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The Relationship between Horror and Gaming

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Online gaming is getting increasingly popular with billions of gaming enthusiasts across the globe. One of the most popular genres of online gaming today is horror games.

Contrary to what most of us believe, horror is not a new concept in the world of gaming. In fact, Sega’s Killer Shark takes credit for introducing the horror genre to games back in 1972.

This was followed by Haunted House, Halloween, The Maniac Mansion, Uninvited and many other games in the 80s. However, it was Doom, a first-person shooting game released in 1993, that paved the way for modern games.

What Makes Horror Games Popular

To begin with, horror evokes different reactions in different people. While some are thrilled to experience the adrenaline rush that the horror genre offers, others prefer to stay away.

This applies to horror movies as well as horror games. Fans of the genre look forward to a scare, be it through observing actors on screen or playing a game themselves.

Interestingly enough, people like the idea of experiencing the thrill of a good scare from the comfort of their homes.

Most experts believe that the horror games have a bigger impact as compared to horror films. This is because of the fundamental difference between horror films and horror games.

A horror film involves people observing the actors in scary situations. Thus, films are essentially all about experiencing fear from a third person perspective.


A horror game, on the other hand, is different as here the players find themselves as a part of the environment. This first-hand experience of fear is what draws many to horror games.

What’s more, games offer you complete control over your moves, which creates an immersive experience like no other. As the players navigate through the multiple levels of the game, they experience it as if it were real.

The rise of more immersive technology like VR and AR, will take player involvement in horror games to an all new level.

However, there are others who still believe horror films have a bigger impact. They say that films are designed to create specific experiences for the audience.

Quick Look at Popular Horror Games

The popularity of horror games has paved the way for an array of games across many genres. You’ll be surprised to know that horror is not just restricted to arcade games or shooting games.

Given below are some of the most popular games in the horror genre today.

1] Silent Hill 4: The Room

The Silent Hill series has been an iconic one for horror gaming enthusiasts. Silent Hill 4: The Room takes the legacy a step further and involves new concepts.

The game features a room that comes to life and its objects turn hostile towards the player. The game is available on Windows PC and is a must try.


2] Amnesia: The Dark Descent

One of the scariest horror games today, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror game released in 2010. It is a multi-platform game that involves exploration of a dark castle called Brennenburg.

The protagonist has lost his memory and only remembers his name and the place he belongs to. It also adds an element of quest which makes it a must try.

3] The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is a step ahead of its predecessor The Evil Within. Released in 2017, this one is a psychological horror game that doesn’t rely on jump scares.

There are multiple difficulty levels to choose from but no level fails to entertain! If you are new to horror games, it is recommended that you try the original version as well.

4] Left 4 Dead 2

Released in 2009, Left 4 Dead 2 is a popular cooperative shooter game based on zombies attacking America. The charm of the game lies in the way the four main characters bond and work together.

It is a game that inspired a bunch of four-player cooperative shooter games after it was received well by gamers across the globe.


5] Dagon

The last game on this list is Dagon, a VR game released in 2021, based on a story by HP Lovecraft. The game is more of a VR-aided walkthrough on a desolate island from a sailor’s perspective.

The abandoned island is scattered with the remains of dead creatures. You as the sailor walk around the island as the story is played in audio format.

In addition to the games mentioned above, there are numerous horror games out there for you to explore. As the popularity of the horror genre grows, it is finding its way into many new gaming genres.

In other words, you have games from diverse genres with horror thrown into the mix. This can be really interesting and offers much more options for you to play with friends on Halloween.

Today, you even have casino games with horror themes! You can visit some of the leading online casinos like Rainbow Riches Casino for some spooky themed slingo, slots or poker. 


The advancement in technology is fuelling the growth of online gaming and the future looks promising. It’s good news for horror game fans as technology will soon bring more immersive thrills and experiences.

When it comes to horror games, you can choose one from a sub-genre that best appeals to you. So, whether it’s psychological thrillers, shooting or survival horror, you have them all!

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