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Are poems/video pastas/comics/etc allowed?

March 5, 2016
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Poems are absolutely allowed, however, know that I am harder on them as the community seems to dislike seeing poempastas too often. If I find your poem really appealing, I may allow it through anyhow, but poetrypastas need to be very good for this to occur. Do not send in a low-effort poem about scary dolls or Slenderman and then act surprised when it is rejected.

Video pastas and audio pastas are both fine, however please do understand that as the audience for this site is primarily here for written work, video/audio entries tend to see lower activity. As such, I may be slightly harder on this type of submission as there are a lot of readers who will complain about any non-written pasta that I let through (yes, I see you, whining on every single video post even though the site offers you the ability to hide the video pasta tag – smh); for the sake of both my own sanity and the community’s taste, I try to ration these two formats somewhat.

Comics, choose-your-own-adventure, and other unique formats are welcome to try their luck as well.

Do understand that any pastas that involve video, audio, or complicated arrangement/cripting (such as CYOA) will need to be hosted elsewhere; you can submit the link to your story, and if it’s accepted, I will just embed or link to your work rather than host it myself.

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