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Quick Note About Post/Link Bug – SQUASHED

November 17, 2014 Announcements
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  2. The Man on Easter Island ★ 9.29 Rating (17 votes)
  3. Zero ★ 9.28 Rating (18 votes)
  4. Breach ★ 9.25 Rating (20 votes)
  5. Safe ★ 9.22 Rating (45 votes)
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    UPDATE: With the help of Nitro Themes, this bug has been fixed. Thank you!

    Hi, everyone. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that yes, I am aware of the weird bug that’s preventing direct-clicks to posts from loading properly all the time.

    If you haven’t experienced it yet: for some people, attempting to click the post title directly will end up with the post either loading infinitely or redirecting to the main page. So as an example, clicking this link will either take you to the post but not ever load any content, or it will redirect and just dump you right back at the site index:

    weird glitch one

    However, if you use direct links (for example, clicking an individual post link from Google, Twitter, etc), click the comment link at the top of each post, or use the right-click-open-new-window, the pages and posts will load completely fine.

    weird glitch workaround one

    workaround 2

    This bug showed up with another back-end glitch early this morning. While the back-end issue has been fixed, we are still attempting to figure out what’s causing the redirect for certain links. Hopefully, it will be fixed within a day, but even if not, please don’t panic! Just know that it is being worked on and there are multiple workarounds so that you can still read and comment on individual pasta pages.

    Feedback on the new look is welcome, but be aware that if this issue is traced to the new theme and I can’t figure out how to squash this bug, this look won’t be sticking around.

    Thanks for your patience, everyone.

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  12. Pica ★ 8.55 Rating (62 votes)
  13. They Just Won’t Move ★ 7.9 Rating (247 votes)
  14. I Believe in the One ★ 8.37 Rating (233 votes)
  15. Monstruo ★ 8.28 Rating (163 votes)
  16. The Valentine House ★ 5.19 Rating (131 votes)
  17. Box Fort ★ 8.88 Rating (316 votes)
  18. Give It Everything ★ 8.04 Rating (141 votes)
  19. Trailer ★ 8.34 Rating (266 votes)
  20. Drippy ★ 6.67 Rating (211 votes)
  21. I Hunt Down the Government’s Mistakes ★ 8.98 Rating (288 votes)
  22. Patron of the Arts ★ 7.96 Rating (166 votes)