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Most Intriguing Conspiracy Theories of Today – Dare To Believe

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In the era of technologies conspiracy theories spread around the world faster than anybody could have imagined decades ago. Today everybody knows something about the myths of Coronavirus, horrifying plots of the assassination of political figures or celebrities’ lives. While some people prove that these theories can be verified by facts, others think that their authors created them to confuse people. In any case, there are some conspiracy theories that always thrill and scare us, whether we believe them or not. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the scariest conspiracy theories of the modern world. Keep in mind that 1 in 3 Americans believe they’re actually true! 

TikTok Conspiracy about Human Trafficking 

We all know that TikTok has a great influence on people. Today it’s one of the main sources of spreading conspiracy theories around the world.  Recently a conspiracy about human trafficking went viral on TikTok and a user with the name @tythecrazyguy accused one of the online casinos of being involved in human trafficking. In fact, according to TY, online gambling company Roobet makes kidnapped and enslaved people work as dealers. The user shared the theory with his 3.7 million followers and not surprisingly, many of them believe that it’s true. 

While many people thought that this claim would negatively affect the online gambling industry, actually there are still plenty of online casinos on the rise. For example, players can find plenty of reputable Non-Gamstop casinos on casinos not on gamstop. But the same doesn’t apply to Roobet casino. However, the accusation doesn’t seem completely accurate because the games on Roobet are provided by Evolution Gaming, one of the most authoritative providers of live games. Still, many people are scared about the fact that human trafficking exists so quietly in this huge part of today’s society. 

Covid-19 Vaccines Contain Satan’s Microchips

The number of people believing in Covid-19-related conspiracies spreads at a rapid pace, exactly as the virus itself. Probably you’ve heard at least one myth about the coronavirus and its origins. But the theory that Covid-19 vaccines contain microchips takes people’s worries to a whole new level. And even more, did you know these microchips were connected to Satan? 

Believe it or not, it’s true. People do believe that after vaccination they are being tracked by implanted microchips that existed for years and now Satan has the chance to rule the world. This conspiracy theory was produced by Alex Jones who indeed succeeded in horrifying people around the world. Now they actually suspect that the government uses vaccines to surveil people. But don’t worry if you believe in science because researchers prove that no such technology exists. 


Skinwalkers Are Captivating the Internet

Theories about mythical creatures and monsters terrify people even today. Even though the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot are not on point anymore, recently people were frightened by the idea that Skinwalkers are captivating the internet. According to Native American legend, these creatures are witch-like monsters that transform into an animal and hunt people. 

Conspiracy theory about skinwalkers was revived by a TikTok user John Soto (@that1cowboy). He’s been speaking about possible encounters with a skinwalker for months and finally, he managed to post evidence – a video where a skinwalker calls out his horse and the horse stops. Even though people who didn’t grow up in the Southwest US had no idea about the existence of skinwalkers, now the theory has become popular and people seem to be actually scared of this mythical creature. 


Research Facility in Alaska is a Mind-control Lab

It’s already been years since the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has been attracting the public’s attention. While it’s a well-known fact that HAARP is one of the most powerful transmitter facilities in the world, no one really knows what’s happening inside this Alaskan facility. People have been creating conspiracies about its motives and the theory that it’s actually a mind-control lab is definitely the wildest one among them. 

According to the theory, the government is using this facility to control the mind of the citizens via shortwave radio communication. The scientists working in HAARP are accused of conducting mind-control experiments and controlling Americans unconsciously. But you should know that the accusation about mind-controlling isn’t the only blame for the HAARP. Actually, this military research facility has been blamed for everything from earthquakes to floods and the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia. 


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