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Best Horror-Themed Casino Movies

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Perhaps casinos aren’t the scariest buildings in the world nor are they considered to be a scary setting for a horror movie or are they? In today’s article, we take a look at some must watch horror-themed casino movies that have been shadowed by horror classics like “The Conjuring”.

Spirits of the Dead (1969)

A trip to the past Spirits of The Dead is a classic movie about the three spooky tales written by none other than Edgar Allan Poe who is considered a master of horror. The cast would have had viewers star gazed at movie star giants of the era Alain Delon, Terence Stamp, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda and Brigitte Bardot!

This list will be focusing on the 2nd segment of the movie. This takes us on a journey with an Austrian Officer who was stationed in Italy around the 1800s. In this segment, the handsome Alain Delon and the beautiful Brigitte Bardot engage in a long and stressful gaming sequence with intolerably high stakes.

Steve Niles’ Remains (2011)

Based on Steve Niles’s graphic novel, this might be one of the only zombie horror movies to take place in a casino, more specifically the Reno Casino. After an accidental nuke explodes and triggers a zombie apocalypse only a handful of casino employees survive. 

Although lacking the horror or any known actors the film has extended card sessions and gambling scenes. Perhaps the only recommendation for the survivors is to stick to working at a casino online to avoid being stuck in an endless game of poker and survival.


Credit to the writers for going for a less obvious venue for a zombie flick. Thinking about it, a casino could make a great place to hide out from zombie hordes while also providing a cool way to kill time.

Tzameti (13) (2005)

Perhaps the best movie on this entire list is indeed Tzameti. This is a French Georgian movie that bases its horror on the scary situation our main character Sebestien finds himself in. Sebastian, our protagonist, is a rather poor immigrant working construction in France until one day through chance he finds himself in possession of an envelope promising a job that could bring wealth.

As it goes Sebastian tries his luck and follows the instructions in the said letter, which brings him to an isolated cabin in mysterious woods. To his surprise and our Seb doesn’t run into demons or ghosts but instead a criminal syndicate hosting a deadly Russian roulette league.


Although the film is not your typical horror movie, the filmmakers have done an excellent job at creating suspense keeping viewers wary of what’s about to happen. The scenes start to get really intense when players like our protagonist Seb must face each other and risk their life for riches and the enjoyment of rich sadistic men.


Although none of the movies on the list are as scary as the Russian sleep experiment story, these films bring a unique twist to the horror genre and all involve gambling in some sort with some having far greater stakes than others.

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