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The best horror games for 2022

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The best horror games in 2022 have everything you want – jump scares, gore, and the type of games that make you hold your breath. Clutching your headphones tight to your head so you can hear the tiny background noises – is it following you? 

Horror games that end up making the best list offer a gaming experience that stays with you long after you put the controller down. You’ll feel shaken and maybe check underneath your bed just like when you were a child. 

The best horror games rely on more than just jump scares; they offer stories so immersive you’ll feel like you’re in the game. And maybe let out more than a little whimper. 

There are also the classic horror-themed arcade and casino games online; Virgin Games have more than a few – and while they won’t make you jump with fear, they will set your pulse racing. 

Not every game on this list is brand new for 2022 – but they pack a punch real horror fans need. 

Resident Evil Village 

The Resident Evil series is famous for offering plenty of terrifying, hair-raising, heart-pumping moments. Resident Evil Village is no different. You already know from the jump that the protagonist is in for a rough ride – it just gets worse and worse until you get to the end of the game. 

Your wife went missing in Resident Evil 7, and Resident Evil 8 isn’t going to get any easier for you. An isolated village filled with creepers, feral villages and more horrors than you can shake a stick at awaiting you. 

You’ll feel tense from the start to the end, and as a warning – there are more than a few bloody moments and dismemberment – so if that’s not your jam, give this one a miss. 


Ravenous Devils

Ravenous Devils hit stores in April and made a big place for its Sweeny Todd inspiration. The point-and-click play makes the game enjoyable and easy to play for those who don’t have much experience playing games

You’re going to help Hildred and Percival out of poverty. You will be building your reputation up in both businesses and fattening your pockets too. 

Someone out there already knows that your’ choice cuts’ aren’t entirely as they appear, and your job is to make it as far as you can without being caught. 


For those looking for a game that is slightly out of the ordinary, then Unholy is it. You’re going to be one of the last humans in Last City, and you’re Saidah – a mother. A class system is in place, and humans are at the bottom of the scale. Higher classes clash, and humans are forced to live in the city’s underbelly. 

But there is nothing like a mother’s wrath, and your child is abducted – and you will go to the ends of the slums and into the throngs of other creatures to find them. 


This game is relatively combat-light, and stealth is the aim of the game. 

Nightmare of Elm Street

A horror-themed casino game! Freddy Krueger and his super-sharp hands are picking through the nightmare so that victims – and you can enjoy it in slot form, The game has movie clips, and the symbols are from the movies too. 

Although you might not want to see Freddy lined up on your screen – that is precisely what you want to do to get a massive 10,000x on your stake. 

Martha is Dead

Plunging you back into 1944, Martha is Dead is a psychological horror game – in first-person. The game heavily focuses on the loss, folklore and tragedy of war. While German and allied forces clash in Italy – you’re left to figure out what happened to lead to this death. 

The game isn’t for everyone, and that isn’t because of the gorey elements of the game – it is because it forces you to play at a slower pace. So if, as a player, you like to dictate your own gaming speed – you might struggle through this one. 

Giulia finds her twin sister’s body, and at first glance, it appears she drowned – but did she really? A lot of fetch quests and a lot of photography are going on, and you’re going to be walking everywhere. 


A couple of trigger warnings should be mentioned; childhood trauma and mental health are big features of this game. 

Little Nightmares 2

The worst game of hide and seek you’re ever going to play – probably. If you like Little Nightmare, you’ll revel in this new set of torments that will hunt you through various spooky locations. 

There are some heart-pumping moments that are more than a little exhilarating. The game is only around 4 hours if you dive in and go through it with vigour. 

The game’s skill set is the same as the last one, and there are a couple of changes to the protagonist. Mono can pick up and use a couple of weapons that can smash and swap some things. 

Six is a guide in this one, and you can follow through a relatively safe path as they jet off just a few yards in front of you. Six and Mono have a cute relationship, and it can be nice to watch and play – while trying to escape dismembered body parts chasing you at speed. 

As with the first Little Nightmares, the atmospheric noises are incredible, and some of the villains will have you shuddering – keep an eye out for the teacher. 

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