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The Scariest Conspiracy Theories Of Today – Can You Really Believe Them?

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Our world is surrounded by conspiracy theories nowadays. Theorists are developing more and more frightening theories every day and it’s hard to resist the temptation and ignore them. Why so? Because these theories are about our everyday lives. Who doesn’t want to find out the origins of Covid-19 or get to know the mysterious assassinations of American politicians? Even more! Some conspiracies state that there are dangerous monsters, mythical creatures, or aliens living around us. Scary enough?


Today we are going to review some of the scariest conspiracy theories of the modern world. Let us know if they make sense to you. Keep in mind that even if they seem pointless at a first glance, every conspiracy is based on actual facts. 

Mysterious Power Tries To Create a Cashless Society

What is your preferred method of paying taxes? If you live in the modern world, chances are high that you’re using either credit or debit cards, electronic transfers, e-commerce payment systems, or internet banking. It’s very obvious that the world is slowly forgetting about using actual money and is switching to cashless payment methods. But does this transition happen naturally?


According to a conspiracy theory about a cashless society, the answer is no. In fact, somebody is trying to make the world move towards a cashless society. Could this mysterious power be banks? No, because thousands of bank branches are shutting down because of the increased demand for online banking. What about online casinos? For example, by clicking on this link you can see that pay by casinos are on the rise, allowing you to easily make payments with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Or this power could be credit card companies that would gain plenty of benefits by switching completely to cashless payment methods. 


In any case, the theory of creating a pre-planned cashless society without asking people about their preferences looks scary enough. 


CERN Will Destroy The World With Black Holes

Can you believe that some people actually believe the world ended in 2012? Probably you remember widespread conspiracies about the apocalypse happening in 2012 but as you can see on this Twitter thread, people really believed that the world was destroyed a decade ago and now we live in an alternate black hole reality.



But it’s not everything. Now there’s an emerging conspiracy theory about CERN destroying the world with black holes. CERN is a French acronym for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. According to theory, the organization plans to use Hadron Collider to open a portal straight to hell. They consider it as a way to release hell on Earth. But nobody knows why we need one. 


Have you ever dreamed about traveling through portals? Even if you have, you probably don’t really like the idea of traveling in hell. Keep in mind that it’s not the only conspiracy about CERN and people also believe that they are trying to access different timelines in order to travel in time.

Internet Died Years Ago

Did you know that the internet is fake? But wait, then what are we doing right now? How are we reading this article? This conspiracy theory seems pretty ridiculous at a first glance but is it? Dead-internet theory suggests that the internet died in 2016-2017 and it was completely replaced by artificial intelligence. Therefore, all the website contents, social media posts, or comments are done by bots. Indeed if you pay attention, you can quickly notice plenty of strange, automatic, non-human-like comments on social media platforms. Are they made by bots? Or are they just human trolls? It doesn’t really matter because the theory that the actual internet is dead by now is pretty much terrifying. 



Whether it’s true or not, thousands of people still frequently visit the thread on online forum Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe and contact the user IlluminatiPirate, somebody who first developed dead-internet theory. Even if the internet is truly taken by the bots, don’t worry because we promise this article is written by a real human being!

We Live In Simulation

And the last conspiracy in our list of scary theories is about living in a simulation. It’s one of the most popular conspiracies of today, developed by business magnate Elon Musk and unlike previous theories, it does make sense to the majority of people. As Musk stated in a podcast with Joe Rogan, we’re likely living in a computer simulation instead of the real world. The strongest argument of this theory is that today’s games are almost identical to reality. In fact, 40 years ago the most advanced game was Pong – something that consisted of two rectangles and a dot. But nowadays we have 3D simulations of the real world. So isn’t it possible that we’re living in an artificial world too? 


The original theory was introduced by Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom who believed that if we play video games about our ancestors, somebody from the future could be playing games starring us. And this is indeed frightening!


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