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Increased Turnaround Time for Submissions

August 20, 2012 Announcements
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Just a quick note to let all submitters know that while I deeply apologize, submission turnaround time will NOT be improving any time soon. For the past couple weeks this site has largely been a one-person operation, and today the second admin formally quit. I will be seeing if I can find another admin to take his place, but it may take awhile as it’s hard to find people who are trustworthy, reliable AND who are willing/able to deal with some of the community’s harshness and tendency to attack the admins if they don’t like a pasta.

Currently, the submission turnaround time is 20-30 days. I’m currently working through submissions from the end of July. I’d like to go faster, but after reading a certain amount of submissions in one sitting my eyes sort of start to cross and things start running together. I have to pace myself, so please do not get on my ass about slowness. If the amount of submissions continues to increase, this turnaround time estimate may increase – we may even start approaching the actual publishing industry’s turnaround time, the horror!

And while I appreciate the thought of people offering to help, my stance remains the same: it is too dangerous to just allow some random internet person access to the backend of the submission queue. You may argue that you’re trustworthy, but I do not know you and thus to me, you’re not. Giving a total stranger such access would basically be asking for sabotage. In case I’m not being clear enough, DO NOT SPAM MY INBOX ASKING TO BE AN ADMIN. The answer is no, and while I do truly appreciate the eagerness some of you have, by virtue of ignoring what I’ve already said and sending me requests to be an admin anyhow, you’re already proving to me that you should NOT be considered if I ever do decide to open up applications.

What you guys CAN do is make sure you’re not spamming the submission box with multiple resubmissions before the current turnaround estimation is past. Be patient, and keep track of the date you submitted – I know that the brain has a tendency towards exaggeration when you’re waiting for something; a week can feel like months, but jumping the gun and sending me too many copies of your pasta does nothing more than slow things down.

If you submitted something and then rewrote it, please send a message using the Contact Us form and letting us know the names/emails for the repeat submissions as well as clearly letting us know which one you want treated as the real submission.

I apologize for the delay, but know that your submissions ARE being read and that pastas are still being posted. Once I find at least one more person, I’ll update and let you guys know when the submission pace changes. Thanks for your understanding!

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