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Celebrate the Dark Side of Love: Spooky Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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The typical Valentine’s Day celebration of chocolates, flowers, and romantic dinners may not appeal to everyone. If you and your significant other love horror and are looking for weird gift ideas, this article will definitely help you. 

Ready to embrace the darker side of love? Below, we’ll discuss some spooky and weird Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

7 Spooky Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Demon Skin Rug

It is thus no surprise that many people are obsessed with horror décor. Do you and your special someone adore the subtle details that give your house a slightly spooky feel? You know, something like severed limb wall sconces and soap dispensers that puke in Exorcist fashion. If this sounds appealing, then you and your significant other will love this gift. 

A romantic evening may be created with a blazing fireplace, a bottle of wine, and a demon skin rug. Yes, it might be a bit costly. But you can’t put a price tag on priceless memories, remember?

2. Compete in Online Slots

You might find this one a bit surprising but arranging a competition with your loved one in online slots can be a fun and spooky activity for couples who enjoy the thrill of feeling the adrenaline. With the rise of online casinos, you can now play a wide variety of slot games from the comfort of your own home, adding a touch of excitement to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Where can you find a spooky-themed slot game that you both enjoy? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a creepy-crawly spider or a haunted house to get your heart racing. Instead, even simple yet popular slots such as 9 Pots of Gold at Jackpotjoy can work and add a bit of fear to your love-filled day.

This activity can be a unique and thrilling way to spend Valentine’s Day together and adds a touch of competition to your celebration. 

3. Screambox Subscription

Why not benefit from Screambox’s exclusive horror streaming service and obtain a free membership for that little spitfire you’ve been eyeing? You can create a perfect Valentine’s Day date night with your loved one who also loves horror. The subscription is only $3.99 a month. As a result, you will have an amazing collection of horror movies.

4. Coffin Boxes

You’ll need a box to hold any gift you find for your Valentine. Even if you choose to buy a more conventionally romantic present, your choice of box is an excellent chance to break the mold and add some variety.


Coffin box decorations, which come in numerous varieties and prices, can take gift-giving to the next level. The theme will help you embrace a more gothic Valentine’s theme this year. The little casket, which measures 16 by 8.5 cm, has the ideal size for tiny presents like candies or can even be used just as a standalone, functional coffin-shaped box.

5. Preserved Black Rose in A Glass Cage

Nothing is more ideal than a black rose for the horror enthusiast who adores roses. These lovely flowers were made by hand using actual roses that had been kept for many years and are perfect spooky Valentine’s Day gifts. 

The roses’ inherent beauty will be preserved for years to come thanks to the special processing method employed to preserve them. Additionally, each one is completely unique, as they are all handcrafted with real flowers.

6. Bloody Valentine’s Day Candle

Candles with scents are wonderful presents. They contribute to the space’s distinct ambiance. They are necessary to create a cozy atmosphere and lend themselves to various events.


However, if you are looking for a spooky gift, what about a bloody and scary candle design? As the red candle burns, the blood-like wax comes out of the jar. There may even be something scary hidden inside the candle itself. 

7. Frankenstein and Bride whiskey glasses

If Valentine’s day is around the corner and you are looking for gift ideas, creative Frankenstein and Bride whiskey glasses are exactly what you need. A giant skull head, a happy woman wearing a bridal gown, and an open book will be all shown on the glass. It will be a lot of fun and a wonderful way to get closer to your partner on Valentine’s day night if you give him this customized present.

Bottom Line

Instead of going with the typical Valentine’s Day activities this year, why not try something unique and unexpected? If you and your partner love all things spooky and eerie, there are plenty of unusual ideas that will add a dark and thrilling touch to your celebration.

From competing in online slots to indulging in creepy keepsakes, we’ve shared some of the most creative and one-of-a-kind ideas to make this Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable. So why not ditch the conventional gifts and flowers and embrace a more unconventional approach to the holiday of love? Get ready to add a touch of terror to your romance and enjoy a truly spooky and weird Valentine’s Day!

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