The X-Ray Glasses

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For a brief period in 1971, a New Jersey based company sold novelty “X-ray” glasses through the mail via advertisements in the Marvel line of comic books. People who viewed their televisions while wearing these glasses reported seeing images that were “hellish” or “like hell”. It should be noted that this phenomena occurred whether the televisions in question were turned on or not. The company quickly went out of business and investigations reveal that the company’s address leads to a graveyard founded over 150 years earlier.

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39 thoughts on “The X-Ray Glasses”

  1. I like the concept, this creepypasta has potential for sure.

    A few changes I think would make for more brix shitting:

    Perhaps a few personal accounts. In presentation it seems very documentary like. Perhaps something along the lines of, “One man said while wearing the glasses he saw his (insert loved one) being (insert violent verb) by a (insert object, monster etc)” Not exactly like that, but you get my gist.

    Also, make the graveyard an abandoned building or factory that’s been closed and boarded up for years, making it impossible for it to produce anything. OooOOooOooO. Just my two cents, whoever wrote this though, keep it up.


  2. I like the concept of seeing hellish things through those X-ray specs from comic books but you write like you’re functionally illiterate. Why not have an actual story? Maybe in the style of an old news report describing some of the phenomenon,with people describing things they saw that are actually unsettling? I mean, you can’t just say “Hellish” and “Graveyard” and have people break out in goosebumps. Also you mixed past and present tenses, look that up, because right now its annoying as hell.


    it’s basically from the ‘original creepypasta’ that iGasm (35) refrenced. but it’s a meme. apparently. i won’t go taking .everything. i read on the internet seriously.

  4. @ Jester and subLImal-
    If you go read the first Pasta it’s really bad with awful grammar, and the last line was “but then WHO WAS PHONE”
    or something like that. I think that’s what everyone’s referencing.

    I dunno for sure though.

  5. @subLImal mEsSaging

    Exactly. 8D

    And WHO WAS PHONE? is apparently someone’s username. Dunno about WHO WAS TV, or any of the “WHO WAS” things I keep reading in comments. O_o

    I’m new to this particular site, but am a longtime fan of frightening stories. Especially ones like these that make me desperately want the item described. D:

  6. subLImal mEsSaging

    Oh, and considering it was the 70s and all, the people might have just been high on some kinda drug while they had the glasses on xD

  7. subLImal mEsSaging

    UHm..this is good and all, but not necessarily creepy. And can someone pleaase answer my question. Why is everyone saying things like, “WHO WAS PHONE. or WHO WAS TV?” I’m confused…sorry im new ^_^”

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