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Darkness in the Rear View Mirror

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I have always been uneasy driving alone at night. It was worst the first few times, when I had just gotten my license, but the nagging fear has never gone away to this day. It’s disorienting to look into the mirrors and see nothing, and I mean nothing but the consuming blackness of the night. It makes me hesitant to check the mirrors should I see this dark void, or worse, someone sitting in my back seat staring at me.

In the summer of 2013, I found myself driving home alone on highway 902 from a party. It was almost midnight, and needless to say it was pitch black. As was usual at night, I was on edge. I had the radio off, and could hear nothing but the muffled roar of tires on pavement and the dull hum of the engine. I stole a glance into the middle rear view mirror, and saw nothing but darkness through the back window.

I know that I looked backward and saw nothing. I’m sure of it. Just the seemingly endless blackness of the night. I remember it so clearly because not ten seconds later a car passed me to the left. Headlights on. I had one of those sudden adrenaline rushes like when you think you see a person outside your bedroom window when it’s just a tree, or when you start awake at night with the feeling of falling. Ten seconds earlier, nothing had been behind me. Suddenly, a car. I drove all the way home shivering and knowing something was off.


The next morning, I found two sets of scratches near the back of my van. One was on the left rear, one was on the right. The car was pretty old. They could have been there for months, but that was the first time that I distinctly remembered seeing them.


In hindsight, there are two possibilities for what happened that night. Possibility one. By some glitch in reality, or something paranormal, this other car had somehow appeared behind me within ten seconds of me checking my mirror. Like some weird ghost crap or something. However, the second option is what makes my blood run cold whenever I consider it.

It didn’t even occur to me until months after the fact, but it makes me dread driving alone at night even more. Possibility two. The car was normal. It had approached me from the rear and passed me to my left. However, something large, and wide, and as black as the night had been clinging to the rear of my car, obscuring my view through the window and leaving deep scratches on the sides.


And I had inadvertently driven it home with me.

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24 thoughts on “Darkness in the Rear View Mirror”

  1. ·⋆·ṬåṈḳ✪Ꮆⅈཞℓ·⋆·

    That was pretty good. The ending needed to be reworded a little to sound more professional. But that was a good story.

  2. Turtles in pasta

    I think this was cleverly written and had a good concept. I just have one question; if the monster was really hitchhiking and is at the person’s house it hasn’t made a move in the story so why is it bad?

  3. when first reading this, i thought “eh not that creepy”…. but then i was dropping off my boyfriend at his house and he lives in a pretty secluded area up in the mountains so the roads aren’t lit up or anything. i basically freaked out because i was thinking about this damn creepypasta the whole time. well played.

  4. I thought this was brilliant and gave it a 10/10, well done to the writer! Love that it was wonderfully short and creepy with a good twist at the end, also because I share a similar fear of driving at night. Keep up the great work!

  5. Sleepless Beauty

    Yas! I agree with some other peeps, it’s tough to get creeped out by a short pasta (not a lot of room for build up). While it’s not the creepiest story I’ve read, it definitely gave me a chill. Managing to do it in about two minutes of reading, in my opinion, takes talent!
    Write on sir! (Or madam)

  6. I like the writing, but I found it really hard to get creeped out by this one.

    The whole creepiness is based on the narrator’s assumption that the pair of scratches on his car were from a monster clinging to the back, a monster that was not seen by the car that passed him. I have a lot of scratches on my ’98 Toyota, must be a lot of monsters in my neighborhood!

  7. dankisoriginal

    I really liked this one. But the monster seems almost harmless. As far as I’m concerned, it could be a garbage bag with garbage in it and the bag flew off when you got home.

    1. I agree, and if he saw the car in the rear view while driving that means the monster was no longer clinging onto the van, so it didn’t come all the way home with him at all.

      1. The author stated that he saw the other as it passes him in the left. He didn’t see it in the rear view mirror at all.

  8. actually pretty good, nice job. Driving at night is always scary where I live because of deer, you can hardly ever drive more than 10 miles without seeing atleast 2 or 3. But even worse is in the event of looking in the mirror, and seeing somebody in the back of your car, or someone suddenly just standing in the road. If you saw something like that and it took your attention away from driving for even a second you could end up instantly dead.

  9. I didn’t really like it. I struggle to get creeped out by short creepypastas because… well, they are just too short. There’s not enough of a build up to the actual “monster”, it was all thrown in at that last paragraph. It didn’t even seem to be dangerous. You said you realised the second possibility a few months after it had happened, so that monster just hitched a ride and left when you got home. I would understand why it would be creepy, but it just didn’t do anything for me.

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