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Top 5 Creepy Activities To Scare The Hell Out Of Your Friends

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Have you ever felt the need to invite your friends over and do something scary together? Not surprisingly, organizing scary friends’ nights out is getting more and more trendy these days. So, if you’re planning to do something fun and creepy at the same time with your friends, you’re at the right place! 

Why? Because in this blog, we’ll help you sort out the most exciting, yet scary, ideas for creepy activities in order to enjoy your scary night out.

Top 5 Scariest Online Activities For You & Your Friends

1. Play Scary Multiplayer Games

Do your friends enjoy playing video games together? If so, playing multiplayer video games might be a great idea as the main activity of your friendly gathering. However, this time you can try some top-notch scary multiplayer games, such as No More Room in Hell, Left 4 Dead 2, Resident Evil: Outbreak, or Phasmophobia. Regardless of your choice, these popular and other multiplayer horror games are amazing choices to have fun with the company of your friends because of their terrifying scenarios, eye-catching visuals, and dynamic playing processes. They will probably excite every game-lover.

Still, if these high-class multiplayer games aren’t for you and you prefer something more hazardous, you can try some online games or horror-themed slots on betting websites such as gambling casino. This particular website is available in plenty of different languages, and you can find tons of online games here to play either alone or with your friends.

2. Organize a Horror Party

Going to parties is definitely the most common thing that friends enjoy doing together on Friday nights. But if you’re trying to scare the hell out of your friends, why not try organizing a horror party? Imagine turning your place into a haunted house with frightening decorations and scary themes. Keep in mind that you’ll have to create a spooky music playlist and ghost or blood-themed food too. We bet you’re already feeling the Halloween spirit, even though we still have months ahead before everyone’s beloved holiday finally approaches.

3. Share Creepy Conspiracy Theories

How good are you at telling scary stories? Even if you aren’t very experienced, sharing creepy conspiracy theories with your friends is a great activity for everyone who wants to have fun together. Simply look for intriguing yet creepy conspiracy theories like political conspiracy theories about Lizard people or Skull and Bones Theory about Yale society. In fact, there are tons of weird conspiracy theories on the internet that you can read to inspire and impress your friends. So, gather them together, turn off the lights, turn on scary music, and that’s it; you can sit and relax to start sharing the creepiest conspiracy theories that your friends have ever heard.


4. Try Virtual Haunted Houses

It’s hard to find a horror admirer who hasn’t dreamt of getting lost in a haunted house with their friends. Yes, it indeed sounds like a fascinating adventure. But have you ever heard anything about virtual haunted houses? Believe it or not, last year a lot of haunted houses became available online. 

Needless to say, haunted houses went virtual due to the pandemic. In fact, these virtual haunted houses are online tours that allow people to explore spooky locations without leaving their homes. So, if you’re a fan of horror and haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Take part in virtual haunted house tours with your friends and try scary virtual ghost tours.


5. Play “Bloody Mary”

Even if it sounds a bit subjective to you, one of the best activities to do with your friends is to organize a scary sleepover. Gather your friends and play something as creepy as the popular “Bloody Mary.” This game is a very popular one, and you might even have already tried it. But have you played it with your friends? 

If you haven’t, lock yourselves inside a bathroom one by one, turn off the lights, light a single cable, stare into the mirror, and chant “bloody Mary” thirteen times. The legend says that the ghost of Bloody Mary will appear in the mirror. And you know what? When there are plenty of players in this game, the chances of seeing someone in the mirror increase. So, let the fun begin!

Bottom Line

All in all, as you can see, there are tons of scary ideas for activities to do together with your friends. It doesn’t matter whether you can’t wait for Halloween or just want to organize a creepy gathering for your friends, we hope that we gave you some inspiration to have the funniest and scariest Friday night with your friends.

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