Wednesday, March 21, 2018

bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot Eyes

Thomas sat in the courtroom, wringing his hands anxiously His eyes darted from the judge, to the jury, to his father He hated his father He needed to be thrown in prison It's where he belongs Where he's always belonged They called Thomas up to his place as a witness He didn't wait for anyone to speak, give him a signal, to make him swear he won't tell a lie He immediately slammed his sweaty hands down on the podium “HE IS...[Read More]

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March 8, 2018 Creepypasta Murders & Deaths
take on me

Take On Me

I open my eyes and try to move I notice that my arms are cuffed to a stainless steel wall, my legs are free I look around and notice a man lying face down on a gurney on the other side of the room His hands and feet bound by wires holding him in place Surgical tools surround him I'm not sure if he's alive or dead A beautiful blonde woman is walking around him talking to herself Mumbling I can't...[Read More]

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March 8, 2018 Creepypasta Murders & Deaths
dying light

Dying Light

During that uncanny hour when night and day become one, shadows crawl throughout the house searching for scraps of light to feast upon The candle burning at my side casts a luminous dish upon my withered face- a feast to commemorate the splitting of this world Where once my thoughts were fixated on days yet to come, now they desperately seek solace within the bittersweet memories of a bygone yesterday How queer it is to lay upon this bed, with...[Read More]

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March 7, 2018 Creepypasta Dreams & Madness
fate humanity

The Fate of Humanity

When Anthony Willis pulled up to the Twisted Tree Inn, he had to check his map to make sure that he was at the right place But, according to the map, he was When his friend had told him that the place looked a little old fashioned, he’d thought that maybe it would look Victorian, or perhaps even colonial, but certainly not something that looked like it’d jumped straight out of a Grimm’s fairy tale The dirty old cottage had...[Read More]

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March 6, 2018 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown
The Scalp of Rabid Wolf

The Scalp of Rabid Wolf

Of the early days of the world, after our ancestors crossed the Bering Straight and millennia before any of the tribes we know of today existed, very little is actually remembered Sure, there are tales of the beginning of Man, and of the Earth, but those are only fables… legends told to explain what was then unexplainable This, however, is not a fable, but a story A story probably distorted by time, but at its core true nonetheless It is in...[Read More]

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March 5, 2018 Creepypasta Artifacts & Objects
garbage strike

Garbage Strike

Fwd: Fwd: Dangerous Cover-up T, Think this one bears serious inspection As usual, recommend we keep the specifics encrypted until we can verify and devise a best course of action Don’t want to start a panic - N ------------ Dear 'N', Thank you for getting back to me You have no idea how relieved I am that your group is interested in the information I’ve gathered http:fÕ¤UŸ^Œä«}žºèHÜÆÒÐÓÛÜÂ\ùŠ,î7]·À's4ç† This Onionshare folder contains all my case notes, recordings and photos I’ve been sitting on this for more than 2 years...[Read More]

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March 4, 2018 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Murders & Deaths


“Wake up,” a stifled squeal carried across the room, “Jesus Christ! Wake up!” Elise desperately clinches her bed sheets until her nails dig into her palm The room is mostly dark, but the moon gently aluminates the small space with a beam of light The light bounces off the white tiles and polished woodwork of the Smith’s master bedroom The fireplace smolders in the corner and a red glint stretches across the floor before disappearing in the pail light of the...[Read More]

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March 3, 2018 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown


I’ve always had a thing about eyes I mean, yeah, we all have them and some of them are super pretty, but that’s not what I mean I mean eye stuff – things happening to, or wrong with, eyes – really creeps me out It started when I was a kid and I kept having a recurring nightmare about my brother poking his eye out with a stick This never happened in real life, of course, but in my dreams, it...[Read More]

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March 2, 2018 Creepypasta Dreams & Madness
Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend

Jessie poured me some tea We were using the pink tea set today, and I was wearing a dress that matched, with pink polka dots Jessie had a blue jumper on, her favorite, and her sunshine-colored hair was high up on her little head in two long braids Jessie smiled at me, and I felt very warm inside “Would you like some more tea” She asked politely, holding up the pink tea pot high in the air I nodded excitedly, holding...[Read More]

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March 1, 2018 Creepypasta Strange & Unknown


“Can we play mommy, now” “Kitty, I’m tired,” Alicia sighed The closet door creaked wider as the child rolled over to see Kitty’s glass eyes gleaming in the darkness of the closet “But I’ve been waiting all day!’ whined Kitty in its gruff little voice “And we haven’t played in sooo long” The child watched as the creature’s small shaggy body emerged from around the base of the door and shambled swiftly across the floor to her bed It was amazing how Kitty had...[Read More]

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February 27, 2018 Creepypasta Beings & Entities

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