Monday, December 18, 2017

Those eys

Those Eyes

There was this one time when I was younger—about five or six years old, when we had moved into a new house It was just me & my mother most of the time since my father worked long hours during the evening into the early morning We had been in the house no longer than two or three weeks & the school year was coming to a close Only now had my parents explained to me what had happened in...[Read More]

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November 15, 2017 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown
A diner open 25 hours a day

A Diner Open 25 Hours a Day

Late one night, I found myself driving down what seemed liked an endless stretch of road I was on my way back from a week-long business trip, facing at least a twelve hour drive home Having always been afraid of planes and heights in general, the monotonous trek was unavoidable Though tedious and sometimes downright soul-crushing, I'd grown used to the lonely road trips back and forth from state to state In an effort to minimize my time behind the wheel,...[Read More]

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November 14, 2017 Creepypasta Beings & Entities
The Scornful

The Scornful

“The Scornful” By Brandon Gulling   Latvia SSR, 6 January, 1942 Johannes Wulf, MD My stomach aches and churns from hunger I feel the acid slowly eating away at the lining, like lava carving a canyon through a mountain Even the rats feel the pain of hunger, violently picking at their fallen kin, as mange sets in Supply routes are shut down from the storm, leaving us stranded The wind howls overhead, bringing clouds of gray with an icy promise that seals us in a...[Read More]

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November 13, 2017 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Dreams & Madness

A Deadly Legacy

Linda Harper came of her own will, even if someone else’s had summoned her Her daughter wasn’t so willing “Couldn’t you have got this stuff posted to you” Simone Harper asked from the passenger seat, not for the first time “It’d cost too much – there’s a lot of heavy papers and books,” Linda explained with fraying patience, as she turned off onto a quiet country lane “Besides, it was only polite I offered to do the packing myself” “No, you offered me...[Read More]

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November 13, 2017 Creepypasta Artifacts & Objects

Three Go In…

Sneaking into the abandoned house had been a simple affair, just prying a few loose boards from a window and slipping in through over the broken glass No big deal But now it seemed impossible to get out The window had vanished, leaving instead a wall covered in peeling paint with deep scratches on it, as if someone with long nails had been raking the walls over and over I stared at the rooms available to us: a living room, a...[Read More]

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November 12, 2017 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown
The Mirror


I wouldn't say I'm a narcissist but I have learned how to appreciate my looks, take care of myself and keep up my looks, I'm not going to have them forever after all My friends would agree that I have a habit of always looking at my reflection I was about 21 when this happened, it was my birthday and my older friends took me out drinking I had drinks in my teen years but once I knew I was legal...[Read More]

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November 11, 2017 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown needs volunteers!

Hey guys! We are looking to build our Youtube channel and are looking for narrators! If the thought of reading one of our Creepypastas on the official Creepypastacom Youtube interests you then please contact us at [email protected] Please include your name, the Creepypasta you wish to narrate (we will be only allowing one narration per story on our channel) and any experience you may have  If you haven't subscribed to the Creepypasta Youtube Channel make sure you do that now! We are...[Read More]

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November 11, 2017 Creepypasta Uncategorized

Why I will never play the Ouija board again.

Why I will never play the Ouija board again This is why I will never play the Ouija board again It was 1964 and my sister and I were 13 Year old identical twins We were living with our mother in rural Scotland, parties were all the rage in the 60s and this night was one of those nights The house we lived in was a three story building with the living quarters planned out on the top two floors The...[Read More]

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November 11, 2017 Creepypasta Artifacts & Objects, Beings & Entities, Murders & Deaths, Rites & Rituals, Strange & Unknown

Creepy Woman

I live in what most people would consider to be a small town It's nothing like backcountry, but a small suburb I work in the city which is about an hour commute from my house In order to save gas, I bought a little old 250cc motorcycle that I use to ride to work and back I usually start work in the afternoon and get off at around 11pm This particular night, the boss needed a hand with some things...[Read More]

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November 10, 2017 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown

The Lantern

1 The House It sank deep into his mind that he was being watched in the cold neighborhood The light green shade of fog rolled through the houses It covered the street completely like a blanket, and anyone that went through there at this time would shiver and people could hear chattering of teeth in the silence of the town The small, decrepit town There were some empty houses that no soul would ever want to even touch, or look at for...[Read More]

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November 9, 2017 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown

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