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Scariest Conspiracy Theories of Today – Can They Be Real?

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Have you ever heard myths about Holocaust? Has anybody ever mentioned to you that the moon landing was faked? Did you know that 9/11 was an inside job or the Earth is actually flat? If the answer is yes, then you’re probably aware of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories. 

No one has ever proved that any of these theories are real but some people actually believe in an alternative truth. Even more, they enjoy creating puzzling stories about important events or the worldwide famous people in order to intrigue and confuse people. 

It’s hard to imagine a single area that hasn’t been a subject of conspiracy theories by now. Today people can find tons of conspiracy theories on the internet. For example, you can read some sports conspiracy theories on this page, take a look at the biggest conspiracies in pop culture here, or check out various theories regarding American politics in this article. The reason is simple. According to psychologists, making up intriguing stories increases the sense of certainty and helps people differentiate right from wrong.

In this article, we will explore the creepiest, scariest conspiracy theories of all time that people actually believe. Keep in mind that even if they seem irrational, every theory has its bases in reality. Let’s find out whether they can be true or not. 

Most Popular Scariest Conspiracy Theories

Stonehenge Is Built By Aliens

You can’t talk about Stonehenge without thinking about the mystery of bringing together these giant standing stones. The construction of this worldwide famous attraction puzzles millions of people around the world and remains a mystery. Considering that it was almost necessary for ordinary people to build this enormous structure, it’s no wonder that there are plenty of conspiracy theories about Stonehenge. One of the most popular yet scariest is that it’s made by aliens.

The theory traces back to 1968, after the publication of Erich von Däniken’s book called Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. As the author suggests, there were some alien astronauts in ancient times who were believed to be gods. The religions and technologies of ancient civilizations were created by those aliens. And the same applies to Stonehenge. According to von Däniken, Egyptian pyramids or the Moai heads of Easter Island were also created by alien gods. 

Whether it’s true or not, the question remains open – how were the stones, weighing about 30 tons, transported and brought together by people who lacked modern transportation technologies? If we consider this puzzling fact, the alien theory could somehow seem reasonable. 

Finland Doesn’t Exist

Did you think that no one ever doubts the existence of well-known countries such as Finland? Then you’re wrong. It may sound silly but actually, many people believe that Finland doesn’t exist.


According to the theory, in the Cold War era, two nations, Japan and the Soviet Union created the hoax about Finland in order to keep the great finishing area for themselves without any environmental complaints. But in fact, there was no landmass on this part of the ocean. The theory of Finland gave the Japanese an opportunity to fish without taking care of the law. The plan was also beneficial for the USSR since they received a share from Japan’s fishing industry. 

Is Finland truly a fictional country created in 1918? Where do all Finnish people live? The supporters of this conspiracy theory claim that no real country could create such a powerful and consistent education, political, and healthcare system as Finland has. But still, it’s hard to believe this theory, isn’t it?

Bigfoot Is A Real Creature

People have been questioning the existence of the mythical, giant ape-like creature called Bigfoot for centuries. According to this scary story, the creature lives in the forests of North America. Unlike other conspiracy theories that lack reasonable evidence, Bigfoot is captured on various photographs, videos, and audio recordings. 



While many people believe that all of these stories and “proof” are well-structured hoaxes, supporters of this theory have even calculated the most frequent residential areas for Bigfoot. In fact, it’s more likely to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot if you’re in the woods of Washington state, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Oregon. But still, we can’t conclude that those 2032 reported sightings of Bigfoot are actually real. 

5G Can Cause Covid-19

And the most common theory of 2021 – 5G connection can cause coronavirus. People have been making up a lot of theories about the origins and spread of the COVID-19. The 5G conspiracy tends to be one of the most popular among them. While it seems very funny for scientists, some people actually believe that the fifth generation of mobile networks is dangerous for your health, can cause the Covid-19 virus, and kill you. 

Barrie Trower is the theorist who blames 5G for the rapid spread of the pandemic. As he believes, the 5G connection damages the immune system and poses a threat of being infected by a coronavirus. Even though the scientists reportedly refuse any factual evidence of this theory, it has become mainstream in pop culture. Probably, people interlinked the two events in time and believed that 5G could be a real reason for the spread of Covid-19. But scientists have pointed out several times that the virus is transmitted via respiratory droplets and there’s no way it can be caused by 5G.

Bottom Line

Are these conspiracy theories scary enough? Do you believe them? Or maybe you’re 100% certain that none of them can be true. But the truth is, as time goes by, the conspiracy theories spread rapidly on social media and people are looking for the evidence. Maybe one day, someone will be able to prove them. But before, share your opinions and tell us which theory is your favorite!

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