Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Saw My Name on the News as a Prime Murder Suspect

I was sitting on the sofa, eating a reheated slice of pizza, when I saw it My Facebook profile picture On the local news Underneath the text: PRIME SUSPECT IN JACKSON MURDER I blinked Rubbed my eyes once, twice “The prime suspect is 24-year-old Hamburg resident, Amanda Duffy” My name She said my name My heart doubled its tempo in my chest “Kaylee Jackson’s family demands justice We all do” “Who the hell is Kaylee Jackson” I shouted at the newscaster As if to answer my question, a...[Read More]

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January 7, 2019 Creepypasta Murders & Deaths, Strange & Unknown

I Found a Letter From My Stalker

I found this note, nailed onto a tree on my front lawn I really don't know how to describe it I'll just let you read it yourself [Note start] I saw you today It was your birthday You didn't see me, you hardly ever do these days Your skin looked so nice and healthy, and your eyes, they were the most beautiful I'd ever seen them You've grown so much I remember how you different used to look when you were younger I remember the...[Read More]

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January 6, 2019 Creepypasta Dreams & Madness, Strange & Unknown

He Won’t Stop Tapping

I live in an attic, a small renovated space in a house that’s older than most I always pay my rent on time, keep quiet after 9 PM, and am unfailingly polite when I run into my neighbors, which isn’t often Every night now, I hear him at my window My bed is tucked away into an alcove, and it’s the only place in my studio apartment where you can’t see the single window in the room It used to make me feel secure,...[Read More]

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January 6, 2019 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Strange & Unknown


The moment I had signed the sales contract for the old farmhouse I'd been happier than I was in years You see, in life, I did everything right I headed the advice of my teachers and parents After I'd finished school, I went on to university and got my degree in business I graduated with honors and started working at a fancy company After a decade and a half, I'd climbed high enough on the corporate ladder to be head of...[Read More]

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January 5, 2019 Creepypasta Locations & Sites, Murders & Deaths

I Found a Forum for Dead People

It’s a tale as old as the internet itself You’re killing your boredom by browsing the net Mindlessly scrolling through pictures and reading through forums One click leads to another, and before you know it you’ve tripped and fallen down the rabbit hole to the weirder parts of the internet Now, I’m not all that tech-savvy, but I suppose I’m intelligent enough understand the concept of unlisted websites Things you can’t find through a Google search, but that exists if you have...[Read More]

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January 5, 2019 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Rites & Rituals

A Psychic Built Me a Soulmate

The flyer was stuck in my mailbox Red paper with big black letters ARE YOU UNLUCKY IN LOVE ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW, EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH TO LOVE FIND YOUR SOULMATE AT XX MAIN STREET That’s all I needed to hear I’m 36 I have 14 ex-boyfriends, 5 ex-girlfriends, and 0 current love interests I'm sick of ramen dinners for one and the judgmental stare of my cat But when I got to the address, I was sorely disappointed It was a psychic The large, purple...[Read More]

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January 4, 2019 Creepypasta Rites & Rituals, Strange & Unknown

I Was a Christmas Elf

Mrs Claus sat in her rocker, a half completed sweater resting on her lap The alarm clock on the small table beside her rang its shrill alarm through the warm air of the house, announcing that it was now 1 AM She reached for it, hitting the button at the top with a light ting and silencing the sound She cranked the dial back another hour so that it would ring at 2 AM This was how we kept track of...[Read More]

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January 4, 2019 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Rites & Rituals


Part 1 I work in restoration Your house or business floods My crew comes in, dries everything up, cleans the baseboards, preps the place, tosses the ruined stuff into a dumpster and hauls it away We leave the place clean and ready for a fresh coat of paint I'm usually pretty proud of the work me and my crew does We do it all too Mostly we have to do flood damage, but there are times when we get called to...[Read More]

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January 3, 2019 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Rites & Rituals

The Most Terrifying 911 Call I’ve Ever Received

“911 What’s your emergency” I said as I answered the phone “There’s a bat in my house” A loud scream came over the speaker “Send someone to come and get it” “Alright ma’am, I will send animal control over as soon as possible” The caller thanked me and said she will be outside waiting I pressed the button to dispatch the nearest unit I sat in my cubicle, doodling with my ballpoint pen on a piece of blank white paper Being a dispatcher isn’t always...[Read More]

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January 3, 2019 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Locations & Sites, Murders & Deaths, Strange & Unknown

The Wormhole

Part 1 I stared at the odd hole that had appeared in my arm overnight It was located on the inside of my forearm just before the bend of my elbow I’m positive it wasn’t there when I went to bed last night How can I be so sure Easy, because there used to be a mole where the hole is It’s like the mole collapsed in on itself and became a hole I couldn’t tell how deep the hole was All...[Read More]

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January 2, 2019 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Strange & Unknown