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Five signs you may be living in a haunted house (and how to remedy the situation)

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Whether it is the light flashing strangely or a shadow appearing to trespass, we’ve all thought of the possibility of a ghost playing tricks on us. But then, we dismissed the thoughts because there was “no way ghosts are real; they are the stuff of fiction.” We’ve got some scary news for you; you may be harboring a ghost in your home without knowing it. 

The time you heard some strange sounds from that empty room in the corner may just be when your ghost housemate was treating himself to chess or Bitcoin casino. If you want to know for sure what you are dealing with, we’ve put together five signs that your home is haunted. And if you find out that you live with a ghost, this article contains how to fix the problem.  

Here are signs you are living in a ghost house: 

Abrupt temperature changes 

We know you’re probably thinking, “Temperatures change every time, so how is that ideal to judge ghost presence?” Good question. But the temperature changes, in this case, are weird. If you discover that a part of the room is suddenly cold and the temperature is not spread across the room, a ghost is likely around that area.  

Paranormal experts claim that ghosts pull energy – heat – from the environment. Accordingly, they trigger cold where they have taken heat from. Of course, this may happen in a home without the involvement of an otherworldly entity. However, you should start thinking of the possibility of living with a ghost if the temperature changes become recurrent.  

Creeping feeling of someone watching you 

Have you ever felt someone was looking at you, and you decided to check? It happens many times that you are correct without even seeing them looking at you beforehand. This may happen with a ghost too. Human beings are very perceptive, making it plausible that we may be able to feel paranormal activity around us.  

If you have a familiar, nagging feeling that someone has their eyes on you or watching you from a distance, that might just be the case, only that you can’t see them with your bare eyes.  


Pets making contact 

If your bare eyes cannot see ghosts moving around your haunted home, your pet might. Pets generally pick up low scents, sights, and sounds that human organs cannot. Dogs, especially, can see much better than humans at night because their eyes contain more rods. That makes them more perceptive.  


So, if you find your dog suddenly backing at seemingly blank spaces, it may be seeing what you cannot; ghosts! 

Strange scents 

If something smells funny in your house, it may not be that kitchen trash you suspect; the scent may be from a lurking ghost. Ghostly smells can be familiar, like cologne or perfume. They may also be unpleasant.  

If you start smelling something in your home that seems to be out of place, you may have an unwanted guest.   


You’re reliving a Stranger Things scene of Joyce Byers 

Remember how everyone thought Joyce Byers was crazy when she told them Will was communicating with her through lights? It turned out she was right. Yes, that was fiction, but your own “mind flayer” might be a ghost in your room. If you see light flicker by itself occasionally, you may be living with a spirit.  

If you believe there is a ghost in your home, here are a few simple ways to get rid of them: 

  • Show the ghost who the boss is and tell them to leave. Tell them they are making you uncomfortable, and it’s time to hit the road. 
  • Get a priest to “sanctify” your home if you’re religious. 
  • Wave sage around your home. Sounds like something in a horror movie, but paranormal believers believe it works in reality. 


According to a Pew Research Center study, almost one in five people reported seeing a ghost before. Also, nearly one in three say they have contacted the dead. So, there may be some truth to the ghost thoughts in your head. Check for the signs and take the necessary steps to fix the situation. 

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