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The Old Lady

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One day at a shopping mall in the afternoon, a woman was coming out of the mall from a shopping spree. She was in a happy mood. She had gotten to her car and loaded her stuff that she had bought into her trunk. When she was done loading, she shut the door of her trunk and she saw an old lady standing by the passenger side of her car.

The old woman said “Would you be a darling and give me a lift home? I don’t have a car and I was walking all day.” The woman said “I’d be happy to.” So she unlocked the door for the old woman.
As she started to make her way around the car to the driver’s side, she started to feel uncomfortable. So when she got in the car, she looked in her purse and said “Darn, I can’t find my credit card. I’m going inside to see if anybody found it.” The old woman said “I’ll wait for you here.”


The woman left to go look for help. Then she found a security guard and told him the situation. They went back to the woman’s car and the passenger door was wide open. On the seat of the car was a shopping bag that the old woman had been carrying. Inside of the bag was the old woman’s dress and a gray haired wig, along with a huge butcher’s knife, a video camera, and a roll of duct tape.

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189 thoughts on “The Old Lady”

  1. Black_Butler_2004

    Wow… I’m think it was a disguised Jeff the killer for some weird reason…the butcher knife got me thinking that

  2. SnickerdoodleGumDrop

    Omfg. This shite urban legend? My dad heard this one as a wee one. Recycled, regurgitated crap.

  3. yaaaa this story was jacked from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It is barely changed….if you are gonna revamp an old tale add some originality to go with the retelling.

  4. You are all idiots!!!!! It’s not a legend it could actually happen and at least you got something instead of nothing!!!!!

  5. First heard this one on YouTube. I think I’m the only one who thinks the “old lady” was actually a man between the age of 21 or 40 who was a wanted serial killer in disguise and ended up losing his disguise and equipment in a panic, trying to get rid of evidence, when he thought his next victim was taking too long to get back to the car. He must’ve figured out the woman was getting someone out to her car and thought she was calling the police.

  6. you didnt give enough reason as to why the woman would feel so uncomfortable that she would just go and get a security gaurd. Also i feel like i’ve read this before… either that or its just way too predictable.

  7. Yeah urban legend blah blah blah, but ain’t nobody got time to leave every piece of evidence behind. Al dente pasta at best.

  8. Why would he leave the bag with all the evidence if he was going to take the time to get changed? Sorry, I mean WHY would… oh Jesus this is stupid.

  9. Meh. Not the best pasta. I have to agree that it is too overused and to predictable. So overall, 3/10

  10. No hate please, someone just explain to me what the story is referring to or whatever you guys are referring to in connection to the story. Thanks

  11. I must say I am confused to why the person did not take the things with them but all in all, the creepy factor is from the fact that people do this in real life.

  12. I read this story 10 years ago, when there was only windows ’98 and a lot of bored mailers spamming yahoo-mail.

  13. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    This is a pretty old urban legend, I’ve read it multiple times, each with a slightly changed perception. However, I do not know if this is the original, so I will not hate on it. :)

  14. “Would you be a darling and give me a lift home? I don’t have a car and I was walking all day.”

    “I’d be gl-”
    (she saw the stuff in her shopping bag)

    “You know what, b####, go f### yourself.”

  15. you know what this pasta reminds me of? Has anyone seen 1960’s Psycho? The “Old Lady” reminds me of Norman Bates.

  16. Its creepy, but I mean, I wish it was creepier, I love creepy. And I mean the lady should’ve got killed er something, It would be creepy then. Description helps it get creepy. I mean thats what made me almost puke in the Jeff story.

  17. I actually have a few true stories like this… close-calls, if you will, with rapists and robbers and psychos who set buildings on fire.

    The scariest part, was that they seemed normal at first… I’m glad they just decided that they’d found a better target than me.

  18. I liked it. I’m guessing if the woman hadn’t forgotten her credit card she would’ve died. I guess that’s a good thing? Or maybe the old woman took it… Sorry, i’m not good at enterpreting X3

    1. The woman didn’t forget her credit card…she was suspicious of the “old woman’s” intentions and went and got a security guard for assistance.

  19. So wait, I have a few questions:-
    -Was the old woman a man or a woman?
    -Was she going to kill the woman?
    -Was she going to rape the woman?
    -What was on the video camera?
    -There’s only three things I can think of being on the camera. Firstly, porn, second, rape, thirdly, past victims. All of which would provide brilliant evidence. So why on earth would ANY good criminal have done this?
    – And, because I feel as if it is needed in this instance, and I just can’t resist it, WHO WAS OLD WOMAN?

  20. This is what was going to happen:
    1.) the old lady would make her drive somewhere random
    2.) duct tape her
    3.) tie her up
    4.) rape her
    5.) as the old lady reached orgasm the victim would be decapitated
    6.) rinse and repeat

  21. I think I get it,when the old lady asked her for a ride and the woman agreed,the woman got a strange feeling,and “knew” (her instinct) what was about to happen,so she pretended to have left her credit card (by fakely looking into her purse) so she could safely get away and get help (hence going to the security guard,because who goes to a security guard if you left your credit card in the store,honestly?) and told the security guard that there was someone strange in her car,but the “old lady” figured out that she was getting a security guard and left…but it’s kinda dumb because who would leave all the evidence behind? and I don’t get how this is a creepypasta because creepypastas are stories that are suppose to leave that “Is this really true..?” feeling in your mind yet it’s a story to weird to be true,yet you second guess yourself.

  22. Disgruntal Eater

    Ive eaten alot of pasta in my day, some would go as far as to call me a glutton, but this was horrible, just awful, spat it out far before i decided to swallow it

  23. Seriously? This was on Mostly True Stories, and i’ve heard it at least a million times. How did they not catch this?

  24. So, I get why he would have that stuff..
    But why would the idiot leave evidence? The cops would either be SWARMING the woman and/or trying to find the man, or everyone would forget about it and just think of it as some stupid kids.

  25. Something like this happened to my grandmother back in the late ’60’s. She was getting in her car when an elderly woman opened her backdoor and got in. When she got in she told my grandma, “Take me home.” My grandmother was horrified. The woman wouldn’t leave, so my grandma asked where she lived and she drove the woman to her home. My grandma was barely 19 when this happened, with a toddler and pregnant with my father. She was just happy she didn’t have my uncle with her when this happened.

    1. LOL apparently that lady knew her crap, and just didn’t give a hoot that she was making some stranger drive her home. Like a honey badger…

      "You see this, young lady?"
      "… you’re holding up an empty paper bag…"
      "Yep. That contained all my f*cks to give. Now drive."

  26. woah. and Anonymous is right. posting spam and \"who was phone\" comments isnt that funny. once in a while its okay, but really??

  27. woah. and Anonymous is right. posting spam and “who was phone” comments isnt that funny. once in a while its okay, but really??

  28. Very very old copypasta. I remember reading this story in a collection of urban legends about 10 years ago.


  29. It’s obvious.

    This person was a murderer.

    (S)He dressed up as an old lady, hence the wig and clothes. (S)He did this so that he could be alone with his victim. The duct tape was obviously to cover the mouth so that the victim can’t scream.

    The butcher’s knife was the murder weapon, of course.

    And the camera was so the murderer could tape himself killing/torturing her.

  30. This pasta only gets points for being more realistic. I learned English in a foreign country and can write better than this. Hell, my DOG can write better than this. FAIL pasta is FAIL!

  31. Yuk, this is the worst creepy pasta ever.
    Now excuse me as I throw up, and claiming that I will never read that again. That is not scary at all.

  32. ANSWER


    This is not a ghost or creepy story… is about someone pretended to be an old lady and try to rob the women. The robber dressed up as an innocent old lady, that’s explained the wig and the dress. The duct tape is to seal the women’s mouth. The video camera maybe is to record and send to her family?kidnap? the butcher knife…mayb is to kill her after collected the ransom. The women is wise ..therefore she inform the security guard…the old lady(robber) saw the women talking with the security guard…worried and run.

    if u ask me why the robber left the dress and wig in the bag..i dont know. to change a better look i guess LOL.

  33. ShadowShinigami13

    I thought this was decent. Kinda like that hooked-hand one where the hook is found in the car, or the dog body in the shower, but decent enough to make me shiver at the potential.

  34. Unlike everyone else I actually loved it! I have yet to read a story like this, so it is original to me. It was short and sweet pasta.

  35. So the serial killer decided he just had to get naked right then, huh?

    Hell, it’d be creepier if there was no wig and dress. An old lady going around killing people is more original and more convincing.

  36. I like it, but I really can’t imagine why he or she left the wig and the dress in the bag! I mean, you know, undressing takes a little bit of time. I could understand if the fake granny left the bag with all the other stuff and maybe a different wig there. Or hell, maybe even without a wig. Would be creepy enough.

  37. Despite being really common, this pasta could have been good if it wasn’t written with the skill of an elementary school student.

  38. Some Girl You'll Never Know

    Heres another story for your taste buds.

    Is anyone there?

    I woke up, again. When i look at the clock by my bed, it says its 4:45 AM. Why do i keep waking up? I need to get to sleep. Later, i decide i just can’t and i get up to get something to drink. When i get to the fridge, i stop and freeze. I feel it, eyes on me. I don’t even have time to turn around before the feeling is gone. I don’t even question it, i ask.

    “Is anyone there?” no answer.

    I decide to ditch the drink and retreat back to my bed. Oh well. Its only moments later when i hear my bedroom door open. There’s a figure standing there, i look up at it and stare, the question leaking out of me.

    “Who are you, and why are you here?!” At the exact moment i ask, the figure asks with me. I get up and stand in front of it, as i do, it mimics me, like a mirror. I reach behind myself and turn on my light. I scream as i do, and so does the figure.

    Its me.

    Other me has a hammer in one hand, Me2 raises her arm and smashes my head and to my surprise, it doesn’t hurt – it feels good. I want to beg me to keep going, bit i can’t. I know I’m dead. But if i am, why can i still think and hear?

    “That’ll show you you pesky robot clone!” Other me shouts out. “Trying to steal my life!”

    Robot clone?

  39. So yeah, the killer decides “OH SHI- MY COVER’S BLOWN” or something and decides to UNDRESS RIGHT FUCKING THERE so he can run away, leaving his things behind as perfect evidence. It’s exactly what a good psycho would do to run away without raising any suspicion, huh?

  40. @J: For that matter why would he leave the bag behind at all? It’s completely retarded, not creepy, and already been done a million times.

    Failure incarnate.

  41. I had to read it a couple times, but i think i got it. A killer (Butchers knife, duct tape, camera), who dressed up as the old lady (wig & dress), and was going to kill the woman who went on the shopping spree,

  42. I love realistic stories many times more than the paranormal ones, but this is poorly written and boring. On the bright side, it didn’t waste as much time as it could have. Hm.

  43. So….the tranvestite dude was gonna tape her up, set up the video camera, tape him killing her, and what, post it on youtube? XDDD
    this pasta be BURNT
    even though this does gives us a moral:
    Don’t give rides too creepy old ladies..

  44. Charlotte Mander

    For taking this from Snopes, you definitely lose points.

    The writing style was also really bland. Short choppy sentences really aren’t the way to be descriptive.

    If you were going to borrow a Snopes story, couldn’t you have at least embellished it a little?

    –Char Mander

  45. daamn people so quick to express their hate for an urban legend. shut up. enjoy it.

    also, it was Candlejack. he

  46. I think… the “old lady” was gonna make the woman drive her to some random place, then take off her disguise, duct tape her to a table, and slowly slice her up and stuff, while recording… LOL I have no idea…


    lol, jk.

    Why did the guy leave, anyway? How did he know to leave? And why did the security guard come out? Were they going to arrest the old lady? They didn’t even know.

    Bad, bad plot holes.

    1. how could you not get it? it wasnt actually an old lady it was some crazy dude pretending to be a sweet old lady so that when the woman drove him to wherever he wanted them to go he would make a snuff movie and butcher her.

  48. I liked it. Didn’t give me chills or anything but it was ok.
    And who gives a fuck if it was posted on snopes or whatever else?
    I swear, the minute people see something more than once they focus on the original source or the fact that they’ve seen it before rather than the story its self.

  49. This is like the mother of creepy story reposts -_- To the point where it is not even creepy anymore…

  50. The hell? Are you so hard pressed to find real, decent pasta that you resorted to posting outdated urban legends?

    What next, the one where the dog’s choking on the burgler’s fingers? Or maybe the one where the chick dies from wearing a dress with embalming fluid on it?
    Hell, the one where the hook-handed guy hangs the boyfriend above his girlfriend’s car is better than this.

    This place is going downhill, this post and the latest (Survival Guide) are perfect examples.

    The pasta is molding.

  51. Uhh, where’s the chatbox gone?? Unless it’s just me then



  52. Hugh G. Rection

    I have yet to understand why he left his shit in a bag. I also have yet to understand what the knife and tape are doing there.

    My phallus has shrunk in stature.

  53. R-R-R-REPOST!!!!
    This shit has been posted so many times. Get it out of here!
    My rating? -99999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10

  54. Hi, dont turn around

    If your trying to be unorigenal on perpose then well done, this pasta is over used, I like to call these pastas “red riding hood” pastas, The wolf (killer) takes the guise of the grandma (unsuspected character) to kill the hooded girl (protagonist).

    you arnt worth my signature

  55. Unfortunately I read this just about a week ago so the effect is lost here, however this is a pretty decent pasta.

  56. Lolz, you only don’t like it ’cause nothing extraordinarily paranormal and unrealistic didn’t happen.

    Realistic shit is good shit, lolz.

    You haterz all are LOLzyyyyyyy.


  57. It left me baffled, in the sense that I still thought that there was some sort of actual story to be told. What is this? There’s no plot, or if there is one it’s malformed and unfinished. It wasn’t even creepy. We get the fact that the old lady wasn’t actually an old lady, and then it ends. I can’t even call this pasta. This is more like uncooked spaghetti.

  58. I like it for one main reason; it could really happen.
    Otherwise, many other, better stories are around.

    1. It could really happen how? Why would the rapist/murderer not only leave his stuff there, but also actually put down his costume and added it to the things he is leaving ebhind?

    1. if there is one constant in the whole metaphysical of the universe, it is that any urban legend, from hook hand to the hash slinging slasher, has some truth.
      ted bundy (serial killer) got his targets by faking to have a broken arm and asking women to help him get something into his car. they were powerless against him when he suddenly sprung his trap.
      so the "old lady" may indeed be true. to a point.

    1. It’s the killer .. WHY SO IDIOT? haha.. well as you can see, the killer disguised himself as an old woman to kill the woman .. Did you get it now?

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