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Best Free Scary Online Games & Horror-Themed Casino Slots

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Horror is a genre that doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. We have seen blockbuster horror movies, such as It, and have played legendary horror video games like Silent Hill. It is no surprise that when it comes to digital entertainment the horror niche is always covered – therefore you will find plenty of horror slot machines. 

In this piece, we are going to give you a taster of the best horror-themed games. Conrad Brennan, a Canadian online gaming expert helped us compile this list of the best quality and coolest games out there. If you like Conrad’s selection and want to read more about him you can do so here


Why horror?


Canadians love horror games and movies. Perhaps it is the dark winter evenings that inspires the love of horror. But why do we like to be scared? Well, in our comfortable lives, we don’t have to fight predators or bash somebody’s skull to compete for a mate, so it is natural that we want some excitement in our daily lives. We love the adrenaline pumping through our veins without being in actual danger. So after a long day of boring work at the office sit down in front of your computer or lie down on the sofa with your phone in your hand and play on blood-curdling horror slot machines!

The games that you find below are available in most of the online casinos you find on and these casinos all accept players from Canada. 

1. Dracula

You will find several Dracula-themed slot games but we would like to highlight the NetEnt-created game. The graphics are breathtaking and even the protagonist himself is stunning! You need to actively participate in the game by bringing Dracula’s next victims to him – fat ladies, alcoholics and tramps. When you have brought him enough of those you will be able to play the Wild bonus, Stacked Wild Bonus and his Free Spins Feature. If you manage to bring him a young, beautiful woman though, she might appear as a stacked wild and gives you higher chances of winning!


2. Blood suckers II

If you are a fan of NetEnt games and loved Blood suckers, you will certainly have a great time with Blood suckers II. A new generation of blood-thirsty vampires has been created in this 3D-looking amazing game that will chill your bones. The slot has many bonus features not to mention the jackpot that’s waiting to be won! Get a full line of family crest symbol and it is all yours. Blood suckers II is based on the movie Underworld and you will come across Amelia who resembles Selene, a vampire that used to be human. 


3. Lost Vegas

If zombies are your favorite horror movie characters, Lost Vegas is for you. This Microgaming-developed game gives you the option to spin the wheels in two different modes which are Zombies or Survivors. The background of the game is a dark and scary Las Vegas casino – hence the name and all you have to do is to wait for the Blackout bonus to hit randomly. When this happens you get cash prizes for every high symbol and if you land a single scatter you are up for a Free Spin!



4. Wicked Circus

Are you one of those who gets creeped out by clowns? Well, in that case, this game is for you. Apart from the usual fruit symbols and number 7, a creepy clown can land on the reels and grant you a win of up to 6.000 coins. The game appears 3D and it has amazing sound and graphics that will keep you entertained for a long time. 


5. Halloween

Microgaming’s Halloween slot is based on the series of Halloween films and it features the iconic Michael Myers in it. With scatter symbols you can unlock the Trick or Treat Wheel and win some handsome prizes. You can also hit the Boogeyman mini-game where you can turn over leaves to collect larger prizes. 



Those who are into horror films and games will have a blast with any of the horror-themed slot games we listed above. Take your pick of zombies, vampires, creepy clowns or serial killers and let your heart pump faster while possibly winning some money.


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