheduled to be posted. Sometimes you’ll be notified the day before (if I’m busy or having trouble finding enough ‘acceptable’ pastas, I sometimes end up scheduling day-to-day), other times you will have a month (possibly more) to wait in between acceptance and when the actual post goes live, so do be prepared for that.

If your story is rejected for both creepypasta or crappypasta (you either checked “no” on the crappypasta option and/or we didn’t see enough potential in your story to merit a crappypasta posting), you will not receive any response from us. I know that this is not ideal, but you can blame all the people who responded to rejection emails with nastiness, trolling, and other obnoxious behavior for this decision. I’ve decided that, for my own sanity, sending out rejection letters is more trouble than it’s worth. This means that if you do not receive any reply by the time that your submission period has been announced as fully processed, you may safely consider your submission rejected.

There is no set turnaround time for submissions – this is simply impossible as each day during an open period may receive vastly varying amounts of submissions; there is then further variance within story length. If you scroll through the site, you’ll see the stories range in “estimated reading time” from under a minute to upwards of two hours – so I hope that you can connect the dots for why this makes it impossible for me to set in stone any benchmarks like “I will read XX pastas per day” or “I will read all submissions from X date by the time that Y date rolls around” – even if I did try to make statements like that, there are too many variables for them to be reliable.

Additionally, I do request that you all keep in mind that I am not a sophisticated AI with no interests, needs, or responsibilities outside of running the site – I’m just as human as any of you, and therefore day-to-day life happens to me as well. I do have some chronic health issues that, when they get particularly rough, can entirely prevent me from tackling the queue. Sometimes I get very busy with other things (work, family, etc) and can only squeeze in an hour or two per day of reading submissions. Other times, the site is DDoSed, plugins break, or other back-end issues crop up that completely monopolize my “managing” time.

If you require a rigid acceptance/rejection system or instant gratification upon submission, this website is not a good match for you.

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      i think i made a nice pasta, hope it gets accepted!

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