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There was once a guy living in our neighborhood named Jimmy, he got picked on a lot for being a confident and funny guy, his mouth tended to get him into a lot of trouble and he seldom learned his lesson. He was just very content with who he was and refused to change it. When people asked him why he let them wail on him for his blunt comedy and wisecracks, he’d smirk and say, “Honesty is the best policy, at least they’re not hiding anything from me and neither am I from them.”

One of the kids he indadvertedly pissed off with a rather crude MILF joke was something of a psychopath with a sadistic streak who didn’t take kindly to the insult. So he rounded up the other guys who didn’t like Jimmy and they cornered him after school in the science room.

“Your mouth got you into this… I want you to remember that.” Brett, the ringleader, told him as he looked into Jimmy’s terrified eyes.

They grabbed some formic acid stored in the lab and threw it in his face. They stood around watching him scream in agony as it ate through his flesh before sniggering and running out, pretending to be concerned and wanting help for him.

When the paramedics arrived and were attending to Jimmy (who was no longer able to scream), the principal asked the boys if they knew what happened. Their leader Brett explained they were walking past when they saw Jimmy skulking around the lab room, by the time they got in there, he was already in that state. The other members joined in and backed Brett up with other fake details as Jimmy tried to protest in silent agony. The principal nodded and told them he would speak to them after he had a word with Jimmy and gotten his side of the story after he was out of hospital.

A few days passed and Jimmy was kept in ICU with bandages on his face, the doctors salvaging what little they could of his face, his vision still intact in one eye and his jaw withstanding despite the loss of flesh. He was still unable to speak and refused to respond to anyone. He just sat there, eyes unblinking & staring at the ceiling, bloodshot and filled with animosity. When he was discharged sometime later, he would not respond to anyone with anything other than the word “LIARS.” His social life gone, unable to smile or even crack a joke anymore, he secluded himself in his room and began planning. Sick vindictive thoughts started appearing in his mind, he would get them all one by one, decimate them, slice them, burn them. He waited patiently until the the group would be vulnerable, late at night when they said their goodbyes and went home separately. That’s when he would strike.

That weekend, Brett received a package in the mail. Curiously, he opened it to find a VHS tape with the words “For You” etched crudely onto the front. He put it in and played it.

It was a crudely recorded home video by an unknown camera man who didn’t speak at all for the duration of the film. It began with the camera pointing at the date on a newspaper, it was yesterday. As he zoomed out, you could see it was in a basement, a single flickering lightbulb hanging above and casting an uncomfortable scene. By the time he’d completely zoomed out, it was apparent this was no normal video. In front of the cameraman & on his hands knees was one of Brett’s friends. He was naked, a dirty blindfold around his face and a crude gag in his mouth. He was covered in blood, horrific burns, lacerations and wounds. One particularly large one on his back stood out that almost looked like a word….

The cameraman, with gloved hands, took the gag out of the crying boy’s mouth and immediately he begged to go home.

“Please, PLEASE let me go man….I…I did what you wanted! Oh god…Jesse, Mike, Keith….you made me fucking butcher them! I just wanna go home man….Please….I’m sorry guys….I’m so…so sorry….”

He just kept repeating it over and over, rocking back and forth as he did so.

Brett’s legs began to shake and he felt the bile rise in his stomach, he could see the burned, mangled bodies in the background. The bodies of his friends. All of them have markings on their body in deep, large cuts.

The cameraman reached out for the boy’s chin and lifted it up, encouraging him to stand. He did so obediently as he was slowly led to a door off screen, whimpering. Brett can see what’s been cut into his friend’s back now. It’s the word “LIAR”. The camera cuts out temporarily.

When it restarts again, they’re no longer inside. They’re instead out in the cold snow on the outskirts of the woods and it doesn’t appear to be the original man holding the camera anymore. It’s Brett’s friend. He’s whimpering and shivering as he holds the camera in one place for 30 seconds, pointing at some trees in the distance, hearing footsteps draw ever nearer.


The boy is screaming and crying, frightened out of his mind as the sound of crunching snow draws nearer from seemingly every angle.

It stops.

He turns around to see the mangled face of Jimmy, a horrifying howl blares through the speakers and the word “LIARS” appears before the tape abruptly stops.

Brett feels faint and darts to lock the front door, knowing what was coming. As he turns to run for it, he immediately hits something and falls backwards.

The last thing he ever hears is “LIARS” as acid runs down his face and begins to slowly eat away at his flesh.

The last thing he ever sees is Jimmy’s face, contorting into a sick, twisted smile.

Credit To: Ivysir

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136 thoughts on “Liars”

  1. thatonegirlwhojumpedoffabuildi

    remind me not to lie to my parents ever again……………………………………………………

  2. LadyBlackheartStorytime

    Very well written! I like how the story strays away from the typical “slasher/killer” trope a little bit. This story should definitely be more popular!

  3. Yummy pasta, indeed. That was quite enjoyable. I must agree with some others here in saying that it seemed a tiny bit rushed. Details and length are never a problem in a story when it’s well-written. I liked the photo, as well; it adds a little Parmesan to the pasta. I look forward to more helpings from you, Ivysir.

  4. BLIN!….
    This is why I love creepypastas…
    When you’re fed up with stalinium-boosted rush-b-cykas and you just want some kompot and a good fairy tale to read

  5. This story is just…
    It is not good at all.
    It has potential, so much it actually almost a creepypasta
    But that ending.. COME ON!
    COME ON!
    It really was stupid, it killed the realism in all.
    Like, I hate when stories kill off characters like – SNAP! –
    This just is not good storing writing, so I give it.

    A WHAT IS THIS!/10

    The story started out well, jumping right into the action
    Jimmy didn’t feel like another Mary Sue killer, because those just… Ew.

    Acid in a science lab in a school?
    Letting Jimmy out of the hostpital? Are you KIDDING ME?!
    Killing off everyone, I was hoping the story wouldn’t…

    Oh, and if you think the pictures is scary, stop being a weenie.

  6. The high rating that this story has shows to me how people will always eat up the Jeff the Killer formula like it’s breakfast cereal. This story has way too much similarities to that story. Both stories have a normal kid who gets bullied into insanity and becomes disfigured as a result of them. Both stories eventually end with him killing them also.

    Also, the bullies sounded unrealistically violent If the story wants the viewer to take them seriously then it should go into depth about why they are overly-violent. If someone said some crude joke to a bully, I don’t think that he would throw acid in his face. I’m sure that they just beat him up.

    Also, this story is very short and it seemed sort of rushed through and it looked like the author just made up the events as he wrote the story.

    I give this story a 2/10 only because it doesn’t have as many plot holes in Jeff the Killer. However, it is still garbage.

  7. A Human Just Like You

    Some parts of the story seems like Jeff’s story.
    It haves bullies who hurt the main character. And the main character become insane… and kills the bullies brutally, but otherwise, the story is great.

  8. Honestly not scared but it was a good story. Felt bad for Jimmy. And for all of you who are scared, you weren’t the one to pour acid on his face so why would he try to kill you even if this were a true story? No need to worry ;)

  9. I’m sorry, but I can’t see this as anything more than an overrated revenge fantasy. It was too similar to Jeff – too-perfect and happy kid is picked on by cartoonishly violent, angry bullies until a confrontation ends with the protagonist sustaining a life-changing, disfiguring wound to his face. Protagonist becomes unhinged and murders others in a gruesome fashion. All that’s missing is a “bandages finally come off” scene and a shitty catchphrase.

  10. I tried to scroll down this first since I’m on my mobile and then BOOM the picture scared the shit outta me, I took it as a sign and read the pasta. Very well written I have to say although I think I would have liked it better if it went into more detail of how they died. All in all not bad 9/10.
    Also: photobomb. Level: Slendy!

  11. Is it just me, or does the protagonist of this story seem a bit angry? Ah well, the bullies got what they deserved. Painfully, horribly, and bloodily, but hey- Teaches you not to throw acid on someone’s face.

  12. It was an alright pasta, not sure about the picture at the end. Personally I can’t take it very seriously with the picture.

  13. I was wondering what that pic was! Well, the more you know. ;) Good story! I would go insane too if someone used freaking ACID on my face! FREAKING ACID!!!!!!!

  14. Good story, could have been longer though. My heart just dropped when I scrolled to the picture. Probably what brought the whole pasta together because I was not expecting that! Good job!

  15. Ok i’m going to start off my commentary by saying that when I was scrolling to the previous story at the bottom of the preview page, I saw the picture at the end of this one going by pretty quickly. I went back and looked at i without reading the story and all I cold say was “What the HELL?! What the fuck is THAT?!?!”

    now that I have actually read the story: VERY GOOD! It was well written, a few grammatical errors, but it’s normal to see.

    It made me think of a kid that used to live in my neighborhood. His name was Timothy and he was constantly made fun of. His parents were abusive and one day his mother threw hot soup on him. His face, arms and chest were terribly burned which made the kids at school make fun of him even more. My brother an i were the only ones that actually stood up for him to the other kids, which caused us to get beat up a lot. After three years Timothy and is family just disappeared. Their stuff was still in their house and they left seemingly in the middle of the night. I wonder what happened to him. (sorry, this was not a attempt at a creepypasta story. Sorry if it seemed like one but this story jus reminded me of my childhood and this poir kid i used to play with.)

    But I digress, Nice story over all, I loved it.

    9/10 stars

    1. Nicola Marie Jackson

      That’s so very sad and I’m glad that he had you and your bother. Some people are just shits and not everyone who has children deserve them Xx

  16. I Hate Assumptions

    “he got picked on a lot for being a confident and funny guy”

    When someone is “picked on,” that means that bullies push them around and call them names.
    This would not happen to someone who is “confident and funny.” It’s an oxymoron. And you’re just a moron.

    1. I would be interested to see if it could in fact be stretched too movie length, but yes it would scare the absolute shit out of me no doubt.

  17. Anna Spiring Arthur

    I was scrolling down to see how long it was, and saw the picture. Thats what made me read it. Truthfully, i threw my phone (im using the mobile version) across the room when i saw it. Anything that gets that kind of reaction out of me is amazing. Well done.

  18. This was a really cool story, but it could’ve been longer and more detailed and you used the word ‘crudely’ a bit too often… but other than that, it was great and the pictured definitely freaks me out :P 6/10

  19. I didn’t find that scary at all, those bastards obviously deserved it, I mean they ruined this kids life, and scarred him both physically and literally, assholes.

  20. I actually prefer the original pasta. This is good, nonetheless, but the original is far batter, with more detail and more to read. This isn’t “Jeff the Killer”, the original story, so why is it posted there in the Famously Creepy section. This story probably won’t stay with me, or if it will, not for long at all.

  21. What? This isnt jeff… I much rather the other story! what is this? Wheres jeff the killers story? This is NOT jeff…
    Jeff is my faverate creepypasta character and its all changed. Whos Jimmy?? We wont jeffs story back! :( This story isnt as good… If i am mixed up with another story sorry but i nclickes jeff the killer NOT this guy…Its the same story but with another guy and its terrible… I hope the OTHER story comes back…

    thank you… =^=

  22. Wait, in the photo that isn’t jeff’s face now..IS IT?? because if it is, he better come to colorado >.<

  23. @ Anonymous, A few boys lit a kid on fire because he called the cops on them for stealing his fathers bike. Kids pouring acid in Jimmy’s face Isn’t that far fetched. This generation of kids is horrific. I would know. I am in that generation.

  24. The pasta was alright; other than being pretty non eventful, it was kinda like the author didn’t feel like going into detail of their suffuring. Also why is it posted under jeff the killer in the “Famously Creepy” section; and yet the original isn’t.

  25. This was a good pasta, although I believe it’d make it so much better if he had killed each of the friends one-by-one, with some detail. Other than that, great! 9/10

  26. A decent pasta indeed. One thing that bugged me was the sudden change from past tense to present tense. “The cameraman reached out for the boy’s chin and lifted it up, encouraging him to stand. He did so obediently as he was slowly led to a door off screen, whimpering. Brett can see what’s been cut into his friend’s back now. It’s the word “LIAR”. The camera cuts out temporarily.”

  27. Imo, this could be a good origin story for a very popular psycho.

    “… and the last thing he saw was the smile on my face, because now I see the funny side! Now I’m always smiling!”

  28. Nice pasta, but I honestly don’t think children would pour acid into the face of another child because of a joke. 7 out of 10

  29. No longer alive.

    It was just a normal horror story to me, a little creepy but not too bad. Then I scrolled down and saw the picture and my heart is still pounding. God, I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack. Nice touch.

  30. I could come back with stats on how many people supported Hitler and bought tickets to Breaking Dawn, Part 1, but that would be argumentum ad populum; a smart guy like you would probably know about that.

  31. So a JtK rip-off pasta whose first paragraph is a giant fucking run-on sentence gets approved, but pastas of similar (lack of) quality get sent to LOL CONSISTENCY IS OVERRATED

  32. A+ man excellent if this was story was a liquid i would freeze it during the winter then ice skate on it then melt it in the summer and drink it.

  33. You morons think this is scary? You idiots wouldn’t know a scary story of it punched you fuckfaces in the face.

  34. Alright story, bad taste in acid 9a little stronger would have done the trick), and VERY nice picture at the bottom. Honestly wasn’t expecting that ;) Koodos, my friend.

    Also, Slenderman is obviously behind this >_>

  35. Good story, except for the fact that formic acid is TOO weak to be corrosive :P Nitric or sulphuric would have been better.

  36. Deltaelitecolt

    Best pasta i have read yet. I wss so impressed, i even decided to comment and let you know. This is first pasta i am actually leaving a reply and this to show my appreciation to the author. There are a few things i would like to point out though. Firstly, the plot was too quickly paced. The main character, the killer guy was very vaguely described after he got disfigured. There was not enough depth in the character as he slid into the murderer guy from the comical guy. Besides that, the murderer’s character buildup was too fast. As in I did not really get to know that character and suddenly he starts killing people. Secondly, more detail could be put into the killings. And I am not ignoring the fantastic way you potrayed the last victim’s wounds and injuries. But i meant more detail for the other murders. But i like the way you ended it cause it left me with a little to imagine myself, plus it added a bit more of the scare element. Going back to the point, the story would have been creepier if each of the other victims’ murders were more detailed. That’s about it. But overall. Very well done. The best pasta i have read yet. Please keep doing more. :)

  37. This is a different version of Jeff the same things happen except you changed some of it but as for the face burning it happened in Jeff the killer too.

    1. No it didn’t. Jeff burned off his eyelids and cut at his cheeks to make it smile. There was no searing of the skin to the bone.

  38. That was a very great story, but told a little too quickly. The picture really scared me and I would like to read more of your work.

  39. Great pasta! It feels like he should have waited a few years, though, cultivating his revenge until they grow up, cuz killing so many people would be a little too hard for a kid, especially the one who just got out of the ICU… But nonetheless the story is well-written and is a good read! Thank you))

    1. Wouldn’t be a good choice, because he could’ve died from his injuries and never got revenge. And imagine dealing with the ridicule if you do survive.

  40. Nice picture.
    I liked but the story felt as if the author was stood right next to all the characters, just writing down what they saw happening instead of telling the story. It was slightly off putting but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the story.
    The picture reminded me of Jeff The Killer in the sense that its some weird face that’s vaguely human and has a slightly creepy effect to it but this picture didn’t creep me out for more than a few minutes.

  41. the picture was a very nice touch, and the story was good.. i felt it was a bit too quickly paced. and that the word crudely was used to many times too often. but great story none the less.

        1. yeah if you see the grim reaper it means your about to die

          WAIT someones in my house i heard a noise downstairs no joke

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