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La Nuit

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In France, a young ambient musician by the name of Charles undertook an interesting new project. He was going to record the sound of himself sleeping, and release it under the name “La Nuit” (The Night). Charles lived alone in a rural area, which would remove things like car alarms, traffic, and such from being recorded. He planned his project for many months, acquiring the sensitive equipment to capture all outside noises as well as his own during sleep.

Finally, on the 27th of September, he decided to execute his plan. He set up all his equipment, and fell at sleep at midnight.

The next day Charles reviewed the recording. For the first hour, the recording played his own tossings and turnings as well as some distant dog barks and a few car alarms (So much for his plan to distance himself from cars). These continued throughout the 2nd hour as well, until Charles heard something that horrified him.


For at exactly 3 hours and 24 minutes in, the recording played the sound of his bedroom door opening.

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125 thoughts on “La Nuit”

  1. The recorder was playing on loop for the 3 hours and 28 minutes it was just the same as it probably was for a minute but stretched. therefore we have no idea what happened in the 3 hour and 28 minutes.

  2. Crazy Drunken Protaganist

    Door opens.
    “Eh, it’s jst the delivery boy”
    “You ordered a plain pizza?”Tip”s on the table.”

  3. I read this after reading “photographs” and reading in the comments section how this was similar. I actually liked “Photographs” better, although I swear it reminds me of a story I vaguely remember reading years ago.
    This was still creepy but old houses creek and make noise. The sound can seem amplified in the still of the night. Or even a draft from the ac/heater and large spaces between doors and windows has been enough to blow my bedroom door open. Actual photographs seen way scarier because there’s no logical way to explain them away…

  4. …That’s it? Just the door opening? Really? This seems completely unfinished and frankly boring. Why was it horrifying to the guy? Was it because he didn’t wake up? If JUST the door opened, with no footsteps or breathing at least, anything could have done it. There’s no mention that he locked or even SHUT his bedroom door, so for all it mattered there could have been a gust of wind, or a far away earthquake that jostled it enough to open. 0.5/10.

  5. This is precisely why, when I do set my sleep recorder I refuse to listen to it until the sun comes up. I always expect to hear something I don’t want to hear!

  6. … dear god, people, read! It clearly says he lives alone o.o
    This is terrifying, in a subtle, distant way. Had it been him simply rousing in a haze to go to the bathroom or sleepwalking, the equipment would’ve picked up his covers rustling/the sound as he walked across the floor before the door opened. Wind cannot simply blow open doors if they are properly closed.
    Considering the guy planned for months, I think we can cross out of the possibility of error on his part.
    This was written well, making the story tenser. 8/10

  7. This story could have gone much further. Like maybe someone or something starts to whisper to him. Tells him of his eventual death or something… Just more.

  8. OH SHI-

    Nice pasta, 10/10 I figured it would end with a cliche \"HE WAS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN\" bullshit, but it didn\’t.

    Remind me never to record myself sleeping.

  9. OH SHI-

    Nice pasta, 10/10 I figured it would end with a cliche “HE WAS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN” bullshit, but it didn’t.

    Remind me never to record myself sleeping.

  10. ReverendLostLamb

    3 hours 42 minutes? Anyone familiar with Jadusable and BEN?
    The youshouldnthavedonethat thingy? 2,3 and 4 are ever-occuring symbolic numbers. Maybe it means something.

  11. COOL! 10/10
    I might just try this, but then again, my brothers/father/mother would just open the door to freak me out.

  12. Dose,nt anybody here know that three in the morning is the witching hour,it wasn,t casper that opend the door it was something far more malevolent…..

  13. So, so, so obvious something would happen – but I thought it would be over-the-top drama.
    Brilliantly subtle – love it.

  14. hi, dont turn around

    i’ve come to three conclusions: Satan came for him, he has a creepy stalker, FUCK thats what i did last nigh

  15. my door sometimes does this because it cant fully close so if i leave a window open it will sometimes open and close
    so thats why i wont be able to sleep tonight

  16. Pretty creepy, in a non-supernatural way. No one has to die for a story to be disturbing. This is a little bit more subtle than that, and I like the subtlety.

  17. This reminds me of a movie.

    Can’t remember what it was about, but a child in the movie had set a camera on a stand behind her bed. She set it so it would take a picture every minute or so.

    When she was looking at the pictures she saw that her door had opened and stood open for a few more minutes and then closed a

  18. Actually, that happens in my house all the time, for the most part. Whenever I turn on the airconditioning, the basement door, which is almost always slightly ajar, shuts. Air pressure.

  19. Sometimes I don’t completely close my bedroom door, but leave it slightly cracked (with the sliding bolt depressed but not in the socket of the doorjam) and a change in air pressure will either shut it completely or blow it open.

    But though I caught onto the pasta’s intentions, I also considered that he may just be a sleepwalker. Really, the story offers no evidence to the contrary, hehe.

  20. These continued throughout the 2nd hour as well, until Charles heard something that horrified him.

    For at exactly 3 hours and 24 minutes in, the recording played Hannah Montana singing “Nobody’s Perfect”

    I’d be scared too.

  21. so he heard the door open…then nothin wtf a mysterious someone broke into his house in the middle of the night found his bedroom opened the door and… watched him sleep?

  22. Wow, this is one of the creepypastas that actually scared me while reading it rather than when I’m alone in the toilet O_O Why YOU should really be scared is because this could actually happen to you…

  23. Personally, I think he should’ve been video taping himself sleeping. Then, while he was sleeping, he should’ve seen a creepy figure standing over him. o.o

  24. Utterly failed to weird me out in the slightest. I walk, talk and do all kinds of harmless things in my sleep, and I don’t know until I’m told. If I recorded myself I’d get all kinds of stuff.

  25. Pfft. The guy woke up and went to the bathroom. He just doesn’t remember it because he was in a sleepy daze at the time.

    I lol’d at #25. C:

  26. I live with a family of 5, so this wouldn’t bother me as much.

    But… I WILL have to move out nest year so…

    I’ll just get a room mate, yeah!

  27. if he continued to watch, he would see the six flags guy run in and start dancing. He would then go to said six flags and… yeah, i have no idea what i’m saying either.

  28. I’m glad it wasn’t screams, or added creaking floor boards, or anything. This pasta is perfect as is, I think. Definitely one of my favorites. As for what happened after he hears the door open, I find that the creepiest possibility is actually whatever-it-is just staying in his room, silent, throughout the night, watching.

  29. Scary. Ass. Crap. XD

    In my place, it’d probably be one of the animals; they can get into anything, good lord. …Even if not, I’m pretty sure one of said critters would have DONE something. The horses freak out whenever anything comes on the property, and the dogs are loud mouths. God. I could never live alone without them. x__x

    …Especially now. Thank you for that. *shudder*

  30. Brix were shat.

    I like ones like these that are “normal” per se. That is, ones that give you a sense of “This could happen to me”. Ones that don’t require you to go out to this or that haunted place or perform xyz bizarre ritual.

  31. Hell, first reading it, I was oh noes! Someone entered his house. But reading about sleepwalking and surprise buttsecks has me going from OMG! To roflcopter. Thank you creepypasta commenters. :D

  32. But that huge teddy bear would be like the one in movie “Akira” and be weeping… something, outta everywhere and just look gross. Scary Teddybear Suprise Buttsecks, not so great actually!

  33. One of my favorite creepy pastas, scares the shit out of me and destroys any thoughts of ever recording myself sleeping (I doubt I would even if I never read this).

    I can’t help but picture a huge teddy bear opening the door and giving him a bear hug lmfao :)

  34. and at exactly 3 hr 25 min he heard a familiar voice – it was….

    his wife, mumbling ‘why the hell is this idiot leave his recording equimpent on?’

  35. lol, that was actually me.

    all the houses in my area look the same so i got lost.

    my door was unlocked when i left, so i walked around looking for mine,
    but i soon found out it wasnt mine when i walked upstairs and saw someone,lol

  36. The person formerly known as 'Noneya'

    Do none of you have door handles? Doors in civilised countries don’t just open by themselves, no matter what the air is doing.

  37. The person formerly known as 'Noneya'

    The door wasnt opening for three hours, it was saying how at three hours in to the expirement the door opened.

  38. i was scared at first
    then i thought about it…wind?
    it never said he always locked his bedroom door…and where is he/she/it that wouldve opened it now?
    it was a creepy creepypasta though, i rather enjoyed it
    just tiny tiny flaws

  39. I gotta agree with other people…

    If the ending had read “The recording played the sound of his bedroom door opening and the creaking of the floorboards as someone entered!”


  40. The wind could have blew the door open somewhat. If you said “the sound of the door opening and
    the creaking of footsteps with a faint sound of one unzipping their pants. Within 10 seconds he began to hear struggling noises as the bed began to pound against his bedroom wall.


  41. Not scary; mostly because I live in a place so windy that doors opening and closing at night are common place during the summer because the windows are open

  42. I did this once, recording myself sleeping. The creepiest thing I got was a few voices that I didn’t recognize. Scared the crap outta me.

    Tasty pasta. If someone entered my room in the middle of the night without me knowing, I would move immediately.

  43. I really enjoyed this. I like anything horrific that’s expressed by banal details; the ultra-specific time of the door opening makes it feel all the more real.

  44. This one scared the shit out of me and I don’t know why… Just unexpected I guess. I was expecting demon screams or something…

  45. This is creepy if you think “person a in bed, person b sneaking in” but the first thing I thought of was that the dude sleep walks.


    IN the right context though, nice n creepy. I was half expecting him to hear random tortuous screams though.

    1. Ya but wouldn’t there be floor boards creeking? Sheets rustling as he gets up? The padding of feet to the door? Maybe a key sign like he stops snoring or some type of movement? I mean that record player is very sensitive.

    1. Endoplasmic Reticulum

      I guess it might have been creepy for me exept for the fact that how does a door open for three hours strait without closing?

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