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You might not think that horror and casino games can be combined into something truly horrific! But, you’d be wrong.

The gaming industry, the music industry and the movie industry have always had crossovers. Most likely, a fan of a specific type of horror will enjoy a similar type of game.


Settling down for a night of horror movies or playing your favourite horror game is a Friday night of dreams.

There are a few horror and online casino crossovers that you should be testing out asap.

Why do horror and casinos make the perfect match?

Horror isn’t just a thing that comes and goes. Horror and some specific genres have lifelong fans.

It’s a style and lifestyle. Retro horror t-shirts, some of the best albums and cinematic moments belong to the horror genre.

Horror movies give you a heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled few hours. It’s hard to beat!


Some of the funniest moments from streaming gamers have been when they are playing a horror game and get that all-important jump scare.

Casinos and gambling is another activity that gets your heart pumping and is filled with the unexpected too.

When combined? Thrilling. 

So which horror-themed casino games should you be checking out? 

Lost Vegas Slot

The Lost Vegas Slot leans into creepy and is highly recommended by horror and gaming fans.


There are two base modes, Zombies or Survivors.

You need to land a minimum of 3 Scatter to activate the Free Spins. The Zombie Fist of Cash is randomly activated on all of the game modes.

A Blackout bonus hits at random, and every high paying symbol gets cash prizes awarded, and just a single Scatter symbol will be needed to launch a Free Spin round.

It features a 3 x 5 reel and is optimized for mobile play.


The Lost Vegas Slot is based on a dark and creepy version of the real-world Las Vegas casino.

Immortal Romance

If you love vampires, and all things gothic romance with a creepy twist, then Immortal Romance is for you.

It is reminiscent of Twilight, having an atmospheric and dark look. The piano music is the perfect accompaniment and gives a sense of despair and foreboding.

There are a total of 243 ways to win Immortal Romance, and it has a heap of special features too.


It is a vampire love story, and you can enjoy the story as you play. The Wild Desire feature turns up to 5 reels for some massive wins.

The door knock scatter is your highest-paying symbol.


Circus of Horror Slot

If clowns give you the spooks, then this is the game for you. One of the things you will be on the lookout for is the creepy clown.

The creepy clown is the wild card!

When the Sticky Wilds are activated, you will see a flashing knife on the screen, which in itself is pretty freaky.

You get to meet creepy mummies, necro-nurses and vampires—a nice mix of horror favourites.

The style of the game is pretty cool, and it leans into the circus theme. The characters and the whole board is well designed, and the clown looks just as creepy as you’d hope.


The Halloween slot is a crossover between the movie and slots. If you’ve been watching Micheal Myers for years, then this game is perfect for you.

The movie itself is still scary, and you can find all of the main characters in the slot game too.

One of the best things about this game is that it has plenty of sound clips from the movies, which adds to the excitement and tense moments.

The machine’s special features will help you escape the grasp of Micheal Myers and make your way to some horrifically big wins.

Full Moon Fortunes

This slot has secured its place as a cult classic. It’s a volatile game, and while its return to player isn’t in the 96%+ bracket, it’s still heavily played.

The max payout for Full Moon Fortunes is 12,500 x your stake per spin in the Free Spins features – Night of the Full Moon.

You’ll see all of the symbols you associate with werewolves: silver bullets, paw prints, crests, and the Full Moon Fortunes logo.

While the game itself is pretty ‘old’ in terms of releases, it has everything you want in a werewolf based game.

The tombstone is the scatter symbol, and it can be anywhere on the reels. If you get three or more, you will trigger the Night of the Full Moon Free Spins feature.

It is set in a graveyard and has some classically creepy music to accompany you playing.

Paranormal Activity

The design of the Paranormal Activity slot is disturbing. If you have watched the movies, then you know what to expect. The slightly uncomfortable imagery is perfect.

The reels flicker, and the TVs also flicker and display messages.

Winning symbols show a clip from the movie, which adds to the atmosphere and adrenaline when playing.

Expect demonic symbols, a video camera, ghostly figures and an Ouija board.

A spooky eyeless child will join the fun as your Wilds, and a blood-covered hand is you Scatter.

At the start of any spin, you can experience the paranormal event. This is when two hands press the screen (just like someone being trapped in your screen), and up to 5 extra wild symbols will appear.

Creepy and the perfect homage to the movie.


Horror and gaming, a match made in fun-filled hell!


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