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The Void

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Rumor has it that every Halloween during the hours of 2am and 5am, there exists a void. You must stand in front of a mirror in a pitch black room with your gaze fixated on the mirror. If you remain in the room when the moment arrives, you will feel a chill seize your body. Place your right hand on the mirror and whisper “I accept.” If done correctly, in the mirror, there will be a faint image of an infant with no flesh and pitch black eyes. He will stare directly into your soul and you will hear the buzzing of flies and nervous whispering.

You will not be able to make out the image in the mirror, but you will be filled with unspeakable terror. The infant will ask you five questions about events that have occured within your life. His voice will sound like the rubbing of sandpaper and will be devoid of all human emotion. For each question that you answer incorrectly, one of your five senses will be consumed and lost to you forever. For each question that is answered correctly, you will be able to recite the name of someone you know.


That person will be found dead the next morning with their flesh removed and their eyes missing.

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43 thoughts on “The Void”

  1. I simply don’t like it and I will now explain why. Void isn’t an accurate description for what you’re describing. It is overused when describing emptiness or darkness also. Your idea sounds like something nobody would attempt. The idea is cliché and overused. I swear I’ve heard this same outcome just with a different process. Also why is it specifically a baby. Is there a story behind it? The idea doesn’t really show any potential and it was poorly executed. It could have ben good if you were telling a story about a character who attempted this. As I was saying about it being something nobody would attempt, why would someone risk losing their senses. It seems like a stupid way to get back at someone. Also why specifically on Halloween? That is also cliché. Is the baby a demon or something? That wasn’t really cleared up. Over all poorly executed and a poor copy of a good idea. I am not being mean, I am being honest. I seriously don’t understand how it got even a six.

  2. The funniest thing about this pasta was the comments. Some of you little fuckers are clever. Another thing, you should’ve used the spirit world instead of the void. Because the next sentence of it being weakened between 2 and 5 on Halloween would’ve been slightly true.

    The veil between the spirit world and the world as we know it is at its thinnest on Halloween. Combine with this, the premise of the witching hour and the holy hour, 3-4am and 3-4pm respectively, thus pasta would’ve been scary, although ridiculously hilarious imo, and true.

  3. I think people need to relax. What’s with all the “why would I wanna…” I thought the purpose of this site was to give you chills; …Or are you really supposed to try out the things stated here as well?

  4. lol at last comment.
    It reminds me of Death Note. You probably have to know a little bit about the person for it to work.

  5. the dark brotherhood has gotten so bureaucratic with their new black sacrament. i’ll bet that new infant night mother came up with that questioning shit

    1. Wow, the Dark Brotherhood. All the way from Tamriel, just to screw up a bunch of people. Sounds rather good a plan for business.
      So long as they leave advertising such as the Black Hand or maybe a poster with their phone number, e-mail address and post address.

  6. How would you know if you went blind if the room was black? Or see the baby or the “Unspeakable Terror”. Also, how would you know the questions if he took your hearing?

  7. you no what i said wen i read this? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  8. People’s names I would say
    Osama Bin Laden
    You(Demonic baby thing)
    Now, some of these people are already dead, but whatever xP

  9. I tried this.. But..

    I seriously couldn’t tell ya if it works. See, I had all my lights turned off, right? When I lifted my hand, I so totally couldn’t see, misjudged the distance and punched my mirror out. Had to get stitches. It sucked.

  10. This features the worst first sentence of most of the creepypastas out there, in my opinion. “There exists a void”? What? Where? Why is this not actually referenced again?

  11. Baby: What did you mislabel on the map quiz of southern Africa in seventh grade…?
    Me: *eyetwich* Whatthecrap…
    Baby: WRONG.

  12. So I have to risk one to five of my senses just to kill some asshole I could drive across town and kill with a lead pipe? I mean, what if the baby asks you about shit that happened when you were a baby? Or asleep? Now that asshole is still alive and you can’t see, hear, smell, feel or even taste him as he fucks your girlfriend. Nice.

    *head explodes*

  13. 1.James Hetfield
    2.James Hetfield
    3.James Hetfield
    4.James Hetfield
    5.James Hetfield

    …God I Fucking Hate James Hetfield…

  14. Also, people you know can be complete assholes. I would possibly do this if I was, you know, like, on the brink of suicide because my boss was a evil evil man.

  15. well, a bunch of you assume you remember everything about your life perfectly. what if he asks you something you can’t remember correctly, or that you tried to bury out of mind, or replaced with subtly different memories? very few people have perfect memory, and therefore this could be a hard challenge. also, what about if he asks you to recite things from dreams you had years ago or something? you’d totally lose a sense. worst case scenario, your first sense to go would be hearing, and you’d automatically fail the other four senses.

  16. AUGH. This was the second creepypasta I ever read. I never thought I could be spooked out by something so much, that is, until I was up late one night and couldn’t bring myself to look in the mirror, for fear of eyeless demon-babies.

    Jeez, what a coward I am.

  17. Haha how do you answer questions wrong about YOUR life?

    And I don’t really think I’d like to see a baby with no skin, black eyes and a creepy voice

    Especially on Halloween O.o

  18. This story made me laugh.
    Baby: *in a Darth Vader voice* What is the date of your birth?
    Me: Umm… er… 1988?
    Baby: Incorrect.
    Me: What did you say?

  19. it DOES say people that you KNOW, not people that you know about. for instance, i dont think that George Bush or Osama Bin Laden count.

    this sounds a little too similar to bloody mary though. THat legend sounds scary!

  20. Well, it’s not just people you know as friends, persay…

    Would you risk this to kill, for example, Osama Bin Laden? This could be useful, if you knew people. Or I could be getting it wrong, in which case I’m agree with you.

  21. Why would I want to risk my five senses in a petty attempt to kill others. It’s selfish, or desperate. It’s kinda stupid.

    But, of course, I mean absolutely no offense to the writer of this story, I would just like him/her to know that if their creepypasta features a deal/exchange with some unknown paranormal force and/or satanic demon, the deal has to have a benefit. Here, you either lose your five senses, or kill people you know. I don’t see why I would summon the demon in the first place.

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