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The Message

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Don’t dismiss this outright as the work of some raving lunatic. There’s some sense to this story, if you’ll just hear me out…

Look, we all wonder if time travel is possible, right? Well, let me tell you something… it is. I’m from the future, actually. I know you probably don’t believe that, but seriously, I’m from the future. It’s a really great thing; getting to see the past, watching events unfold… stuff like that. We know more now than we ever would.

Behind all the fun, though, there’s a more serious aspect. We aren’t supposed to go in our own lifetime, and we are NEVER allowed to contact our past selves. Let me tell you, I’m breaking that rule right now. Yes, kid, you’re talking to yourself. Your future self. I’m going to be executed for this, but you know what? I accept that. I’m preventing something by talking to you that is WORSE than death. I can’t tell you outright what to do, because the filters would catch it. This is the closest I can get, trust me. I can, however, send a little message.


You should probably read the first word of every paragraph, now.

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501 thoughts on “The Message”

  1. I always look behind because I’ve had some really scary crap appear behind me in photos and stuff. I’ve gotten really sensitive to my surroundings.

  2. I turned around and I got so scared my heart skipped a beat… There was a mirror, I saw my own reflection and I thought: “shit, am I really this ugly?”

  3. I was trying to send this to my kindle to read again later, but I forgot I have been signed into my friend’s amazon account. Now I feel like a genius, as I know she will undoubtedly read this and be scared. This story would make sense to pop up out of the blue. I feel so clever and cruel at the same time.

  4. I passed this to my wife to read then stood behind her with a knife and a menacing stare in my eye.. She won’t talk to me now.

  5. For some odd reason I believed that whatever was behind me was indeed my future self here to take me away to a better place in time/space where I’d be safe from whatever was after me.

  6. Guess what? I looked behind me… and… there was nobody their, like always, for once I wish there would be someone behind me… I’m so lonely XD

  7. This one is especially creepy since I call myself kid and have been doing so most of my life, and I believe in time travel … so that makes it especially creepy.

  8. So I’m sitting with my back to the door and I turn around. The handle’s moving. My sister enters the room and I scream because I was expecting a serial killer or something creepy.
    My sister just looks at me like I’M the crazy one.

  9. I’d believe it more if this pasta contained phrases like “muthaf*cka” and “As fu*ck”. That’s definitely me

  10. If you read the second word of each paragraph it says “Dismiss we all should.” and that probably means we all should dismiss something.

  11. PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, I look behind me and the door handle starts to move! Then my mom walks in. Almost shitted my pants! XD

  12. my heart dropped when i read don’t look behind you. I’m a 15 year old girl and i don’t usually get scared about things but that really creeped me out and i looked behind me i was actually waiting for something to look back at me.

  13. OMFG this was the creepiest pasta I have ever seen! A clump of spaghetti that wont break apart! AHHHHHHH!

    In all seriousness I will read this for my channel! ^__^

  14. …. I was all like “pffftt!” So I turned around…

    Then I thought, “Ha future self! There’s nothing behind me.”

    Then I was like “… Wait. My future self would know I’d be a rebel and would turn around. So maybe the real danger was on my computer and turning around saved me…”


  15. I read this and get all excited, I look behind me and realized its a wall. I now know I must be wary of walls and what they plot for me in my future.

    Side note: Incredible, Enjoyed every moment, quite enthralling. Just what I want to read when i come here

  16. after reading this story and giving it a bit of thought i realized that this story shouldn’t really be all that creepy, think about it…. its coming from your “future self”, so nothing TOO bad could be behind you, or else you wouldn’t have a “future self”

  17. This was boring. And then I got to the very end, and read don’t look behind you. It terrified me. Got chills.

  18. that creeped me the fuck out LMFAO!! i got shivers and my hands got so clammy HAHAHAHAHHA!!! oh god…

  19. Anyone else looked behind them straight away? i did. :( and my co-worker scared the shit out of me.


    how is it possible for future you to save your life by telling you to look behind you, if you die?

  21. so im in class and i am reading this and i thought it was creepy and i had the feeling that i was being watched so i look behind me and it turns out that my friend was reading this behind me the whole time and he was just staring at it emotionless and it scared the shit out of me

  22. This legitimately scared me. Lol! I feel pretty silly for it but I did look behind me anyway. Very hesitantly and with major goosebumps, that is. This is the first creepypasta that actually scared me and didn’t just freak me out a little. Nicely done!

  23. most boring pasta ever.
    it says
    So what i looked behind me. guess what i saw nothing

    Stale pasta.

  24. Creepy. I don’t want to look behind me, and there’s only a wall that’s SUPPOSED to be there… Creepy.

  25. Thank you! This was THE creepypasta that I read that began my addiction. It’s probably still my favorite creepypasta ever.

  26. I looked behind me, and I saw was a TV, the couch, the wall, and an angel statue. Wait…where the hell did the couch come from?

  27. Some of the creepiest things don’t creep me out but this somehow did, and I totally see how this could be a Doctor Who reference

  28. I looked behind me and there was a…………………………………………………………………………….. WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m scared for life…. Thanks for warning me!!!!!!

  29. Still looking behind me… I feel like something will come and get me… T_T I’m scared by this… It’s an awesome pasta!

  30. The Broken Tales

    …Well we all know that people will certainly do what you told them not to do out of curiosity…. even though we don’t want to look behind us we still have the urge to know why, isn’t that right?

  31. so i loked behind me
    and i see mywall has a huge black stain that wasnt there before
    just WTF
    (a d if my future me knows what i was just browsing does it know i just had a terrible jumpscare that i almost had to go to hospital?)

  32. As soon as I followed the instructions to read he first letter of each paragraph I was like ‘Holy shit.’ And I hid under the blankets XD

  33. Wait…wait… future self, are you trying to tell me that my hamster is a crazy axe murderer? Sorry, when I turned around all I saw was my hamster running inncontly on t’s wheel….and wait when did I ever give it a little axe?!

  34. No joke: I was in an office building across from another, and in the other’s window I saw someone duck away just after I looked.

  35. hahaha that freaked me out for a second, but there’s a wall behind my head, and i can see the entire room. fail.

  36. As soon as i read that and looked behind me i saw one of Tosh.0’s disgusting videos…this guy was right. I’m pretty awesome if i do say so myself

  37. Thankies future self, but that won’t help me now, as I already turned around! I saw my brother….

  38. Meh, I feel secure knowing that no matter what I do now, I’ll still be alive to tell my own past-self this same message. :D

  39. Makemeasandwitch

    After reading this I turned around only to see the most horrifying thing I have ever dared to lay eyes on…………. MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!

    Dear god what have I done!!!!!!!! D:

  40. Wow, I really liked this! When I was first reading this, I was thinking "How could this possibly be scary?" until I got to the last part. Genuially creepy, and very clever!

  41. The story itself was not scary.
    When I read the final line, I chuckled.
    I went numb for a bit after the few seconds it took to read those few words. Hairs stood on end.
    First comment I’ve ever made. Genuinely creepy.

    PS. I still havent looked behind me.

  42. that got me good. right behind my computer chair is a giant fear and loathing poster with johnny depp’s head blown up on it…i seen that and almost shit my pants…

  43. I read this during my tech class at school and when i finished reading i looked back and saw a guy mowing the lawn in the school court-yard…I almost screamed >.>

  44. I swear, every time creepypasta tells me not to look behind me , not only do I look… I dramatic look. I even make the noise. Famous last words?

  45. Oh like there’s gonna be anything behind me. Theres my dog, my window, my angel statue, my……Wait…I don’t have an angel statue. Oh shi-

  46. I read the first paragraph entirely, I took the message from me as read the first paragraph very closely, I knew I wouldn’t care for the don’t look behind you, and I haven’t looked.
    The message is telling me, to prevent time travel from occurring in my time line, and that this is from another time line, but they don’t want a me from a different time line that branched off to be stuck in their clusterfuck, to live a full life.

  47. This seriously wasn’t creepy at all. “Don’t look behind you”. OOOOH SHIT!! HOW ORIGINAL!! STEP BACK, THIS GUY’S GOT CREATIVITY!!

  48. Honestly I would’ve flipped shit and turned around but I’m laying on my bed with my head up against a pillow.

    Still, it gave me a bone-chilling feeling and was written in a nice room.

    If it would’ve said, “Don’t look to your side.” I would’ve literally shat bricks! It’s pitch black in my room. However, I use that so I don’t see shadows. You could say I suffer from schizophrenia, but that’s only when there’s light to confuse me and conjour up shadows.

  49. Genuinely felt a shiver down my spine when I read “Don’t look behind you”. I honestly don’t want to turn around right now!

  50. The first time I read this was a while ago on a different website. It scared the hell out of me. I was trying so hard to fight the urge to turn around. I was freaking out for ages afterwards. I’m a scaredy-cat retard, I know. But the scariest part was that the next day the person had deleted it o_O I started panicking like “Oh god, what if that was real?!” Thankfully I found it here XD

  51. CreepierPastas

    loli cant even look behind me AND its super sunny, AND i would, never…NEVER EVER use the word kid to talk about myself, i would say babe, or hun

  52. Heh. After waiting several minutes to look behind me, (cuz i’m kinda scared after reading pastas all day) I looked and expected to see the corner of my room. But nope. There was my stuffed bat. Right next to my head. Scared the shit out of me. It’s fuckin beady eyes staring into my sooooooul.

  53. Well, i must say, that had some massive potential, as the message could have been something much freakier than tired old “dont look behind you”. id give it 7/10, could be higher if it wasnt using a big cliche.

  54. My thought on this is that since your future self knows you better than anyone else, then perhaps they will understand how you will feel in a certain situation in the near/far future where the urge to look behind you will strike and you will know from this story not to look. Not necessarily referring to right now. Makes me feel better for the moment. Still haven’t looked behind myself though.

  55. I thought it said to read the first line, the one of “some raving lunatic” and that I was about to get killed by one, that`s why I got scared haha

  56. ParanormalPenguin

    Future me is a total bitch.
    I looked and I saw my budgies, and was thus reminded that I have to clean their cage.

  57. What? Read every first word of all paragraph? Look behind? Ok. *Looks behind*
    There’s nothing just an clow– OMFGLAZ0RS IM GETTEN OUTTA HEAR

  58. Only problem in this…

    I…don’t…talk or write like that.

    I suppose I just don’t fall for anything where the writer tries to involve me directly.

  59. Chills were felt and bricks were shat. I know I’m just Random Anonymous Person, but I thank you for that startling. Holy hell I am jumpy now. x.x;

  60. This was so awesome…. I looked behind me and I find my pillows and a cupboard. Anyway, this gave me the creeps. Very delicious pasta. More please!

  61. starzheartspeacesign

    Ok, so basically what i’m telling myself is if i look behind me, I will face something worse than death, and if I don’t look back, than sometime in the future I am gonna die because I told my other me that? I think i’m just gonna let my other me die…

  62. omiflipping god i didnt turn around but then i showed my bro the first words and when i turned around i saw something.
    ok just now somebody tapped me on the back there is a reflectionb on my computer.
    im against the wall omiflipping god someone is playing with my hair and tickling my back slightly!
    help, please.

  63. “Oh hey, another creepypasta…”
    *2 minutes later*
    “Well shit, that wasn’t so ba-”
    *reads last line*
    *reads secret message*

  64. Very good. It’s difficult to make a message like that. The author obviously put some time and effort into it. Well done.

    Fear the Darkness


  65. If something behind you were to hurt/kill you… then your future self wouldn’t exist to give you that message… paradox fail

  66. waaahhh… so hilarious at first i didn’t read the last sentence (STUPID) and i scrolled down i saw the comments thinking what’s scary about the message, and so it happened to read it again, so that little message got me there thank goodness I’m in a computer lab in a middle of the day ^^ i enjoyed reading your comments and that’s a good stuff…it makes my day! clever story! like it 2 thumbs up for you!

  67. WOW, i still have goosebumps from the shit. Its said read the first words of each paragraph NOW, like that shit was important, and when i saw “Don’t” i was like O SHI-….for a second there i thought candlejack was gonna be there and kidna

  68. Ugh, I looked behind me and saw a wall. Fair enough. But then I looked behind me again a few minutes later, and realized that above the wall behind me…is a window. With the shades pulled shut. I still don’t have the courage to peek outside, screw that. I’ve been staring at the TV’s reflection in front of me for the past few minutes tho, to make sure nothing comes through my window.

  69. Haha, I looked behind me and saw my reflection in my TV screen, surrounded by a bunch of sinister-shaped shadows from stuff in my room (that never fail to freak me out on a regular basis, not just now.).
    I jumped two feet in the air and screamed bloody murder.
    Good thing nobody else is home.

  70. Shat brix.
    Turned around, and there was a picture of me on the wall, but due to the lighting it looked distorted and freakish. D:

  71. I tried to be brave and not look.

    5 minutes after, I looked.
    saw a rainbow balloon saying happy birthday. :)

  72. that was horrible – way to many future you’s and present you’s and you’s in general. worst pasta I have ever read.

  73. i’m laying on my back. the only thing behind me is a big red floor pillow…

    Is it a dangerous pillow to acknowledge

  74. its amazing how chilling four simple words can be. This gave me some crazy, uber chills. Simple, effective = approval
    5/5 stars

  75. I shat brix.

    Seriously though, this has to be the best pasta I’ve read so far :o I didn’t look behind me at first, and then heard like a loud ‘thump’ coming from behind me at the other side of my room, so I was freaked out even more by that…………


  76. there is nothing to look behind me. because I can see behind though the mirror in front me. hahaha! you catch my attention that was pretty good. but the future thing.. oh well! but its good.

  77. Fuck man. Even though it may be fiction, it still gives me chills to slowly turn my head after reading it. If it isn’t fiction, I feel sorry for the one this letter is for. Heh

  78. *looks behind herself* hmm? oh thats just my hobo friend he must have came through the window again silly hobo *wags finger*

    otherwise this pasta is lukewarm

  79. Not so effective as there was a wall behind me hehehe… Also I think the language used is quite male, i.e. calling the person kid, maybe it’s an American thing though? otherwise good, I enjoyed it.

  80. Oh wow.. This is really funny… because i read the fisrst word of every paragraph and i turned around and i saw my cousin.. It freaked me out.. That was hilarious.. Man.. Who ever wrote this is a very good writer…

  81. Loved it! n.n

    I whipped my head around really fast to get it over with and slammed my face into a bookshelf. Asshole future me is an asshole.

  82. I looked behind me and saw this russian kid name “Karmen” from the class I’m sitting in.
    He was packing his backpack
    Might be bombs 0.0

  83. This is the only pasta that’s ever made me this paranoid O__<. I’ve always thought that the ‘don’t look behind you’-pastas were the worst/best/scariest ones and this one’s the best of them. Seriously, when I first read this, I went for three f-cking days without looking behind me. Especially since this is the kind of thing I would write to myself, so I figure future me would do it as well…

  84. My heart skipped a beat… because while i was reading the part saying I can however send a little message, i got a message on my phone, but it was just my sister… phew. The dont look behind part i only got after reading it again….

  85. I was at school when i read this and i looked behind me and there was some creepy and ugly kid in my class that was staring at me… :'( he scares me more than any of these pastas..

  86. Look behind me?
    But it’s so dark, I won’t see anything.
    Get me a candle, Jack!
    Haha, anyway this pasta was quite delicious and

  87. Look behind me?
    But it’s so dark, I won’t see anything.
    Get me a candle, Jack!
    Haha, anyway this pasta was quite delicious and

  88. Not bad. Didn’t really scare me though. Firstly, I’m not American and I just would never type like that. I’d never call myself “kid”. Also, I always sit with my back to the wall. And I’m too damn lazy to turn around anyway.
    Still pretty cool though, would repost.

  89. that was weird…that was actually quite and my friend almost pissed ourselves cause its night time and we were sitting in the dark alone in the big old house..lmao.

  90. not creepy. a good creepy story is believable. you already ask the reader to stretch his or her imagination in the first place when you ask them to believe something ridiculous, like your some guy from the future. it is then the writers responsibility to make everything else as believable as possible, so we can begin to accept the absurdity of whatever they’re trying to make us scared of. sure one could believe this guys from the future, but then he claims to be you? sorry but not buying it as possible, or even plausible. fail.

  91. not creepy. a good creepy story is believable. you already ask the reader to stretch his or her imagination in the first place when you ask them to believe something ridiculous, like your some guy from the future. it is then the writers responsibility to make everything else as believable as possible, so we can begin to accept the absurdity of whatever they’re trying to make us scared of. sure one could believe this guys from the future, but then he claims to be you? sorry but not buying it as possible, or even plausible. fail.

  92. When I first read this one, I was sitting laying on a wall. Now I’m wondering if having a wall behind me was actually any sign of safety.

    You never know what creeps inside your walls… O_o

  93. this was stupid, not only did you try to convince me that your from the future and a future self…which i know cant be, but you made me look behind myself and see my bed and my wall…full of pictures…no creepy old woman version of me behind myself….made me waste my time and feel stupid….wow….but it was an interesting way to make sombody waste time….thanks

  94. Wow, you’re all a bunch of pansies getting creeped out by this. If the future is set, there’s nothing to change it. So don’t worry about what you can’t change, and worry about what you can. The present.

  95. I think future me expected me to look behind me… I think they saved my life…

    When I looked behind me I saw something vaguely human but definitely not leaving the room.

  96. actually, I was taking a shit in my bathroom while reading this. My bathroom is like 10×5 if that, adn the toilet is right up against the wall. So, when I looked behind me, I saw the same wall I see whenever I look behind me in the bathroom. What a save by the future me. lol

    Good job thouhg

  97. well that was really creepy because right when i looked behind me there was a weird person behind me, i screamed so loud i think people across the state heard me

  98. “I looked behind me. All I saw behind me was a TV, the back door, a couch and an angel statue.

    Wait, when did we have an angel statue?

    Oh fuc”

    LOL @Lachesis

    No, seriously, Duck.

  99. If I wrote the message, telling me not to time travel, would I not have made the message?

    Also, I forgot the first paragraph, I read:


  100. “I looked behind me. All I saw behind me was a TV, the back door, a couch and an angel statue.

    Wait, when did we have an angel statue?

    Oh fuc” – Lachesis

    Lol Dr. Who :D

  101. Love this pasta, very good. I was about to look but then the lights flickered…then again they always do that.


    That really creeped me the fuck out. Brix have been shat.

  103. oh mother fricker…this scared the crap out of me especially the last paragraph..I hate those ‘dont look behind you’ stuff.

  104. Hmm decent pasta. As soon as figured out what each letter stood for, I heard my door open. I then realized it was my mom…

  105. If Snowden is cool with it then it must be good.

    I turned around and saw my boss…told me to stop surfing the net so much :/.

    Wish my future self would tell me who wins this sunday :D

  106. Angel Of The Abyss

    Looked behind me and some kid was stareing at me…with liek fucken wierd ass eyes and then when he noticed i saw him he turned back to his CPU. p.s.(I’m in a CPU lab)


    Sorry for the swearing but the first thing I did after reading this was turn around, rip off the plug, picked up the laptop and got the hell out of my house :S

    Best/scariest/creepiest one on the site.

  108. I looked behind me and being as I am laying down on my bed with pillows and covers propping my head up, all I saw was covers and pillows way too close to my face. I then suffocated on them. Future me is a dick.

  109. Yes, yes, send your little message. Even this tidbit brings me ever closer to my return. You may have delayed your own death writer, but I’ll get to you eventually; all of you.

    I await my next meal

  110. FUCK.

    I didn’t read the first word of the first paragraph. What a dumbass, making that first paragraph all short so I automatically went, “TL;DR.”

    I looked. It’s been nice knowing you all. :(

  111. Gahdammit, blackneonsharpie!

    You made me lose the game!
    And my husband, too, since I had to announce it!

    Anywho, very creepy pasta.
    Gave me a chill.
    (And I actually did not look behind me, until right now, lol)

    Yummy yummy pasta!!!!

  112. thank you future self, that picture was CROOKED. i might’ve gotten quite a fright had you not warned me.

    i liked : D

  113. YES! Creepypasta at its finest. Short, spooky, and incredible. Snowden’s seal of approval plastered ALL OVER THIS BITCH.

  114. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    Freakin’ sweet! I love when these sort of ‘personal’ pastas actually manage to pull it off. Very Nice.

  115. Ha, clever. It gave us that itch one gets between the shoulder blades. Of course, there was nothing behind us, as this wasn’t for us.

  116. Very creepy. At first I thought “Oh, it’s just time travel, yawn.” But it was pretty good.

    I’m getting that tingling feeling on the back of my neck…

  117. This one was actually pretty cool. Not creepy per se but interesting. I liked how they saved the true “creepy” factor until the end.

  118. @Kidd: Did you not read the last sentence? “Read the first word of each paragraph”


  119. blackneonsharpie

    I so thought this was going to be the “You Just Lost The Game” thing I read yesterday. It told a long story and then told you to read the first word of every paragraph. And then i lost the game.

    Which you all just did too, sorry.

      1. You can never quit the game. You don’t play the game. The game plays you. The game plays all of us. The game will be the cause of armageddon on the 21st!!

  120. Alright, so the persona wasn’t the best. The plea of ‘belive me’ wasn’t the best, a little weak honestly. However, the very last part did creep me out a bit. So nice job there.

  121. I turned around, and my living room is just how it’s always been. There’s my sofa, my television, my recliner, the portal to Hell in the back wall, my Quaker Parrot. Ah, my good old American living room…


    Actually, I liked this story very much. Way better than most of the ‘Don’t Look Behind You’ pastas you see on here.

  122. I looked behind me. All I saw behind me was a TV, the back door, a couch and an angel statue.

    Wait, when did we have an angel statue?

    Oh fuc

        1. Yea I know they can’t move when you look at them but it seems like they can teleport because how do they go so quick

        2. Was it the one where Doctor Who visits his wife’s mother in the past? Also there was a weeping angel that was the statue of liberty.

  123. Temporary Wounds

    I’m resting on my bed which is against the wall. So there’s pretty much nothing to look behind to.

    I love such pastas!
    short and creepy.

  124. I liked it, really. Though the last sentence was nice and kind of fit in, it did seems like it was just a tad thrown out there. But I did enjoy it.

  125. There are a few things good about writing this as the future you talking to the present.

    For example, it covers the “Hey, I looked and nothing bad happened. I didn’t even see anything.”

    Well, fuck, it’s the future you. You know you. You knew you’d look if you told you not to look, and looking may have been what saved you.

    Also you can post this before a large number of people (Such as /x/) and it doesn’t lose anything. Like, future you is just telling you to look, to save you. Who cares if the other people read it. There’s no way to tell for sure if it was meant for you or not. Not to mention, future you would know that you were browsing whatever site you saw it on at the time you saw it, so of course you read it as you were meant to.

    1. But wait, if future me thinks it would save me by telling me not to look, and then im torn between not looking and looking because what would the outcome be… fuck…. welp now i feel like somethings behind me ;_;

      1. But knowing yorself would solve the problem. If i cough cough i mean the future you thinks past you would’t look if he told you not too then it would solve the problem

      2. But if i thcough cough future you thinks that you will do as he says then he will tell you what to do if he thinks you won’t do what he says then he won’t say anything

        1. Incorrect; you have back seats, do you not? Or a trunk? And if there is no space in the car, what about outside the car?

          Bottom line: there is always something behind you…

      1. Hah yes doctor who reference…
        Don’t blink , blink and you’re dead ….what of a weeping angle was the thing behind you so you looked and it stopped…..just don’t turn away…don’t blink

    2. but if there was something behind you it woudnt harm you considering your future self managed to live long enough to tell you about the thing behind you that didn’t harm your future self therefore the thing(if there is one) that is behind you is either harmless are not fatal

      1. someone you don

        Well, he said he’s saving you from something worse than death, so that kind of ruins the whole “well, he still lived” thing.

    3. Of course I wouldn’t even listen to my future me. Pft. Though… If it were something bad, my dog would take care of it…… Unless… It’s my dog… O.O

    4. That makes sense….but if your future you wants you to save you…and I think it’s important. Why would your future you make thes message on a site that publishes unreal creepy storys? :DD

      1. The first words of each paragraph is
        … So you are telling yourself not to look behind you.
        Or possibly you are the rebellious type and your future self knows that you were when you read this, so you look behind you, which saves you…
        A lot of things must be assumed with this pasta. Even though i thought that this was good, i myself don’t think it deserves a 9.0, an 8.5 i think, but since while i’m writing this the rating stuff is bad… It does not work. So i cant do anything about it.

          IT’S THE WORDS:

          THE HORROR.

        2. *turns chair around* “Hmm nothing happened” *looks at story* *turns around again* *Mom is standing in front of me* “Holie shet lel I am about to get 360noscoped because I looked behind me.”

        1. see, i’m the opposite, the scariest fucking thing ever to happen to me was with my back to a wall. out of the wall someone or something whispered “hey” into my ear. i thought it was my then boyfriend but when i asked him he just said “you heard it too?” 100% serious.

        1. Some people have a hard time understanding the intricacies of language. Like the definition of a “paragraph”. Pretty advanced stuff, that English.

    1. yes! at first i was like “oh this is boring.” then i read the last sentence. crrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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