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Scariest Conspiracy Theories & Legends to Celebrate Halloween

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Who doesn’t love a feeling of sudden thrills while hearing frightening Halloween stories? With Halloween just around the corner, it’s getting more and more exciting to hear scary stories about ghosts or creepy creatures. But listening to conspiracy theories and urban legends that actually have some connection with reality is indeed scarier!


As Halloween approaches, the number of people looking for scary games at websites such as Kizi, Primary Games, and even casino LV BET rapidly increases. Did you know that you can surprise your friends by telling creepy stories about Halloween video games as well? Below you’ll find a handful of scary conspiracy theories and legends. So, grab a blanket and get ready to celebrate Halloween!

Skull and Bones Theory – Yale’s Secret Society

Skull and Bones, is Yale University’s one of the most famous, yet darkest secret societies. Founded in 1832, it has inspired numerous conspiracy theorists and the reason isn’t very difficult to understand – no one really knows what this society is up to. Everyone is familiar with the common logo of skull and bones which can be found anywhere but some people doubt it actually represents the secret society at Yale University. Only the members of this society know the truth.


According to the conspiracy theory, Skull and Bones control the CIA. Even more. Some theorists link the society to the Illuminati and believe that its members want to create a totalitarian government. The members usually meet each other at a creepy place called the Tomb where you can see skeletons and scary objects everywhere. Some people even blame Skull and Bones for the Kennedy assassination or the disaster of Autumn Equinox. Now we’re pretty sure you’ll think twice before buying something with this logo again. 

The Haunting Demon Cat of the US Capitol

Although many people love cats, these animals indeed take part in plenty of creepy Halloween stories. The legend about haunting demon cats has been terrifying US citizens for centuries already. People create a lot of conspiracies about the US capitol building but this one is actually close to the truth! 




As the urban legend proves, the government building in Washington D.C. is haunted by a demon cat – a ghost of a cat that is responsible for lots of tragedies that took place in the building. D.C. is an acronym of Demon Cat instead of District of Columbia. This haunted creature shows up right before the presidential elections and meets the candidates. People say that he was seen in the capitol a few nights before the assassinations of J.F.K. and Abraham Lincoln.  This story is one of the most convincing among ghost stories about the capital because of the physical evidence  – the paw prints on the floor of the building. So, be careful if you notice a cat in this area before the elections! 

Final Fantasy VIII – Squall’s Dead

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular role-playing video games of the sci-fi genre. Everyone who has ever played this game probably acknowledges the name of the popular protagonist Squall. However, not everybody knows that the fans developed quite a convincing conspiracy theory about his death.



The conspiratorial myth proves that Squall is actually a ghost. This game was usually played using 4 discs and you needed to swap the discs as you progressed with the game. And at the end of the first disk, Squall and his crew fought against Edea who stabbed Squall in the chest. He fell off the platform and saw his lover, Rinoa reaching for him. That’s when he closes his eyes and dies. As fans believe, the entire game afterward is just a dream. The theory is so popular that people have been discussing the supporting evidence of this scary game on a specific website about Squall’s death. 

True Meaning of Halloween – It’s the Great Big Pumpkin Charlie Brown

“It’s the Great Big Pumpkin Charlie Brown” is a classic Halloween movie that many Halloween lovers watch every single year. It’s hard to resist watching the movie as Halloween approaches, as it’s associated with childhood memories and joy. But chances are high that the dark side of this movie will make you rethink your childhood. As the conspiracy theory about this movie says, Charlie Brown was actually a god who killed the parents of trick or treating kids. The reason was that he himself didn’t have parents. We don’t know whether it’s true but probably, after hearing this story, you won’t look at this character in the same way as before!


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