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Horror themed sports gaming: a new niche?

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Online gaming is one of the top ways that people enjoy spending their free time. There is an online game for everyone to play. No matter whether you enjoy playing card games, slot games or you prefer to get involved in some sports betting – there’s an online game out there for everyone. 

All sports betting apps listed and reviewed are legal, depending if betting is legal in your state, so you can safely place bets online.

Now, sports gaming has been given a makeover – and it’s probably something you’d never considered before. Sports games have now been combined with horror! This has created it’s very own new horror sports game genre that’s ready for you to try.

Let’s take a look at what horror themed sports games are and what the best ones to play are.  

What is horror themed sports gaming? 

Online gaming is getting more and more popular as time goes by. There’s no theme or type of game that hasn’t already had its big break in the online gaming scene. This is why game makers are now combining some of the most popular games around to make new ones.

The next on the list is the horror themed sports game. This combines the ever popular sports based game such as FIFA and other sports based games, with something a little bit more unnerving. 

Horror games have always been popular – and not just with those who are fans of horror films. There are games that are a little more on the tame side such as Plants VS Zombies that use a tiny horror element and turn it into a fun game. 

The aim of creating a new genre of game is always to make something new and exciting for the players. People get bored very quickly, especially as technology advances. The only way you’re going to get someone’s attention is to do something totally new and maybe even a little bit radical. 


Combining two genres that you would never usually put together is definitely one way to get the gamers attention! Even if neither of the genres appeals to you as a gamer, you might still be inclined to check it out and see what it’s all about.

Best horror themed sports games 

Zombie Football

One of the most popular sports games to play is FIFA. Whether you’re a football fan or not, chances are you’ve played or at least witnessed a game of FIFA before in your lifetime. It’s maybe one of the most popular games to play ever.

Well, Zombie Football takes FIFA and gives it a horror film twist. You control a team of four players as they take on the evil zombie football team as opposition. 


You have control of three players and the goalie and all you need to do is to make sure that your team ends up being the winner. 

Each match is four minutes long to keep things fun and exciting. The horror like football pitch gives the game a creepy and sinister edge that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Mutant League Football

Another similar game is Mutant League Football

 but this time you’re playing American Football. This game was originally released way back in 1993 but thankfully it’s had a few updates since that time.

The aim of the game is simple, all you need to do is win against the mutant team of gargoyles and other creepy characters. If you know the rules of American Football, you’ll have no problem keeping up with the rules of this game.


But make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled – there are all kinds of random attacks from landmines and chainsaws that threaten your ability to win! 

Nightmare Fishing Tournament 

Fishing might seem like a much more relaxing sport to play to pass the time – but that’s not the case in this Nightmare Fishing Tournament. The aim of the game is to catch a fish, any kind of fish will do. 

Except of course, the nightmarish fish in this lake. This game is a gamble, you have to see if you’ve caught a very normal fish that you can take home for dinner, or whether you’ve had a bit of a nightmare and caught something far more sinister and terrifying. 

This game has all the tension and excitement of an actual horror film as you never quite know what it is you’re going to catch. 

When it comes to online gaming, there are a plethora of different games you can choose from. If you’re feeling brave, you might just be tempted into trying out one of these terrifying yet exciting games on offer. Combining sports and horror might not sound like something that would work – but there’s only one way to find out!

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