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July/August Submission Period Announced + Community Promos

May 31, 2014 Announcements
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First things first, since people have been asking me this non-stop since the instant that submissions closed last month: the next submission period will be from July 5th to August 20th. So everyone please focus on your exams and other end-of-school responsibilities, you’ll have most of summer break to get your submissions in!

Also look for the book club we discussed in this post to go live somewhere in mid-June, along with (finally) another give-away! While the raffle prizes have already been chosen, feel free to weigh in with suggestions for “inspiration” book sources for the club in the comments either here or on the original post. I have a few books in mind already, but I’m open to hearing more ideas!

Next up, I just want to get the word out on some fun projects that the Creepypasta community has alerted me about. Please remember that the sites/projects listed below are their own individual endeavours and I am not affiliated in any way. This means that if you have questions about them, please direct said questions to the actual people involved, not me!

I get requests pretty frequently to “signal boost” kickstarters, but to be blunt – often they’re not really related or I just don’t think you guys would be that interested. However, in the past few weeks I’ve had two kickstarters show up in my inbox that I did think would be interesting to some of you. Even if you can’t donate, you might want to spread the word or simply keep an eye on these projects if they grab your attention!

    • The Neighbourhood is a kickstarter being run by a group of aspiring filmmakers… trying to make a web series about a group of aspiring filmmakers! The plot promises a creepy occult group in a small town (because that always ends well, right?) as well as conspiracy theories, mysterious kidnappings, supernatural aspects, and all that other fun stuff that we tend to like around here. There preview is slightly over-acted, but it still looks like an entertaining project. I’ll let the trailer fill in the rest of the blanks – click the widget to go to the kickstarter page and view the promo.

    • Days to Nights is another film project, this time a horror movie that presents itself as heavily inspired by Creepypasta stories. I’ll just copy/paste the plot description: “A man devastated by the sinners harvest. A mysterious event where every time the sun sets a full day of darkness follows. Letting pure evil exist in our realm. Over the course of a year humanity has withered away, leaving only the strong and the corrupt. He has been surviving for so long, it has put him in a state of repression. Now Carter is on a journey, one last time, to piece together the answers to his past and reunite with his love.” You can see the trailer and info through the widget below if you’re so inclined.

That’s it for the kickstarters. Next up is Ahriannah’s Kill the Killers tumblr and/or YouTube channel. If you’re active on Crappypasta, you’re probably already familiar with her goal to deconstruct all the various Jeff/Slenderman self-inserts and rip-offs that were flooding the queue. She wrote the well-received parodypasta Kill the Killers (Parody) for the main site, so if the name sounds familiar, that could also be why!

She made a short comic to act as a sort of basic introduction of her tumblr/YouTube channel’s mission statement, so take a look – I find that Ahriannah’s project is fun for both the die-hard and love-to-hate varieties of Jeff the Killer fans, as well as being helpful for those of you who are considering writing your own Jeff/Slender/Jane spin-off or self-insert story.

That’s it for today! I hope some of these projects interest you, and fingers crossed that everyone’s exams go smoothly!

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