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Las Vegas is One Scary Place

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Think of Las Vegas and you think of casinos, swanky suites, exclusive clubs and parties. Vegas certainly did not earn the title of ‘Sin City’ without reason. It’s had its share of the mafiosi and sociopathic murderers. Today though, we are going to delve into a lesser-known side of the Sin City. The gambling, the parties and the high crime rate may take the spotlight, but Vegas does have a creepy side to it and in this article we’re going to tell you about some truly hair-raising tales from Las Vegas. 

Does Bugsy Still Walk Around the Flamingo?

Bugsy Sigel hardly needs an introduction, but he was a notorious gangster that started his crime journey by selling alcohol illegally during the prohibition. Having amassed a good deal of wealth courtesy of his bootlegging, Bugsy then got into real estate development. In fact, he was the one to have taken over a failing hotel from a struggling developer and reopened it as the Flamingo Hotel in 1946. Supposedly, all the money for the development was money funneled through Bugsy’s various criminal networks and enterprises. Bugsy was shot dead just 6 months after the Flamingo Hotel opened its doors. He was at his girlfriend’s place when an unidentified mystery shooter fired at him through a window and killed him. Till date, the question of who the shooter was remains a mystery shrouded in much speculation. 

Now, let’s get to the creepy part. There has been more than one incident on which visitors to the Flamingo Hotel have supposedly seen Bugsy still walking around the halls of the building. The reports also suggest that the man is dressed in apparel that is unmistakably from the 40s. Allegedly, one of the most eerie sightings of Bugsy in the afterlife is when a whole tour group saw him appear on their guided tour. He supposedly corrected a few of the facts stated by the tour guide before disappearing into thin air. Begs the question – did Bugsy ever really leave the Flamingo Hotel?

Such horror stories are not new to Las Vegas and many slot games have been inspired by the spooky side of the glitzy city. In fact, the few creepy stories we’ve cherry picked here are only the tip of the iceberg. 

The Luxor Could Be Home To Several Haunted Objects

The number of staunch believers in the narrative that the Luxor hotel is haunted is overwhelming. Why would so many people believe something so absurd? May be there is some truth to what they are saying. There is no question that the Luxor Hotel, one of the most iconic buildings in Vegas, has had a tragic past. The hotel was launched in 1993 and marketed as a family friendly resort with a theme park setting that did not emphasize on gambling. 

According to Las Vegas Ghosts, there are legends about the deaths of construction workers, some of whom may be seen by passengers on the Nile Riverboat excursion. Other events, such as a deadly Legionnaires Disease epidemic in 2012, as reported by Scientific American, have led some to believe the location is cursed. Many visitors even report feeling a paralyzing sense of grief and loneliness pour down on them unexpectedly while at the Luxor. Thankfully, Vegas offers plenty of experiences to shed off that feeling. 

Bally’s Hotel Will Forever Be Scarred By Tragedy

Let’s get real – the vast majority of ghost stories are fabricated simply for attention, not unlike most UFO abduction stories. However, the tragedy that occurred at the MGM Grand Hotel is not legend, it is a recorded incident and it was not even that long ago. On 21 November 1980 a fire broke out and claimed the lives of 87 people and left a staggering 700 more injured, some severely burned. According to the Clark Country Nevada Fire Department, the fire was caused by a faulty electrical set up. 


There is a silver lining to this story though – it forced a huge reform in fire safety standards across Nevada. 


The MGM Grand Hotel was eventually repaired and sold off to Bally’s Entertainment. However, a lot of people sternly believe that Bally inherited a lot more than just the building. They may have also gotten the souls and spirits of many that passed away on that nightmarish day in 1980. 

It is not uncommon for visitors to report hearing shrilling cries for help and vivid coughing coming out of thin air. 


Fox Ridge Park -The Boy In The Swing

Reports of people seeing a little boy swinging alone in Fox Ridge Park well after midnight have come from multiple sources for many years now. In fact, some people have even reported seeing the swing swimming eerily even when no one is occupying it. Sounds like something out of a typical horror film, right? Well, people believe that it is the spirit of a boy who was killed in the area in a drunk driving accident. However, there are no official records of a young boy being killed in an accident during that time frame. 

Many visitors to the park have also reported feeling like they are being watched and some have tried to approach the boy only to be met with another more hostile spirit. 

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