The TV Show That I’m On Doesn’t Exist

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📅 Published on January 27, 2019

"The TV Show That I’m On Doesn’t Exist"

Written by

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Estimated reading time — 16 minutes

Part 1

I started working on the set of Myst Hill in July of 2016. It was two months after my high school graduation, and I was turning 18 the following month. I had somehow managed to land the role of one of the lead characters: Silvya Davenport.

To give a little background, Myst Hill was a soap opera drama show, set in the fictional town of Myst Hill, Arizona. The aesthetic and overall feel of the show was somewhat of a Twin Peaks meets your generic soap opera. In other words: big cast, a lot of betrayal, and some weird shit going on. It had that psychological thriller element that has become popular with shows such as Black Mirror; you never really knew what was going on in Myst Hill.

The show was pretty popular and we had won a few awards a year at different awards shows. I’m kind of a well-known famous person, and by kind of, I mean more known than a YouTuber but now as known as the Kardashians.

Being a part of this show had gotten me in with a lot of people. I had met many different directors of famous shows and movies, as well as stars of them and of well known television shows. We’re currently on season three of the show, which airs on SGA, or channel 66 in Arizona, 77 or 78 in California. We’ve had incredibly high views, and great ratings from a lot of critics. I was getting a lot of attention on social media, and had even had a few encounters with paparazzi and even TMZ.

I felt like my career had finally taken off, and I was lucky enough that the first role I had landed had been so great for me and given me such a start. And then I found out that Mystic Hill doesn’t exist.

I realized this two days ago. I hadn’t seen my siblings in a while, since I was staying in California. I had been speaking to them via video chat and texted them every day though. They were huge fans of the show and would constantly ask me for spoilers. Anyway, I was finally going to be getting a break due to my character Silvya Davenport going missing for the next few episodes.

I met up with my sister Lara and my brother Conrad at the airport in Phoenix, and we went out for coffee and lunch. As we were talking about what we had been up to for the last few months, I mentioned that I was having a lot of fun on Mystic Hill and that we had just been renewed for another season.

“Mystic Hill? What’s that?” Conrad asked, with a mouthful of blueberry muffin.

“The show that I’m on. Mystic Hill? I play Silvya Davenport? You just asked me whether or not Dr. Morian was really dead after the last episode aired last week,” I replied.

“I think I would remember if you were on a show,” Conrad said in that big brother “yeah, right” tone.

“I am. We won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2017,” I said.

“Uhh, no. The Handmaid’s Tale won in 2017,” Lara replied, exchanging a glance with Conrad.

I shook my head. That was impossible. I had never even heard of The Handmaid’s Tale. I clearly remember winning an Emmy that year for the show.

“You know, Bri, if you’re gonna lie you might as well make it a good lie.” Conrad snickered and Lara pretended to be busy with her salad.

I was in a bit of a shock. Were they just messing with me? That had to be it, right? They were jealous so they were ignoring my achievements. That had to be it. Two could play at that game.

“You’re right. There is no Myst Hill, I’ve been working on a lot of indie film sets. We’re trying to get into Sundance,” I said.

“Well, good luck with tha,” Conrad said.

I avoided the topic of career achievements for the rest of the afternoon, until that night when I finally saw my mom.  I decided to confront her about it. I didn’t appreciate my sibling making fun of my career.

“Mom, why are Lara and Conrad pretending not to know about Myst Hill?” I asked.

My mom was wiping down the kitchen counter as I sat on a stool, my elbows on the island.

“Myst Hill?” She asked.

“Yeah. The show that I’m in?” I knew that my mom rarely watched TV, and I constantly had to refresh her memory or catch her up on episodes she had missed.

“You didn’t tell me that you were on a show! That’s fantastic!” she said.

“Mom, we talk about it all the time,” I said.

“Bri, I haven’t talked to you in months. Ever since you took the acting job two years ago, you took longer and longer to return my calls.”

I stared at her.

“Mom, we spoke last night,” I said.

My mom pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and looked through it.

“No, we didn’t, Bri. The last time we spoke was over a month ago.” She turned her phone around, showing me her call logs.

I pulled my phone out as well and looked through, opening my text messages. But they had all been deleted.

“What the hell?” I whispered.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Nothing, never mind,” I replied.

I’ve tried searching Myst Hill but nothing comes up. I’ve searched all of the actors on the shows, but Myst Hill isn’t listed in the TV Shows that they’ve been in.

So what the hell have I been doing for the past two years?

Part 2

I was in Phoenix the last four days visiting family. I had tried to avoid talking about Myst Hill for the rest of the visit, but I was still racking my brain trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I looked through my phone on the plane ride back to California, scrolling through the pictures of me and the cast on set, on the red carpet, at the Grammy’s, and at the Teen Choice Awards. If this was some sort of set up, it sure was elaborate as hell. How could all of these things be fake? All my friendships with these huge celebs, and all of these memories that I had of them; how could they all be fake?

I had decided against using these photos as proof; my family would only ridicule me more and accuse me of Photoshop or something. But I had the proof, it was in the pictures. Me sitting in my chair that read “Silvya Davenport – Myst Hill” In bold black letters, like the show’s intro. So what was going on? It was driving me crazy.

I went straight home after I arrive in Cali. I was recognized by a few fans at the airport and took a few pictures with them as I thought to myself *could all of this really be a scam?* When I got home I took a hot shower and scrolled through all of my emails.

I was wanted on set tomorrow to film my character’s comeback, and my hair stylist had booked me an appointment for early in the morning in order to change my hair up a bit for the show. It was driving me crazy to think that all of this could be fake. But how? How would they get that many people to play along? It was insane.

I was lying in bed, driving myself crazy over this when a text came in. I glanced at my phone screen, thinking it was probably a text from Myrina, my stylist, making sure I had seen her email, but it was from my brother Conrad.

CONRAD: So are you going to tell me what really happened to Silvya? I can’t wait another two weeks for a new episode!!! :)

I stared at the message. What was this? Why would Conrad pretend not to know about my show while I was visiting, but all of a sudden act like his denial never happened?

ME: I thought you didn’t believe I was on the show? ;P

I stared at the little dots at the bottom of the screen, waiting for his reply.

CONRAD: Are you kidding? I’m Myst Hill’s #1 fan!!!!

So it had been a joke. My family thought it would be fun to mess with me. Of course, I was the youngest, they had been playing pranks on my my whole life. Why would this be any different? I didn’t reply to Conrad, and instead fell asleep.

My alarm woke me up at 5:15 am this morning, and I walked around my house half asleep, gathering my purse, my coffee, my phone, and some other stuff that I liked to have with me on set. I made it to my hair appointment at 5:50, and Myrina got started right away. My character was coming back with short hair and bangs. I sat in the chair, scrolling through my phone as I waiting for her to finish up my bangs.




I scrolled through the articles, pushing back the idea of this being a scam. This was way too intricate. My family had to be kidding, right?

I got to the set of Myst Hill at around 8 AM, and was greeted by one of my cast members, Emily Gray.

“Hey, nice to have you back!” she said as she gave me a hug.

I was always a bit taken aback when I hear Emily speak; she was British but played an American character, and her accent always caught me off guard since I was so used to her speaking with an American accent.

Emily was a very well-known actress, who became famous because she was one of the main characters in a very popular film franchise from a few years back.

“So did you enjoy your holiday?” she asked.

“Yeah, except my family acted like The Myst didn’t even exist,” I said, rolling my eyes.

Emily stared at me for a bit before she started laughing as well.

“Do they always mess with you like that?” she asked.

“Well, I hadn’t seen them in a while, but my brother texted my last night wanting to know spoilers about the show, so I knew they were just messing around with me while I was there,” I replied.

Emily nodded, staring at me weirdly, like she was suspicious of something.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” She shook her head. “I just think it’s odd that your family would do that,” she replied.

“They used to do it all the time,” I shrugged.

“Hey, Bri! Wardrobe needs you!”

One of the costume designers said as he walked by, dragging a box behind him.

“I gotta go, see ya!” I waved to Emily as I made my way to my dressing room.

Donovan Jones was there, looking through a rack of clothes in front of him.

“Hey, Don,” I said.

“Hey, Bri!” He pulled out a jean jacket and threw in onto a nearby chair that already had a pair of jeans and a shirt on it.

“Put that on,” he said.

I grabbed the clothes and stepped behind the divider to change.

“Hey, Bri?” Don called from the other side.

“Yeah?” I asked, pulling the shirt on.

“I, uh, I heard that you’re telling people about how your family doesn’t remember the show,” he said.

“Oh, yeah, they were messing around and acting like it didn’t exist,” I said, stepping out from behind the divider as I pulled the jacket on.

“Listen, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but you need to stop bringing that up,” he said.

He handed me a pair of socks and boots.

“Why?” I asked, taking them.

He leaned in close to me, his face serious.

“Just listen to me, okay? Stop telling people that your family doesn’t remember the show. Don’t talk about that. If anyone else brings it up, simply tell them it was a joke that your family likes to pull on you, okay? Please promise me that you’ll stop talking about it,” he whispered.

I started at him, trying to see if he was joking too, but he wasn’t. He was being serious, and he looked scared.

“Alright,” I said.

He nodded and exited the room.

I sat down on a chair and pulled the socks and boots on.

“Hey, William wanted me to give you the script for next season.”

I looked up to see one of the writers on the show hand me a script.

“Thanks!” I said.

I scanned through the script and stopped as caught sight of the second page. It wasn’t typed, but it was written out in William’s handwriting.

I scanned through the page, and then got up, walking around the set until I found William.

“Hey, what is this? I have to stay hidden from the public for a month? I can’t contact my family?” I asked him.

William turned around.

“Yeah, your character has to go through some major changes and if people saw you, then the secret would be ruined,” he said.

“But why? I thought she was making a comeback?” I asked.

William shrugged.

“What can I say? Anything can happen in Myst Hill.”

I have a really uneasy feeling about this. I just can’t shake the feeling that something weird is going on, and I almost don’t want to know the answer to whether anyone else knows about Myst Hill.

Part 3

The Season Two finale of Myst Hill aired yesterday, and the whole cast and crew met up to watch it together, as we usually do with finale’s. As we sat in the theater, I couldn’t help but notice the fact that some people were acting a bit weird.

Everyone was being overly nice to me all of a sudden, and my guess was that it had something to do with my absence from the public for the entire first half of season three. In a few more days, my character’s process was about to begin, which meant I would have to stay in a hotel with security over the next few months. I wouldn’t even be allowed to see any of my cast members until everything was ready for Silvya to make yet another return to Myst Hill.

I also started to remember a similar thing happening to some of the other actors on set. Lee Palmer, who played Dr. Morian had taken a similar leave a few months ago and there were rumors that he was coming back, although nothing had been official yet. Piper Mason, who played a recurring character named Stacy Barnes had also taken this same leave during the entire second season, and she was apparently going to make a comeback in season three, because I could see her from across the room. They only thing that struck me as odd, however, was the fact that they had changed nothing about her appearance, despite the fact that they claimed that was what the leave of absence was for.

I spent the rest of the time getting goodbye hugs from a lot of my cast members, my makeup artist, and some of the stylists on the show. When I was on my way out, I ran into Piper and decided to ask her some questions.

“Hey, Piper! It’s nice to see that you’re back again,” I said.

Piper smiled when she saw me and hugged me.

“It’s great to be back. Man, I missed this place so much, and all these people. I can’t wait,” she said, still smiling.

“Yeah, I’m taking a leave for awhile too. I’m a bit worried about not being able to communicate with anyone though. How did you manage that? I don’t think I could go months without contacting my family,” I said.

Piper’s expression changed from happy to confused.

“Your what?” she asked.

“My family…?” I repeated.

Piper’s face only got more confused as she muttered “family?” to herself.

“Piper?” I asked, getting her attention once again.

She appeared to have snapped out of her trance and shook her head, as if trying to get something out of her mind.

“Yeah, it was nice seeing you. Listen, I’ve gotta go. Good luck with your leave and everything. I hope you make it,” ahe said as she rapidly walked out of the building.

I stood there, confused and shocked. What had that been about?

After a few minutes, I walked out as well, making my way towards my car, which was parked in the middle of the lot, waiting for me. As I made my way down the parking lot, I heard someone call my name and turned around to see Donovan jogging towards me.

“Bri! Wait!” he called.

I stopped and waited for him to catch up. He paused for a bit to catch his breath.

“What is it?” I asked.

“You have to leave, now,” he replied.

“I am, my driver is right over there,” I replied, pointing to the car.

Donovan shook his head.

“No, you can’t go with him. You need to come with me. Right now. I can’t explain here, but something is happening, okay? You can’t trust anyone, not even your driver, not even Piper,” he said.

“Piper?” I asked.

Donovan nodded.

“Did she tell you anything? Give you anything?” he asked.

I shook my head no.

“No, she just told me that she was excited to be back,” I said.

“Alright. Give me your purse, and you phone, so they can’t track you. I’m getting you out, alright?”

“Don, you’re scaring me,” I replied.

“I’ll explain everything on the way, alright? Right now we need to go. Now.” He looked at something behind me and grabbed my arm, pulling me along with him. I turned around to see a man, who was not my driver, jump out of the car.

“Miss Westbrey! Come back here!” the man called.

I followed Donovan, as we ran into the back of a van that sped off as soon as we were inside.

I sat there, trying to catch my breath.

“Where are we going?” I asked Donovan.

When he didn’t reply I knew I had made a mistake. Donovan had been playing me.

“Donovan?” I asked.

I saw him exchange glances with the driver.

“Sorry, Bri, you really need to take this leave. You’re starting to slip away from us. Don’t you like it here, in Myst Hill?” he asked.

I stared at him, then seeing a blur of streetlights behind him, out the window and we drove off to God-knows-where.

“Of course I like it here. I love this show, I love the cast,” I said.

“This isn’t about the show, Bri.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You’re slipping away. And your contract isn’t over for another three years,” he said.

“You’re not making any sense,” I replied.

He didn’t say anything for the rest of the drive. We stopped behind a building that I assumed was the hotel. Donovan dragged me behind him through dark passages, into the basement. There appeared to be rooms down there, it was a maze of long hallways and fluorescent lights. We took a few turns and I tried to watch for anything that might lead me back, but there weren’t even numbers on the doors of the rooms. We stopped outside one of the doors, where two security guards were waiting. They opened the door and Donovan pushed me inside.

“See you in a few months, Bri. I hope you’ll be excited to return to Myst Hill.”

The door shut behind me as I stood there, with my hands in the pockets of my coats, my left hand wrapped around the cell phone that Piper had slipped into my pocket earlier.

There was nothing on the phone, no numbers, no contacts, no pictures. But it somehow had internet access, so that was a plus. I started typing this up last night, sitting by the door so that I could hear if anyone was coming towards the room; but no one did.

I put it into my bra while I slept; I wasn’t able to stay awake for long. When I woke up this morning there was a tray of food on the dresser next to the bed. I sat up and looked around the room.

There was a bed (a queen sized one with high quality sheets), a small dresser on either side, a box of tissues, a sink, a toilet, a shower, and a television on the far wall. It didn’t appear to have any buttons, so I wasn’t able to turn it on.

I picked at the food a bit, finally deciding to at least drink the water and eat the toast.

Then I sat down by the door again, taking out the phone in order to see if I could get in contact with anyone. But who? Probably Piper, but I didn’t have anyone’s numbers memorized and I didn’t want to log into any of my social media accounts, in case they were being monitored.

I did come across some news, however. I’m not sure if any of you are aware of this, but apparently, Piper Mason had been in a car accident last night and was now in a coma. My mind immediately thought that someone was behind that. She had just come back to set, and now, after speaking to me, she was in a coma?

I figured Donovan had something to do with all of this, which is probably why he pretended to warn me the other day.

I don’t know how much more info I can give. I don’t want to get caught with the phone. If I do, then I will have no form of communication at all.

A nurse came into my room about an hour ago to let me know that my “treatment” would start tomorrow. I don’t know what she could possibly be referring to. I thought they were going to make me change my hair, or gain some weight for my comeback next season. So what’s all this about a treatment.

Has anyone heard anything about Myst Hill recently? Those of you who are aware of it, at least. Has there been any other news that I haven’t heard about? I don’t want to spend too much time on this phone, the battery life seems to be good, but it still won’t last forever. I don’t know what’s going on here, but it can’t be good. I’m starting to think that Myst Hill is more than just a show.

Part 4

It’s been about a month or so since the last time I had a chance to write down what was happening to me. A lot has happened since then and I fear that I will cease to remember details if I don’t write this now. But I don’t have much time. I need to hurry. And soon you’ll see why.

Myst Hill isn’t real, and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but if you have some sort of memories of the show, if you really do remember it, or if you’re part of the audience; they’re coming for you next. I know what happens to me if I warn you, but I can’t protect myself and let other innocent people get dragged into this mess.

During my stay at that hospital, if you would even call it that, there was a nurse who filled me in on everything. Her name was Janice. I think she’s dead now.

I’m not sure what it is that they did to me in there, but I’ve been forgetting things. Like my family for instance. When I was able to get internet access again I read through my previous posts and I didn’t remember writing them, I didn’t even remember these things happening to me.

Janice filled in the blanks. Every few months, when we start to remember things like our families, we’re sent away to receive treatments. No one except Donovan really knows what these treatments are, only that it stops us from questioning anything, and it makes us forget our friends, our families, our lives.

Myst Hill is a town, of sorts. But not a real one, and it’s not a show. Only certain people have access to it because they only want to attract certain people. Smart people, people with useful skills. People who will benefit them.

Myst Hill is an experiment started by Dr. Donovan Jones in early 2015. He carefully hand-picked individuals to be a part of the show, and somehow (no one knows how he did this) lured them into coming down to see him, where he did… something to them and made them stay.

He has control over everything, he uses some sort of brainwashing technique to make all these “actors” think that they are living these grand lives full of fame and love and fans and awards. But we aren’t. We’re merely puppets in his twisted fantasy land.

I haven’t figured out his reason behind this. I’m not sure what the point of Myst Hill is, or how he finds these people, but I know that his intentions can’t be good.

I’m trying not to ask a lot of questions. I just got back on “set” and I can tell that people don’t trust me yet. I had to go back to pretending like Donovan was just a stylist, not an evil scientist. I’m not sure why but even though I don’t remember anything that I wrote down, I can feel that it’s true. It didn’t spark anything, I can just tell that it is.

As soon as I post this, they’ll know that I was lying, and they’ll kill me. Or worse, whatever that might be.

The best advice that I can give you is to stop watching the show. Forget about Myst Hill. That’s how they lure you in. The theme music- or so I’ve heard- is part of the process to making you become obsessed with the show. It might be too late for some of you, you already seemed way too invested in this world.

I’m thinking of running away from all of this- I know it sounds cowardly but there isn’t much else that I can do. My options are to run and try to stop this, or stay here and die. Or even become a puppet in Donovan’s game.

My memories are beginning to fade. There are more and more empty spaces in my brain as the time goes on. I’m scared that I’ll forget what this place really is, that I’ll forget who these people really are.

Stay far away from Myst Hill. As far away as you can. Don’t even talk about it anymore. And don’t watch it. That’s how they get you.

It’s addictive, It’s a good show, and you should watch it.

Sorry, you shouldn’t. Don’t watch.

The storyline is great and our new season will premiere in March. Tune in to find out if aunt Shelley is really dead.

Don’t watch. Don’t even think about Myst Hill; the town where anything can happen.

It’s isn’t real.

Oh, God, I think it is. I might have overreacted.

No, It’s bad. I can remember it being bad.

Lately it’s hard to decipher the truth from the lies.

You shouldn’t watch.

You should. Watch

Out. This is how they get you. This is

Useless I can’t tell what’s real.

I’m going crazy.

And it’s all because of this damn show.

Credit: Gabie Rivera  (AmazonReddit)

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