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Top 5 Most Terrifying Video Games

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Do you enjoy playing scary video games?

If you’re a gamer, chances are high that you do it for one simple reason – creepy video games always arouse extraordinary emotions and make us experience unforgettable thrills. If that’s the case, you’re highly likely to be waiting impatiently for the horror season to come. However, luckily, you don’t have to wait for Halloween because we collected the scariest video games in 2021. So, get ready for the risks, and let’s crush these games!

Top 5 Scariest Horror Games

  1. Silent Hill 

Silent Hill is truly an unforgettable series of video games. As a result, it’s not really surprising that gamers and horror lovers all over the world consider this game to be one of the most horrifying things you can ever play. The main theme of Silent Hill is a fictional American town called Silent Hill and an unlucky man, Harry Mason, who lost his daughter and tries hard to find her throughout the entire story. And that’s when the adventure begins! 

Although the game was first released in 1999 by PlayStation: NA, players still remember this game and enjoy playing its editions like Silent Hill 3 even in 2021. Due to controversies around the game, it was banned in several countries, including Australia. Surprisingly, due to controversies around the game, it was banned in several countries including Australia.

  1. Adventures in Terror

Have you ever heard anything about the game Adventures in Terror? If you’re aware of the British gaming industry, you’re likely to already own this game collection. Adventures in Terror is a very familiar series of comic books for Marvel lovers. As a result of its popularity, more than a decade ago, the collection of games called by the name of this comic was released.

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The British Horror Collection includes the following four scary video games: Dark Fall: The Journal Classic Edition, Dark Fall: Lights Out (The Director’s Cut Edition), and Barrow Hill. Soon after its release, the CD became so popular throughout Britain that local casinos had to rearrange their game collections to attract customers. Still, gambling sites like this online casino in the UK have never lost popularity among gamblers as they offer tons of horror-themed slots and casino games.

  1. Resident Evil

When it comes to the most popular horror video games, it’s impossible not to mention Resident Evil. Created in Japan by Capcom, this video game consists of themes such as survival horror, first-person shooter games, and some third-person shooters as well. 

If you didn’t know before, Resident Evil is one of the first video games ever made in the horror game industry. Even though it’s a bit old, it still creeps people out, regardless of age and the years they’ve played video games. The main plot of the video game revolves around popular heroes Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, who try to escape the human trials from the government and deal with zombies.

  1. Friday the 13th

The name Friday the 13th already sounds scary enough, but once you try this game for real, it gets creepier than you can even imagine! Developed by Illfonic Black Tower Studios, Friday the 13th is a film franchise whose video version turned out to be even more successful. Whether you prefer to play as Jason Voorhees with different types of weapons and attributes or as the Camp Crystal Lake killer, we bet you’ll enjoy this game, but first, it would be better if you watched the movie and got to know the plot.

  1. No More Room in Hell

Do you enjoy watching scary movies? If you do, and if you have watched George Romero’s “Dead” film series, we recommend playing another frightening video game called “No More Room in Hell.” As a player, you will feel like one of the last survivors in the world, and you will have to fight against rotting corpses in order to stay alive. The video game is full of scary stories, adventures, intrigues, and other details that will make you feel satisfied every time you finish playing the game.

Bottom Line

Did you already decide which game you’re going to play first among our favorite scary games? Don’t worry because you’ve still got plenty of time before Halloween. However, we hope you remember to try these creepy games whenever you want to feel thrills while playing video games.

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