Thursday, December 13, 2018

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bump in the night

A Bump In The Night

Eider listened silently to the long and terrible creek that echoed through the silence of the night. It was far past his bedtime, the light up Spiderman clock mounted on the wall displaying the numbers “10:00”. Eider was supposed to [...]

November 21, 2018 Beings & Entities
we watch you sleep

We Watch You Sleep

People are suing about everything these days. I remember hearing about that direct marketing company Monat getting a class action lawsuit against them because their beauty products were making hair fall out instead of making it look nicer. Kind of [...]

November 17, 2018 Beings & Entities

The Watcher

Growing up, a lot of my friends talked about spending time at their grandparents’ houses, whether during summer vacation or for one weekend. I could never relate, as my mom and dad made a point of never letting me see [...]

November 15, 2018 Beings & Entities
Return Carts Here

Return Carts Here

As the operations manager for a large discount store, it is my job to ensure that the various electrical and mechanical systems, such as cash registers, pricing guns, and even the toilets in the rest rooms are working as they [...]

October 23, 2018 Artifacts & Objects, Beings & Entities
Blood Magic

Blood Magic

I was almost friends with a monster when I was eleven years old. I would have preferred a human friend, but my family had just moved to a new city where everyone was cold and distant. My father promised that [...]

October 22, 2018 Beings & Entities
The Monster in the Pantry

The Monster in the Pantry

    *NOTE: This creepypasta was originally published on the site in May of 2016. We are republishing the post because it has been edited and rewritten by the author. Enjoy.*   Unexplained phenomenon is a staple in human culture. [...]

October 19, 2018 Beings & Entities
My Amazon Alexa Does More Than Just Laugh

My Amazon Alexa Does More Than Just Laugh

Two nights ago, I was home alone when Alexa laughed. I’d read about the software issue the devices had been having all over the world, so it wasn’t that big of a shock. Thank God for that, too, because I [...]

October 14, 2018 Beings & Entities
Next Time I'll Summon a Smarter Demon

Next Time, I’ll Summon a Smarter Demon

I drew the pentagram and symbols on the hardwood floor, lit the candles, and recited the spell that was written in the ancient leather-bound book. Squaring my shoulders and setting my jaw might have made me look more confident, but [...]

October 8, 2018 Beings & Entities
Self-Portrait of the Dead

Self-Portrait of the Dead

My mom hates her father. Grandfather Jack’s name might as well have been a swear word when I was growing up. Dad told me the story once, on the condition that I never tell mom I knew. Jack was married [...]

October 2, 2018 Beings & Entities, Dreams & Madness, Murders & Deaths


“Holy shit…Gary?  Is that you, Gary?” Gary quickly spun around to face the voice he’d immediately recognized, although he was far from convinced that it was actually coming from the form of his brother and best friend: Mikey.  It seemed [...]

September 28, 2018 Artifacts & Objects, Beings & Entities, Dreams & Madness, Locations & Sites, Murders & Deaths, Strange & Unknown