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New Submission Schedule as of 3/27/2013

March 27, 2013 Announcements
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Here’s the current situation: due to certain circumstances, I am mostly reading submissions via a tablet right now. This makes it pretty easy to get through submissions, but getting them scheduled/pasted to crappypasta/replied to is definitely better suited to be done at a desktop. For the next few days, I’ll still be mostly using said tablet, so I’m focusing on just reading and sorting, reading and sorting – well, truthfully, there’s not much more to be done on that particular side of things.

In the next week, you should all expect to get responses if your pasta was approved or if it made it on to Crappypasta. Note that I am trying not to overload Crappypasta, so those of you who are ending up there may get your reply even later than everyone else. I don’t like to spam post on Crappypasta, since I like to give each author time to be on the front page and get advice and attention, and it’s easier for me to just send people replies once their pasta has already been uploaded. So for those of you who wondered if the 15-pasta per day thing was intentional: yes. I want to make sure the regulars over there have the chance to take a look at every pasta, thus hopefully encouraging more critiques and advice.

So that particular delay is explained, and I don’t foresee that anyone will still be waiting on their response by the time of the next open period. Speaking of which…

Here is the new submission open/closed schedule for the next few months!





Of course, this is tentative. If any huge emergencies or hacks or anything else – knock on wood – happen, the schedule may be altered. But you guys now have a general idea of when you can plan to submit and when you can plan to write, rewrite, edit, etcetera.

And yes, I am intentionally closing submissions around finals/exams time and when people need to be working on their summer homework that they probably put off all break. Concentrate on school/college during those times, guys! Consider this a special message from a certain teacher friend of mine =P

That’s all I’ve got to say for now. Derpbutt out.

UPDATE: ALL PRIOR SUBMISSIONS HAVE BEEN PROCESSED. If you have not received a reply and you know that you submitted during the previous open period,  you probably fell into one of the following categories:

1. My email ended up in your spam folder (very common, it seems)
2. You checked “no” on Crappypasta and your story was rejected
3. You messed up the submit form somehow (a lot of people sent me “pastas” that were just a few words for some reason or one word and lots of blank space)
4. You entered your email address incorrectly (also very common, and there’s no way for me to tell people they’ve done this as I don’t magically know people’s correct email accounts)
5. It simply didn’t make it for whatever reason (sometimes our firewall blocks submissions if it thinks they have suspicious/spammy phrasing or are an attempt to inject malicious code/exploits, sometimes people leave the submit page before the form submits, sometimes the site just plain brainfarts)
6. And lastly (but rarely), if your submission was an obvious troll (personal or racist attacks) or really offensive (see FAQ), it would just be deleted and the sender added to my block list.

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