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Ghostly Gamblers Come And Wager Spooky Money On Casinos Entire Night

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The dead walks the night, and the spooky dealer serves nothing but aces! You may be wondering what the connection is between land-based casinos and ghostly nighttime visitors. But, my friend, there is indeed a frightening one!

Land-based casinos are another name of slot machine handles’ noise, dealers dealing cards, and gambling crowds visiting this table to that and applauding winning punters. But, have you considered at night what happens inside casinos’ closed doors when all the sounds and excitement disappear? If you aren’t able to visit a casino you can find here the best best NJ casino bonus codes.

Halloween may need a few more months to appear again, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wait that long to entice yourself with spooky stories. So, now sit straight and enjoy some awe-awakening tales of spooky gamblers.


Bugsy Siegel’s Spirit

Las Vegas has a long history to tell. It was nothing but a small town situated in the Nevada Desert before the 1930s. Thousands of workers appeared to build the Hoover Dam putting the city for more brisk advancements. One of the men who were profited from this project was Bugsy Siegel. He was renowned as a notorious entity. During that period, he owned the famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

Despite his death in 194 at Beverly Hills, plenty of people said they have seen him roaming around his casino and hotel. According to many, a suitable location to encounter Bugsy Siegel’s ghost would be his memorial situated in the hotel’s ground, Presidential Suite, and the casino floor.

Ghouls of Atlantic City


Before Easter, Seaboard’s version of Las Vegas has been built out of the Atlantic City; many Grand Hotels were nestled there, which were bulldozed for making the entrance of casino resorts. Chalfonte Hotel, established in 1868, was one among them. Though its site was taken for the Resorts International Atlantic City, many guests have reported sensing a chilly feeling passing through them while they are at the hotel. At the time of the infamous Second World War, it was also the hospital for treating injured service members. Hence, many have also sighted service members are roaming across the corridor wearing uniforms.

Don’t want to sit on the same chair they have sat on? Reluctant to have meetings with one such ghostly guest while you are wagering money on your favorite gambling games? Avoid offline casinos, and join more intensified gambling action in popular online casinos. However, you can bring in the enticing frightening ambiance even in there by playing different spooky-themed slots along with a galore of other options. Ghosts of slot machines are best, as you know, they cant bite!


The Enchantment of Tropicana


Ghost lovers would know that paranormal possessions don’t only happen to live creatures but also lifeless things. And, this story denotes just that. It’s about some ancient spirits nestling within a tiki mask. In the renowned Tropicana Las Vegas, it was a popular fixture. Many incidents of people touch the mask and have unique and unexplained purple rashes all over their bodies. Another strange thing about the mask is it’s often getting covered with a purple haze or gas hanging. Therefore, many times, photographs of people taken with the mask were blurred or entirely out of focus.

A Ghost in Sight is a Cause of Fright!

All these stories are enough to make you look at your back several times if you stay at those hotels or enjoy gambling in those casinos. But, we love spooky stories because we love to feel the fright. However, if you are not a ghost lover but more into playing casino games, try your hands in an online casino and bypass the chances of spooky encounters. Cause ghosts are lovable in books, not when they are standing right in front.

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