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Chapter VI I had managed to find the dark place described in the journals It was apparent that I was not looking hard enough during my first few perusals of Kathryn’s entries, because all of the clues were there My greatest mistake was in assuming that the only important sections were those pertaining to her diabolical club I made a point to shy away from entries that were too personal in some kind of late respect for the deceased girl In...[Read More]

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December 1, 2017 Creepypasta Murders & Deaths


While I am writing this in my home and at the time I usually fill my journal with my week’s exploits, my past entries pale in comparison to what I am about to document In between my last entire and now, my mind, which is home to rational and logical thought, has been penetrated by the world of fiction and fantasy It was late on Tuesday night when I received a letter from my now deceased friend Henry Doctom Doctom...[Read More]

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November 27, 2017 Creepypasta Locations & Sites


My name is Abram, and I’m from a rural town in Montana by the name of Millsbe A quiet farming town, I always had room to move about with my friends The parlor would always welcome us, and we spent our evenings roaming the field I’ve always had fond memories of my hometown I had loved my family and friends, and most of my memories of the town bear such emotions But something has edged its way into my mind A...[Read More]

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November 27, 2017 Creepypasta Murders & Deaths
the happiest child

The Happiest Child

The middle-aged man was pacing around the room slowly, explaining the situation and evidence dramatically to his fellow workers as he scanned a couple pieces of papers "This was an incident recorded 6 years ago" The man looked up from his papers, staring at the confusion on each other person in the room, sitting at the long table "This case was known as the 'Waffle' incident It involved a mass murder in just a week of this very town This might...[Read More]

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November 24, 2017 Creepypasta Beings & Entities, Murders & Deaths, Strange & Unknown
the keepsake box

The Keepsake Box

The sound of the autumn leaves crunching beneath my boots projected itself through the forest around me Finally, I could breathe in the fresh air of the mountainside and feel alive again I love my place here in the mountains, there is just something special about the peace and quiet Naturally, you can assume that when I finished my deployment in Iraq and was given block leave to go home for a short while, I quickly accepted the opportunity Here I...[Read More]

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November 24, 2017 Creepypasta Artifacts & Objects
the beast beyond the lake

The Beast Beyond The Lake

1 I squirted a hefty portion of the nasty smelling disinfectant in a bucket half full of water and mopped the entire house flooring just to ensure there were no germs left Then I sprayed some disinfectant in the corners of my house--aromatic lavender says the spray bottle--it does smell like lavenders and it manages to kill the stink of that trashy floor disinfectant which had no flavor Once done with the floor, I took my laundry out, handed it with...[Read More]

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November 20, 2017 Creepypasta Beings & Entities
shes got tewo left

She’s Got Two Left

Church bells rang through the cold December night as softly as a whisper The final ring hung in the air as she held her breath It sent a chill down her spine that no cold night could She’d seen no church before, but there it was sitting, before her, door open as if someone expected her It had been a rough night to that point; losing her license and hitting an animal that ran away before she could catch a glimpse...[Read More]

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November 19, 2017 Creepypasta Beings & Entities

The Poet

Excerpt from a local newspaper: 'MAN BRUTALLY MURDERED IN STREET On Monday morning 96-year-old Truman Kumar was attacked murdered outside of a small restaurant near his home He had been on his way to get breakfast with his daughter Emilia Kumar Emilia still shaken from the event, tells her story “It had started as just another normal Monday morning I had met him at his house about ten minutes prior He was already dressed and waiting on me when I got there, he...[Read More]

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November 18, 2017 Creepypasta Dreams & Madness, Murders & Deaths

Vilification [parts I & II]

Vilification - By Shannon Higdon Vilify [vil-uh-fahy]: verb (used with object), 1 To speak ill of; defame; slander 2 To make vile   He awoke into an imperceptible brightness; lights, many bright lights, coming in from all directions and making it impossible to see beyond the glare The details of the room were blurred into a thick smear and his initial reaction was to wipe his eyes He couldn’t Upon discovering the restraints at his wrists and ankles a shot of panicked adrenaline...[Read More]

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November 18, 2017 Creepypasta Beings & Entities


This is, by reputation, a website for fictional horror stories that might make you look over your shoulder or turn the lights back on a few times, but I wanted to take this time to assure you that everything you're about to read is true Yeah, yeah, they all say that But trust me, I wouldn't make this up if I could So one day, when I was still in high school, I had to go to the library for some...[Read More]

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November 16, 2017 Creepypasta Murders & Deaths

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