Sunday, April 21, 2019

Creepypasta Prompts

I’ve had a few people on twitter and email who’ve expressed frustration over having ideas for creepypasta, but not the talent/time/drive to actually write them. A couple people have asked if we had a space for them to leave their ideas so that, perhaps, someone who wants to write but needs help with the idea part might be able to use them.

So here we go: this comments section is where you guys can post your creepypasta “prompts” – ideas for creepy stories that you might have, but for whatever reason, aren’t going to use yourself.

Just a couple ground rules:

  • This should be obvious, but just in case – make sure that you don’t mind someone else using your idea before you post them!
  • If you are an author and you use one of the prompts posted here, consider giving the original creator of the idea a shout-out in your credit section if you end up submitting the end result. It’s not mandatory, but it is polite.
  • Your prompt can be an image, video, or piece of audio as well as text – for images, use html img tags in the comment field. Nothing unsafe for work, please. For videos and audio, please just post a clean link to the content, no html – otherwise it might get eaten by the spam filter.
  • If you have many ideas, please consolidate them into one post. If you have a Disqus account, you should be able to edit your comments, so please do take advantage of this function when you have new prompts rather than submitting a new comment for every idea. If you ignore this guideline and insist upon flooding the comment queue with individual prompts, expect moderators to stop approving your comments eventually.

That’s all I can think of for now, but if I’ve overlooked something, feel free to tell me!

Beyond that… get to prompting~